4 Signs That Definitely Won't Work With A Leo

If you were born between July 23 and August 22, you can attest to living life to its fullest, being a leader in most situations, and being fiercely loyal to those you love — and no wonder, with Leo as your sun sign. Leos are one of the most powerfully charismatic signs in astrology, being ruled by the sun, and in many cases, they are larger-than-life extroverts searching for excitement. Leos are usually the most comfortable as the center of attention and are loyal, confident, and enjoy a life of luxury. This fire sign can find comfort in most situations, and they take their love life as seriously as their work life.


With all of these positive traits of a Leo, it may seem that they would match well with almost any other personality, but this is just not the case. Unfortunately, Leos are not every sign's cup of tea — although many people love Leos, there are some aspects of their personalities that send other signs running from this pairing. These four signs in particular might find themselves in conflict rather than adoration with Leos.

Leo and Capricorn

Leos and Capricorns are tricky together. On the outside, they both seem to have many things in common — both making for driven leaders — but a Leo is a prime example of someone who may need a partner to be a little different from them. (After all, leadership doesn't always love competition.) And when it comes to their priorities, Leos are most concerned with their relationships in life, while Capricorns are career-driven. Ambitious Capricorns spend a good chunk of their lives making sure their reputations are intact, and they are also affected by what other people think of them. But Leos would never assume that anyone has anything less than respect for them, and this is where they do not understand a Capricorn's priorities.


What's confusing about these two signs is that they might actually be attracted to each other in the very beginning: Leos will respect how focused Capricorns are on their goals, and Capricorns can't help but appreciate the fun Leos bring to any situation. However, this will be short-lived, as these two are not compatible unless they can learn to compromise for each other's benefit.

Leo and Cancer

Cancers and Leos seem like they would be compatible because of how deeply they feel emotions, but this isn't the case when those emotions tend to run in opposite directions and expressions. As a water sign, Cancers take passion to a whole new level, whereas fiery Leos burn out quickly and cannot dwell on any one thing for too long. They enjoy experimenting with new things and seeking out adrenaline-pumping experiences to satisfy their need for fun. Meanwhile, Cancers are more traditional and sensitive. They are less likely to take the kind of chances and risks that Leos need to in order to feel alive. A Cancer's mood can also swing quite rapidly, making their emotions too unpredictable for a Leo's need for control.


Cancers are also often very guarded and protective of their emotions, which can confuse a Leo, leaving them feeling like the relationship is one-sided. It may not be — Cancers desire a deep connection with their partners, which can take time, but Leos may lose interest if they feel like their love isn't appreciated. These two mean well, but these fire and water signs just don't mix.

Leo and Taurus

Leos and Taureans seem like a perfect pair on the surface, but that may be the only place they get along: on the surface. While it's true that both enjoy the finer things in life, this duo runs out of romantic steam quickly. They cannot keep up the energy required from constantly being stimulated by fancy parties and wild excursions. And because both signs are fixed, they are also incredibly stubborn and refuse to compromise. Taureans, especially, like their living spaces, meals, and social events in specific ways and rarely want to compromise for others.


Because Leos are the ones better known to want to lead social activities, they don't really like having to fight for the limelight with a Taurus. When a Leo feels threatened, they can come off as narcissistic, vain, and self-centered, so a Taurus definitely brings out the worst in competitive Leo. Taureans are also more careful and slow to trust, which can make a Leo lose interest quickly. They will find a match with a Taurus quite boring for a long-haul friendship.

Leo and Pisces

Another sign that will have trouble finding peace with a Leo is Pisces. Like Cancer, Pisces is a water sign and feels emotions vibrantly and powerfully. Some believe Pisceans are so in tune with others that they are a bit psychic in what they can determine about a person. They are warm, sensitive, and artistic — and often come across as a bit ungrounded and dreamy. On the other hand, Leos need far more structure and thrive when their dreams and goals have a sturdy foundation, and are unmoved by emotion and feelings (other than their own fleeting ones, of course).


Because Pisceans tend to live in their heads more than being present with others, a Leo may become frustrated with how difficult it is to communicate with a Pisces. A Pisces needs to believe they are solidly supported in order for them to feel comfortable about sharing their ideas and dreams with their partner. A Leo simply cannot work in such a figurative and ungrounded space — so these two signs may find it incredibly hard to find common ground.