Habits That Are The Most Attractive To Potential Partners

When you put yourself out there in the world of love, it's best to put your best foot forward. Doing so gives suitors a chance to realize how lucky they are to be spending time with you in the first place. If you're feeling burned out in the dating scene after one too many bad experiences, it makes a lot of sense to sit some time out until you're thoroughly excited about the prospect of dating new people again. 


If you're in a healthy-minded place without any burnout on the brink, you can avoid reaching that low point by honing in on all your current positive habits. There are loads of bad habits to avoid that will instantly make you less attractive to potential suitors. Some examples include smoking cigarettes, being addicted to social media, sleeping past noon every day, and forgetting to brush your teeth. On the contrary, there are also many high-vibrational habits to cling onto that will make you more appealing to anyone you might be romantically interested in.

Have an immaculate hygiene routine

Having a hygiene routine that's on point is an absolute must if you want to be successful in the dating game. Let's say you're on a fabulous date with someone you're super attracted to — you could be blowing it without even realizing if your hygiene isn't up to standard. Examples would be forgetting to apply deodorant, neglecting to floss your teeth, or leaving visible crud underneath the edges of your fingernails. 


If you take showers on a daily basis, you might think your hygiene routine is perfectly fine, but there's so much more to it. Washing your hands after every bathroom trip, washing your underwear after every wear, and ensuring your loofahs and toothbrushes are regularly replaced are all part of the deal. Properly lathering your body with soap, scrubbing the bottoms of your feet, and scratching your scalp while washing your hair are also important. 

If a potential partner catches an unfortunate whiff of body odor or bad breath from you, chances are, you'll never hear from them again. It's crucial to incorporate necessary hygiene habits into your daily routine whether you're single as a pringle, dating casually, or in a committed relationship. It's also a huge sign of respect for your partner (and yourself) when you take care of your body by making sure your hygiene is on point.


Keep up with consistent exercise

Potential partners will most likely love finding out that you keep up with consistent exercise. Exercising regularly is a great habit to have, and it's actually one you should feel proud of. Some people neglect regular exercise because of their busy schedules with work or school obligations. Other people neglect it because they'd rather focus on spending time with their family or socializing with friends. Others put exercise on the back burner because it's simply not a priority compared to other activities they care about. 


Exercise is beyond indispensable for everyone, and for more reasons than simply what it can do for your outward appearance. You can rely on consistent exercise to stabilize your mood, boost your vibrational energy, and improve your mental health. People who are well aware of the benefits of exercise will automatically be more attracted to partners who are on the same page about getting in some daily movement.

Know when to unplug

You'll be more appealing to potential romantic partners if you know when it's time to put your phone down and live in the moment. Some people totally blow it on first dates because they can't quit checking their phone for notifications. Just because your phone is buzzing with comments on an Instagram post doesn't mean you have to read everything right at that moment. 


Sometimes, it's best to focus on what's happening in front of you before acknowledging the hype of the virtual world. One great way to prove that you know when to unplug would be to keep your phone tucked away during your first few dates. There's no reason for either of you to feel uncomfortable when your phone starts lighting up on the table during dinner.

The person you're spending time with will most likely feel like they have to sit on the back burner while you respond to notifications on your phone. Once you're in a committed relationship with your partner, the two of you can come to a better understanding of when it's appropriate to use your phones in each other's presence.

Maintain a nutritious diet

Maintaining a nutritious diet is a sign that you're happy to take care of yourself, your health, and your well-being. This is a green flag for potential romantic partners. When they see you maintaining a nutritious diet, they'll think of you as a partner who will be around for the long haul. Of course, it's possible for anyone's life to be cut short by tragedies and unexpected accidents — but we're referring to people who live naturally long lives well into their 70s, 80s, and 90s. 


It's easier to assume you'll make it to that age range if you've been consuming a nutritious diet throughout the duration of your life. People who gorge on junk food from gas stations and fast food from restaurants like McDonald's might not have the best internal function compared to someone who's been eating balanced meals of protein, fruit, and veggies. You show your body so much love and respect by taking care of it from the inside out and feeding it nutritious meals that allow it to function smoothly. This is something your potential romantic partners are definitely taking note of.

Showcase financial responsibility

It's important to showcase financial responsibility in new relationships. You probably wouldn't want to date someone who spends their money frivolously, so don't be the type of partner who would do that, either. An example of this would be a person who's struggling with a gambling habit. Gamblers end up spending hundreds to thousands of dollars playing games they'll never see a return on. 


