Bad News - You're Probably Storing Your Makeup Brushes All Wrong

Getting ready for a night out is sometimes the highlight of the entire night. You're hanging out with your friends and listening to music. One person gets ready in the bathroom, someone else sits on the floor, and the other in front of a LED-lit vanity. We all have our favorite area where we know our makeup will come out looking like a makeup artist did it. However, when we travel on a trip, we have to pack up all of our makeup products and brushes in a pouch or two. So, we leave our organized makeup area to pile everything together, hoping we don't forget anything.

Even though it's our instinct to throw our most used products and brushes in a makeup bag to prevent having to carry multiple things, it isn't the best storage option, especially for the brushes. In fact, if you've gone to sleep with clear skin on a night out and then wake up with a few blemishes, that could be a sign your face didn't get the best use out of your brushes. Plus, your skincare routine didn't help remove enough of the makeup or bacteria. Here are the downsides to storing your makeup brushes in your makeup bag.

Makeup bags invite unwanted guests

We know how important it is to clean our makeup brushes at least once a week to wash away the makeup residue, germs, and bacteria. However, most makeup bags aren't washed enough, so they carry germs and bacteria, shares makeup artist Liz Pugh via Byrdie. When you constantly store your brushes inside your makeup pouch, you transfer that bacteria to your face when you use them, which could cause acne. Plus, they get dirtier quicker when tossed around in the bag. So, if you notice acne or your acne worsening, try washing your brushes and keep them out of your makeup bag.

On the other hand, storing your makeup brushes in the bathroom may not be a good idea either. "Many products were being used or stored in the bathroom. Not only is there a risk of cross-contamination from faecal bacteria by storing products here but heat and steam from the shower may also produce an environment [where] microbes can thrive," shared dermatologist Dr. Anjali Mahto via Instagram. Regardless of how often you clean your bathroom, every time you flush with the lid open, particles are released in the air-filled with various pathogens that could fall onto every surface. So, if you leave your makeup bag open or brushes in a cup in the bathroom, they can get contaminated. Therefore, it's best to avoid doing your makeup in the bathroom; try finding a new go-to spot.

Where to store makeup brushes

Storing your brushes with all your products isn't the best place, but that doesn't mean you can't give them their own pouch. In fact, you can store them in a smaller bag with only brushes. Some pouches have separate slots to place one brush at a time. Other pouches are cylinder-shaped with a lid to keep them inside, which is perfect for traveling because they're easily washable. So, if the brushes leave streaks of makeup on the inside of the pouch, just be sure to clean it the same day you clean your brushes.

For at-home storage, anything works to hold your brushes near your vanity or under your bathroom sink, such as cups, tins, old mugs, or candle jars. Try getting creative with your storage by finding things that match the interior of the space you get ready in. For example, if you have a clear mason jar, paint a few designs to make it look more attractive on your vanity. On the other hand, you can take the opportunity to go thrift shopping and see if you find any vintage mugs or small vases to elevate your bathroom or bedroom. Antique shops also have gorgeous apothecary pieces that make stunning decor and storage.