Zodiac Pairings That Have The Most Chaotic Friendships

There are many times in life when you meet someone and cannot find a common ground; no matter how hard you try to be pleasant, their personalities are offensive to you in some way, and you can never seem to get along with them. Similarly, you may even have friendships and partnerships where you just can't seem to find peace and comfort easily. This dissonance may be explained by your signs — if you regularly have a hard time seeing eye to eye with a friend and cannot explain why, you may have a chaotic zodiac partnership.

It's true that our personalities can differ drastically based on our zodiac signs, and there are some sign pairings where conflict comes more easily than a steady relationship between them. In fact, astrologers have determined that some zodiac signs tend to work against each other more often than not. Signs that are chaotically linked can bring out the worst in each other, and the toxicity and drama that can come from these partnerships may not be worth the effort. If you find yourself connected with someone with a sign that brings chaos to your life, you may be better off avoiding this connection — here are some especially chaotic pairings to watch out for.

Leo and Capricorn

Leo is a passionate fire sign who loves adventure. Because they have such vibrant personalities, they want their friends and partners to fall in love with them and their wild ideas. They desire adoration to the point of flattery, and they don't want to work too hard to gain appreciation. Capricorns, on the other hand, are settled earth signs, and they prefer modest stability, little to no fanfare, and an incredibly predictable routine. They honor tradition and are rarely seen living on the edge of anything. Because they are a steady earth sign, we count on Capricorns to have reliable and steady personalities, but they aren't likely to go out of their way to complement a Leo's wild lifestyle.

Because Capricorns desire structure, they will most likely be uncomfortable with the unpredictable and fiery Leo. In turn, Leos need to live on the edge and would be disastrously bored with the Capricorn way of life. Because these two are so different, they are not usually seen as compatible in the long term, and it is quite rare for them to find each other appealing.

Gemini and Taurus

Because Geminis crave change and embrace adventure, a pairing between a Taurus and a Gemini won't likely create a lasting friendship. For starters, Taureans are very stubborn people. The good side of this character trait is that they are very loyal, enjoying structure and predictability, but a Gemini's need for adventure will ultimately pull these two signs in different directions. They need to have new experiences, which will most likely annoy a tradition-loving Taurus. Geminis also usually enjoy trying brand-new tasks, and they feel the immense joy that comes from meeting new people — but steady, predictable Taureans tend to find these character traits problematic.

In short, Geminis and Taureans speak a different personality language altogether. A Taurean's need to take their time when working through tasks will frustrate a Gemini, who needs to flit from adventure to adventure. Gemini respects others who can make quick decisions, and this need will make a Taurus uncomfortable. It's no wonder that this pair rarely sees eye to eye.

Libra and Scorpio

When it comes to opposites, Libras and Scorpios are arguably at the top of the list. A Libra is an air sign, and they love to be surrounded by people; they are full of charm, grace, and charisma. Libras have a knack for making everyone comfortable around them, making them essential for a fun party. But although they easily find harmony with most signs, a Scorpio isn't like most signs. Scorpios will respect Libras for their people skills, but if a Scorpio and Libra decide to become good friends, it may not last for long. 

Once the novelty wears off, Scorpios may view Libras as being flighty, indecisive, and unable to commit. Scorpios prefer structure, intensity, and quiet moments over social events. When a Scorpio decides on a friendship, they are wildly loyal and prefer to have uninterrupted conversations and quality time. But this may not be enough social activity for Libra, creating a significant point of friction in their relationship.

Virgo and Sagittarius

A Sagittarius and a Virgo together are about as chaotic as a pair gets. Virgos are careful and analytical souls. They don't trust easily, and their frustration with others who do not have the same cautious approach to life is rampant. Meanwhile, Sagittarians love being wild and free. There is rarely a deadline that they can actually meet, and their spontaneity is admirable — unless you're a Virgo. When these two get together, it is rarely by choice.

Like a Pisces, a Virgo is quite often indecisive and insecure. The difference is that they take their lack of trust to a new level. They are suspicious and take a while to trust new people, and they're often considered judgmental because of their inability to let their guard down. A Sagittarius, on the other hand, moves through life untethered. Because they are impulsive and spontaneous, they never stay with a thought long enough to create judgment. They don't mean to be rude, but they are so distracted by the exciting parts of life that they don't always take a second to wonder how their behavior is affecting others around them. It's the perfect storm for creating drama in any friendship between a Virgo and Sagittarius.