6 Spring Fashion Trends To Purge In Favor Of A Refresh This Season

The pendulum of fashion is always swinging from one extreme point to another. For instance, just when you thought blanket coats would be the ultimate take on winter style, Y2K cropped shrugs made a comeback and quickly ruled social media. Trends may come and go, but the moral of the story is consistent: the greatest hits from last season might no longer be en vogue this month.


If you want to keep up with the latest fashion and bring your everyday look to the next level, you'll have to watch which end the pendulum is swinging toward and reset your closet accordingly. With social gatherings and beach vacations back in full swing, it's time to refresh this season with a little extra to your style. In this article, we'll list out the spring fashion trends that are no longer in favor this season and the trendy replacements that will conquer many hearts on social media.


Color-wise, fuchsia — a piping-hot shade of pink — was a major trend on and off the runway in 2022, per New Tess. This season, however, the bold and bright fuchsia is quickly falling out of favor.

Looking at the latest collections of Victoria Beckham and Acne Studios, it's not hard to realize that pale pink — the softest shade of pink — is bound to hit a fever pitch this season. It's much more feminine and easy on the eyes than fuchsia. Pairing a pale pink outfit with nude shoes that match your skin tone can make you look taller instantly. 



Given the sweeping popularity of period dramas in recent years, it's no surprise that cottagecore — or domestic-focused, whimsical outfits evocative of life in the European countryside — were all the rage last year. Think loose-tiered sundresses with puffed sleeves, floral-printed lace-up bustier tops, and ruffled maxi skirts.


The latest runway shows at BalmainVersace, and Valentino reflect that a clean, structured silhouette cinched at the waist and minimal patterns are high on the agenda. For instance, a sleek little black dress or a belted jacket and pants set is a great shout when it comes to dressing neat and smart.

Empire waist

If you're familiar with regencycore — a fashion trend inspired by the looks of the Regency era of British history — you probably know that empire waist is one of the period look's signature pieces. An empire waist dress or top is a clothing item with a fitted bodice that flares out just below the bustline and does not emphasize the waist. 


But for this season, we're seeing the return of peplums — a 2010's business casual trend featuring flared waist detailing. Seen across everything from red-carpet dresses to office wear, now is a good time to jump on this trend.

High-rise pants

Trends from the early aughts have enjoyed quite a revival recently, but this season is seeing an unexpected comeback of Alexander McQueen's bumsters — low-cut pants that expose the top part of the wearer's derrière. If you have curvy hips and want to showcase your long legs and toned abs, consider stashing high-rise pants aside and start embracing midsection-baring bumsters in your streetwear. 


Cold shoulder

Cold shoulder tops strike the perfect balance between prim and proper and subversive because shoulder cutouts flash just a hint of skin to help you maintain a moderately feminine look. To refresh your look this season, ditch the demure cold shoulder because mounting evidence suggests that off-the-shoulder is the new power shoulder. 


For instance, at the 95th Academy Awards, Margot Robbie stunned everyone with her glorious off-the-shoulder, sequined gown by Armani Privé. If you want to bring sexy collarbones no matter your body frame, you can never go wrong with an off-the-shoulder top or dress.

Full-coverage partywear

When it comes to party wear, there's nothing more attention-grabbing than showing some cleavage in the leg area. And that message rings loud and clear when supermodel Naomi Campbell stormed the runway of Boss Spring 2023 Ready-to-Wear Collection in a thigh-high split dress.


If you're gonna invest in a new partywear wardrobe or you're looking for something that makes a bold sartorial statement this festive season, steer clear of full-coverage dresses and go for those with bold slashes on the sides so your legs can enjoy some daylight every once in a while.