Put Down Your Lip Kits! Over-Lined Lips Are Dated And Out - Try This Instead

Sorry, Kylie K, but your lip kit days are over. After years of overlining, millions of dollars in lip kit sales (per Showbiz CheatSheet), and several cringe-worthy lip-plumping challenges later, the days of overlined lips are dead and gone. The whole point of overdrawing your lips is to give them that luscious pout without filler, and while it did the trick, the look is simply outdated; however, this doesn't mean plump lips are too. The problem with overlined lips is they're just too dramatic, which is why we're happy to talk about a more natural lipstick trend — oval-lined lips. 


By oval lining your lips, you can still maintain that voluminous look, but in a more subtle manner. If you're not into wearing a ton of makeup, overlining your lips looks a little silly. A pair of overdrawn lips with a minimal makeup look sticks out like a sore thumb. Now, step away from the lip kit, and try oval-lined lips instead. 

How to get the look

The idea behind the oval-lined lip trend is that less is more. Instead of going crazy with lip liner to get that pouty appearance, the key is to focus on the middle of your lips. Essentially, you're using the product to make your cupid's bow disappear. First, take your liner and make two dots: One in the center of your top lip and the other on the bottom. This is going to create that oval shape we want. It might look a little inappropriate at first, but don't panic; it's all about trusting the process. 


If you're working with a pencil liner, start by rubbing it on the back of your hand to warm up the product. It makes the wax creamier, so it's easier to apply. Certain lip liners don't have that creamy texture, so you end up dragging it across your lips (ouch). Once you're done creating the oval shape, apply your favorite lipstick as you normally would, and you're all set! 

Bold lips are another hot trend

Another major lip trend we're seeing this year is bold lip colors. What better way to welcome spring and summer than with bright reds and hot pinks? To keep the look from being too dramatic, opt for a minimalistic makeup look. Keep the focus on your brows by applying a tinted or clear brow gel, depending on your desired intensity. Instead of foundation, reach for a BB cream. It still offers coverage but is more subtle than a full-coverage foundation. This is a great option for warmer temperatures so you don't feel like your face is melting off.


Additionally, you can fill in the entirety of your lips with liner and forgo lipstick or gloss — an updated take on the matte lip. Without the extra layer of product, you don't have to worry about your hair getting stuck to your mouth on a windy day. If you're worried about your lips drying out, apply chapstick on top as needed.