Forget An Everything Shower - Let's Talk About The Quiet Joy Of A Nothing Shower

For some people, everything showers are the highlight of their week. It's the day they look forward to when they can deep clean every inch of their body, especially if they wash their hair a couple of times a week. Everything showers are a serious thing, but sometimes it can be tiring. You have to double wash your hair, condition, exfoliate, shave every hair, wash your face, maybe do a hair mask, etc. that by the end of the 40 minutes, you're a little burnt out instead of relaxed. Even though you feel like a new person, sometimes having a laid-back shower is nice. In-between showers are perfect for rinsing, a quick hair wash, and spending less than 20 minutes in the shower. However, you're still doing something, which is why nothing showers have been normalized.


TikTok user @alexandra.r.simpson opened up about her nothing showers in one of her videos that resonated with over 100,000 people. Where you're used to seeing shower videos where creators show you their favorite products, you get sucked into wanting to buy everything they have to replicate their routine. While it can be relaxing to feel squeaky clean, there's also beauty and tranquility in doing nothing in your shower. Here's everything you need to know about the significance nothing showers hold.

Nothing showers bring peace

Nothing showers are straightforward; you simply do nothing. You let the hot water run over you, and you're free to think, cry, or reminisce on anything you want. You're not allowed to wash anything, so don't think about picking up your loofah. It becomes a safe space where you can sit on the tub floor or stay standing and just be. Alexandra Simpson claims her nothing showers help her mental health; they're perfect for migraine management, muffling her sobs, and hiding from her stressful responsibilities. We live in a time where we feel like we must be doing something, whether it's constantly being social, learning a new skill, or figuring out how to earn more money. We forget to slow down and just enjoy living.


On the other hand, some people have hectic lives and don't have time to slow down. So they're unable to deal with things that happen throughout their day. Nothing showers can be like a time out from life, where you can dwell on anything and release pent-up feelings. They can be as long or short as you want them to be until you feel better or relaxed. Make nothing showers fun by playing your favorite songs, switching the lightbulb to one that displays different colors, or simply enjoying the silence.

Benefits of a nothing shower

Showers are more than keeping you clean; they can help improve your mental health. We turn to showers to feel calm through moments of stress. While nothing showers allow you to enjoy the simple pleasure of doing nothing, you can change the water temperature to help with other things. For example, if you're feeling anxious, taking a hot shower can lead your brain to release oxytocin and eliminate any anxiety or stress you are feeling. On the other hand, cold showers can help boost blood circulation, which could also help reduce your stress and fill your body with endorphins. In addition, it distracts you from your anxiety and makes you focus on the cold temperature.


Simpson's video brought a surprising amount of people together, and they all agreed that nothing showers should be normalized. You'd be surprised by the wonders sitting in water can do for your body. One TikToker commented, "Mine are chronic pain baths. I sit in hot water for 30 minutes, wash nothing, but get slight joint relief." Another stated, "I take nothing showers sometimes between my everything showers," which shows that nothing showers can give you a much-needed break from long time-consuming tasks.