Admitting your gambling habit to someone you're interested in might just be the red flag that turns them off completely. Another example of this would be a shopping addict who loves buying new things every time they feel bummed out about hardships. Admitting your shopping addiction to someone you like could completely scare them off from wanting something more serious with you. 

This doesn't mean you're supposed to lie about any of your financially irresponsible habits. This simply means it's your job to correct any issues of financial irresponsibility before jumping into serious relationships with other people. Before you marry someone, discussing the amount of debt you each have is a conversation that will undoubtedly have to happen. It's best to ensure your finances are in order before reaching that point.


Enjoy the benefits of natural sunshine

There's nothing wrong with loving your time indoors if that's a cup of tea, but spending time outside in nature is also wildly beneficial. If you're excited about enjoying the benefits of natural sunlight, this quality could make you come across as more appealing to potential romantic partners.


You don't have to be totally obsessed with going on vigorous hikes or long nature walks to reap the benefits of natural sunlight. Spending time absorbing sunshine can look like drinking your coffee on the patio each morning, taking your dog for a walk each afternoon, or sitting outside to admire the sunset each evening. 

When you spend time letting sunlight shine down on you, you get a boost of vitamin D. Vitamin D can help support your immune system, increase your energy, and boost your mood. Knowing that you're the type of person willing to get outside into nature each day, even for 10 to 15 minutes, says a lot about who you are as a person in the eyes of anyone you want to connect romantically with.


Spend quality time with loved ones

Spending quality time with your loved ones is an essential habit since human beings are not meant to be isolated. People who spend way too much time in isolation aren't always the most conversational or personable. When you spend time around other people, you pick up on social cues, body language, and more. For these reasons, it could be a huge red flag to your potential romantic partners if they find out you don't have any friends or don't spend time with your family. 


No one wants to feel the pressure of being your one and only source of happiness if they enter into a relationship with you. You should have your own network of friends, family members, and loved ones to talk to and gain support from outside of the person you're dating. It puts too much pressure on your partner's shoulders if you have no one else to discuss things with aside from them. 

If you don't have any close familial bonds or trustworthy friendship connections, this is something you should probably work on before you start seriously trying to date anyone. This doesn't mean you need a certain number of friends, but approaching a new romantic relationship after you've already secured a handful of wonderful platonic connections is the best route to take. 


Read books or informative articles

It's beyond attractive to romantic partners to find out you're interested in reading books or informative articles. Knowing you're the type of person who's excited about expanding your wealth of knowledge makes you more appealing for a multitude of reasons. For starters, it's obvious you aren't a know-it-all. You're fully aware that there are millions of new things to learn all the time, and even though you might already know a lot now, you're not going to settle with where you're at. 


Another reason is that the more you read, the more intellectual and philosophical you become. Every time you read something new, you absorb gems of knowledge that expand your brain and mold your ways of thinking. Being with a partner who reads informative books and articles is great for people who love to be intellectually stimulated.

However, don't feel overwhelmed about this. You don't have to sit down with a 1,500-page novel about scientific facts or historical narratives. If you read a short article or two every few days, that still says a lot about your inquisitiveness and desire to seek out wisdom.

Be good at listening and communicating

Too many people have a terrible habit of talking more than listening. The good news is that this is one of those habits that can very easily be flipped on its head if you're willing to do the work. Anytime you listen to someone talk, go out of your way to bite your tongue before cutting them off and interrupting them with what you want to say. Every time you let someone finish their sentences and speak all the way through, you allow them to feel heard, validated, and respected. 


You might not be inherently trying to hurt someone's feelings by cutting them off and speaking over them; you simply may do it out of excitement and interest in the conversation. Still, it's in your best interest to showcase your ability to listen more than you talk when you're getting to know someone new. Another important factor in being a good listener is coming up with creative and thoughtful responses to whatever is being brought to your attention.

Prioritize organization and cleanliness around the home

There's something super attractive about visiting the home of a new potential partner and seeing how organized and clean everything is. The same rule applies to seeing their car for the first time. When all their belongings are separated into particular areas, countertops are wiped down, towels are folded, and there isn't an overflow of trash sitting near the doorway, it's incredibly appealing. People who take care of their living space clearly have a lot of respect for themselves by taking time to manage their surrounding environment.


