The Zodiac Signs That Are Ruled By Their Ambition

Some people just seem to be wired to achieve, while others are more content to enjoy life's simple pleasures — and the reason why could be written in the stars. If you're familiar with astrology, then you likely know that some signs seem to have a natural-born sense of ambition running through their veins. Whether they're career-focused, always on top in the realm of self-improvement, or seem to be able to take their hobbies to the next level with an impressive level of mastery, some signs simply know how to get things done.


If you're thinking of fire placements and cardinal signs, your instincts are spot-on — but there are also a couple of signs you probably didn't see coming. While opinions from professional astrologers vary, Aries, Capricorn, Virgo, and Libra take the cake when it comes to the signs that are ruled by their ambition. Let's take a closer look at why.

Driven and competitive Aries

As the first sign of the zodiac wheel, Aries represents rebirth, drive, and motion. Known for their competitive nature, these rams are always climbing the ladder, and there's very little that can slow them down apart from their hot-headedness. But once they learn to master their more eruptive emotions, Aries makes for an incredibly strong and fearless leader. While they have a tendency to leap before they look, it's this bravery that stokes the fires of their ambition. You'd be hard-pressed to find someone with dominant Aries placements who isn't always working to achieve something great.


"These Mars–ruled individuals are the first to jump into a situation and live for the thrill of being the first person to pull something off. Whether it's in love or life, friendly competition is Aries' love language," Tik Tok astrologer Lauren Ash told Bustle. Whereas other signs might throw in the towel after failing to meet their own standards, Aries will press on with a reinvigorated sense of motivation.

Hardworking and trusty Capricorn

The key ingredient when it comes to ambition is arguably self-discipline — something Capricorn has in abundance. You won't find a more devoted and reliable individual than a Capricorn when it comes to employees, partners, or friends. These sea goats tend to find themselves in high-up positions, and as earth signs, they're naturally grounded, pragmatic, and sensible. As a sign often stereotyped as the father of the zodiac, Capricorns may have an intimidating air about them, as they have high standards and aren't the easiest to please. Unlike earthy Taurus, Capricorn isn't likely to give in to the temptation of pleasure often and feels most satisfied when they've achieved something they've been long working toward.


In contrast with Aries, Capricorns tend to look at the best outcome for all involved, versus just the self. They make for both great co-pilots and great pioneers; proficient in directing others, Capricorns also make for prime managers and teachers. They are not easily distracted and know how to keep their eye on the prize.

Perfectionistic Virgo

Virgo's brand of ambition may look a bit different from the cardinal signs above, but these earth signs have an unmatched ambitious drive when it comes to executing a task with amazing attention to detail. Organized, dedicated, and driven for success, Virgos won't quit until the vision in their mind is manifested in reality. While their perfectionism may be a roadblock in certain situations, it's the same vehicle that can carry them to success. There is no "close enough" in a Virgo's work ethic — they'll persist until everything is just right.


While you may not typically see Virgos in leadership positions, they are the fabric that holds everything together behind the scenes, and they don't need recognition for it either. They simply see how a job can best be accomplished and find deep satisfaction in making that happen. Their ambition translates into a meticulous work ethic and a job well done, rather than a display of trophies.

Lavish Libra

You may be surprised to see Libras on the list, but as cardinal signs, they too are ruled by ambition — just to a more luxurious end than other ambitious signs. Ruled by leisure-loving Venus, Libras love nothing more than a perfectly arranged room or top-notch outfit, and they'll stop at nothing to see their ideal aesthetic manifested around them. Libras are ambitious when it comes to the lavishness of life and ensuring that those around them are having a great time. "Their cardinal sign energy could never allow them to put their ambition on the back burner, however, being an air sign makes them more flexible about where their talents and dreams will take them on the journey of life," astrologer Lauren Ash told Bustle.


While Libras may not feel called to climb as high as they can in their careers, when it comes to parties, events, and hosting, you can expect the highest, over-the-top Venusian energy to be spilling from the brim. If you're doing life with an ambitious Libra by your side, consider yourself fortunate indeed.