Natural Matte Is The New Makeup Trend To Follow In Cloud Skin's Footsteps

As the weather becomes warmer, many of us begin to notice changes in our skin texture and tone. The natural oils in the skin start peeking through with the change in temperature. Even people with desert-like dry skin can start to look and feel dewy on parts of their faces. If you are worried about looking too shiny, the trending natural matte makeup look is the answer to your woes. Hot on the heels of the popular cloud skin trend, this look does away with the shine that leaves you looking greasy and instead allows you to look luminous from within.

Think this look means adding layers of powder to your face? Think again. Natural matte skin differs from an overly powdered look because of the products and the soft blending technique used to achieve it. When done right, the overall look is that of multi-dimensional makeup that showcases your skin in the best possible way, making you look sculpted, soft, and glowy.

Natural beauty is truly glam

A few years ago, extremely sculpted full-coverage looks were very popular. With time, however, a softer aesthetic has begun to appeal to people both on social media and IRL. This doesn't mean you completely shun the use of makeup. It just means that you choose to apply the products softly and artfully to enhance your features without covering them up.

First step: great skincare

For flawless-looking natural matte skin, it is essential to prep with great skincare before applying makeup. Oily skin types should use a mattifying primer and dry ones should lather on the moisturizer to ensure an even base. Here are some tips on how to prep your skin. 

Mix your products

The easiest way to achieve a natural matte makeup look is by judiciously mixing the right products. When used in the right amount and blended correctly, it should result in a radiant glow with a softly blurred effect, almost as if your face has been touched up with HD filters.

Color placement is important

The placement of colors makes all the difference in this look. Use a light-colored concealer to highlight the central portion of your face, and dark-colored contour products or concealers to the edges of your face for a sharp look. A neutral or pinky blush placed on the cheeks will further enhance the look.

The eyes further enhance the look

Use a mix of tonal browns and neutral-colored eyeshadows to create a subtle natural matte smoky eye look. This will further enhance the natural effect that you are trying to achieve with this makeup style, while ensuring you still look fresh and put together. It will also help give you the appearance of bigger eyes.

Go monotone with the colors

If you stick to a neutral color palette on your eyes, cheeks, and lips, you can achieve a monochromatic makeup look that is perfectly in tune with this trend. There are a couple of advantages to this: it is easy to match the products and you can even use the same cream product for all three areas of the face.

The lips say it all

The last step to achieving your perfect natural matte makeup look is a well-contoured lip. When the lips are lined with a darker lip liner to enhance their natural shape, and then filled in with a lighter, neutral color, it gives the illusion of having fuller lips. All these elements come together and serve to enhance your features in a natural-looking way.