Tips For Nailing The Wet Hair Look On Straight Hair

Thinking of giving the popular wet hair look a try?  This rather self-explanatory style makes it look like you've just stepped out of the shower or hopped out of the swimming pool. Although it seems pretty straightforward, you'll actually need to take a few steps to achieve the right look and make sure it lasts throughout the day.

For instance, while anyone with curly hair will want to use a gel or oil that's more hardcore, people with straight hair will need to opt for products that are much lighter, like mousses and sprays. These can be applied to the full length of dry straight strands. Keep things in place with the help of hairspray that can be used from the top of your head and extend midway down. Celebrity hairstylist and Matrix Brand Ambassador Castillo told InStyle, "When finishing this look I want to make sure that all the hair is saturated in product and the hairline and part are all controlled."

Once you've nailed the technique, you can begin to branch out a little. That means trying out a few other ways to slay this sleek straight look.

Keep it loosely styled

If you want to see how the wet look suits you but don't know where to begin when it comes to styling your hair, then you might want to keep things simple. All you need to do is apply the product as mentioned above and then use your fingers to comb through your hair. You can sweep your mane to one side if that's what you normally do or even give a center part a go. However, letting your hair fall as it naturally wants to might be the best option for this fabulously loose look.

Make it messy

Whether you're feeling wild or want to keep things super casual, then you should definitely embrace an intentionally messy vibe. You may not even want to comb your hair after getting out of the shower to achieve this look. Just add the products with a thorough yet relatively rough touch and you'll end up with the edgy effect. On top of that, you'll want to be sure that your hair is fully soaked so that it doesn't dry out and become frizzy in a few hours.

Slick it back

The wet hair look doesn't have to appear completely undone. Instead, you might be interested in a slick version of this chic style. An option that will suit straight hair of any length, this can even be done with bangs if they're long enough to brush back. Although there are plenty of reasons to love this flattering version, you may also appreciate the fact that it's easy to do, simple to maintain throughout the day, and quick to fix if needed. It can also be ideal for a laidback date or suit a formal event.

Only soak half

Mix things up by combining the wet hair look with perfectly dry strands. A stunning style that gives you a pair of options, you can either keep the top half of your hair wet and allow the bottom section to dry or you can choose to do the exact opposite. If you can't decide which one to try first, just consider the outfit you're wearing. If you don't want the product in your hair to end up on your clothes, then leave the area that will touch the fabric dry and you won't have to worry.