The Latest '70s Comeback Trend Is All About Accessorizing Your Hair

If you've been glued to Amazon's rendition of the bestselling novel "Daisy Jones & The Six" like just about everyone else, you've likely fallen head-over-heels for the peasant blouses, maxi skirts, daisy chains, and bell bottoms of the classic '70s fashion. And while we've been seeing a reemergence of these flower-child trends hold steady for the past couple of years, the star of the series, Riley Keough has taken the '70s revival to the next level.

When it comes to '70s-inspired hair accessories, it's the iconic headscarf of the era that is reigning supreme. Bursting with vintage patterns and earthy tones, wearing a retro-inspired headscarf is the perfect way to channel your inner '70s singer-songwriter and completely transform the vibe of any outfit. Long locks or short — the look can work with just about any hairstyle. Here's a deeper dive into how to style your hair with the latest '70s accessory comeback trend.

Paired with hoops

We love this classic '70s head scarf vibe — complete with metal hoops. Nothing quite says the '70s rock scene like this retro look. Try fastening your headscarf with a few bobby pins behind the ears to secure it in place. You can even let your bangs or other face-framing pieces loose for a relaxed, carefree look. As for the headscarf? Florals, geometric shapes, or stripes — there are endless avenues to take here.

Bold and beautiful

We're loving the deep oranges and browns popping up in a lot of these '70s head scarf looks. The versatility of the vintage head scarf just can't be emphasized enough — it also doubles as a disguise to mask hair that needs washing. Worn bandana style, the scarf takes on a whole new identity. And with some oversized shades, you totally can too.

The high ponytail

Again, the '70s headscarf is the ultimate tool in accessory creativity and we're loving this simple, retro look. Tying your scarf around a high ponytail is so beautifully reminiscent of the era. Your scarf will likely hang longer than your ponytail and that's totally okay, if not part of the look altogether.

White and whimsical

A more ethereal take on the '70s head scarf vibe, this low ponytail scarf in white gives all the mystery and we're here for it. Perfect for the warmer months, this scarf styling is the ultimate go-to for that carefree, ready-to-play energy we all want to embody come spring.

Paired with winged liner

If you're opting to go for a '70s vibe, then statement makeup reminiscent of the era is only natural. We love a dramatic eye, like winged liner paired with a vintage silk headscarf to really amp up the nostalgia. Whether you go for muted browns or bright reds, the headscarves of the '70s were nothing short of picturesque.