The old saying goes: "A cluttered home yields a cluttered mind." The more you take care of your space, the more settled and at peace you'll be. Knowing that it's more attractive to see an organized and clean space from someone else is a great reason to ensure that you've got an organized and clean space for yourself, too. Before getting into any serious relationships, it's best to get into the habit of making sure your home, car, and other surrounding environments are always as tidy as possible.

Be punctual and on time

If you've ever felt the frustration that comes along with waiting for a late friend, family member, or ex-partner to show up at a certain time, then you already know how annoying this situation can be. It's a massive sign of disrespect to the people you care about if you show up late somewhere after agreeing to a specific time. You wouldn't want someone to do this to you, so you obviously shouldn't do it to others. When a new romantic partner notices that you're punctual and on time, it gives them an idea of who you are as a person. 


It helps them realize that you are a reliable and trustworthy individual. You can be trusted to show up at the exact time and place you say you will. This means you can probably be trusted in other areas as well! For someone who's trying to figure out whether or not they're ready for a committed relationship with you, proving that you're a punctual person could be one of the positively reinforcing factors that give them the green light to move forward with you.

Keep track of important dates and events

As you start taking the dating game seriously, a fabulous habit to get comfortable with is learning to keep track of important dates and events. It's easy to feel loved by a partner when they always remember the little things. You might not have a great memory all on your own, but that's what the Notes app on our smartphones is for. That's also why calendar reminders and alarms are so useful. 


If the person you're dating mentions their nervousness about an upcoming presentation at work, they'll feel validated and heard when you ask them how it went afterward. If the person you're dating talks about celebrating their mother's birthday in a week, make sure to ask them if the birthday celebrations went well once that day finally rolls around. Noticing little things like this will take you far with potential partners. This also proves that you'll be there for them on big occasions such as anniversaries and birthdays.

Express gratitude and appreciation

No one wants to deal with a complainer who absolutely hates their life (and makes it known to everyone). If you're the type of person who loves a great venting session, there's nothing wrong with that! But there's a time and place for everything. Save your heaviest venting session for a professional therapist or a trusted loved one who's been in your life for a while. A brand new person you're dating shouldn't be on the receiving end of a venting session filled with your complaints about everything going wrong in your life. Instead, you should express gratitude and appreciation for everything going right.


When you show off your gratitude and appreciation for the positives, you show the best version of yourself to whoever you're dating. When you spend way too much time shifting your energy to the negative things unfolding, it creates more negativity all around you. Conversely, when you spend time expressing gratitude and appreciation for the good things, more good things undoubtedly start showing up. People who've come to terms with this realization simply aren't attracted to low-vibrational complainers who are incapable of being grateful.

Be willing to learn new things, evolve, and grow

There's a chance to learn new things, evolve, and grow with each new morning. If you are willing to learn new things at every opportunity you can get, you'll be far more attractive in the eyes of others. Knowing you're happy to continually evolve and grow is a huge green flag! It would be a red flag to say you're totally fine with where you're at in life and don't want to make any changes regarding personal development. Emotionally mature people understand that we can always become better versions of ourselves. 


This means that if you're struggling with trauma that has been following you since childhood, you should be open to becoming a more healed version of yourself through whatever processes are required to overcome that trauma. If you're struggling with a melancholy perception of life, you should be open to becoming the happiest version of yourself by any means necessary. Signing up for therapy, educating yourself on manifestation, and adopting a positive mindset are just a small handful of things you can do to showcase your willingness to learn new things, evolve, and grow.

Display a generally positive outlook on life

One of the most essential cues to making yourself more appealing to potential partners is displaying a generally positive outlook on life. This goes hand-in-hand with having an ample amount of gratitude and appreciation for all of the good things you've got going for you and having the willingness to learn new things, evolve, and grow. 


It isn't always easy to have a generally positive outlook on life, but it's absolutely necessary if you want to embark on a happy and fulfilling reality. There are so many benefits that come along with being an optimist instead of a pessimist. Pessimists are constantly lugging around negative energy and draining the spark out of everyone they interact with. Optimists, on the other hand, are typically healthier, more successful, and more resistant to common stressors. 

There are ways to tell if you are truly happy, but even if you aren't, you can get there! Having a positive outlook on life starts with flipping any negative thoughts around as soon as they float into your mind. If you start thinking about how difficult dating is and how you assume you're going to end up alone forever, you must immediately flip that thought into something hopeful. Instead, think about how exciting it will be when you finally cross paths with the person of your dreams.