Comfy Coachella Fashion - What To Wear When You're Over Heels And Corsets

With Coachella right around the corner, festival season has officially begun. If you love attending concerts and music festivals, you know the importance of a comfortable outfit. However, you probably still want to look cute, especially since you'll most likely be taking plenty of pictures. And, hey, some of these festival looks you can even incorporate into your everyday style!

Tight tops and sky-high heels are definitely something you'll want to leave at home. For your festival look, we recommend the basis of your outfit to be comfy — you'll spend hours in it, after all. Your shoes should be super sturdy, and you definitely don't want any open-toed shoes, as people tend to step on each other's feet in large crowds. To elevate your look from a basic outfit to a funky festival look, use plenty of super bold accessories and festival makeup to match. Regardless of what fashion items you have in mind, it's always essential to check the weather forecast — the last thing you want is to be too warm or too cold during the performances. If you don't have a particular look in mind for this year's Coachella (or any other upcoming festival), we have a few fun but ultra-comfy recommendations!

Chunky boots with denim shorts

A classic choice for a spring festival in warm weather is a pair of denim shorts. They are super durable and comfy and can be combined with other pieces in numerous ways to express your personal style. We recommend pairing them with some chunky boots to help keep your feet sturdy and safe all day and night.

A sparkly mesh top with jeans and sneakers

If you prefer rocking jeans to shorts, pick a pair in a bold color to spice things up. Since your bottom half will end up looking rather underwhelming, make sure your top half is dressed a bit more extravagant. A fun thing to pair with jeans is a bikini top and a quirky mesh long-sleeved shirt over it.

A dramatic maxi dress

If you're leaning into the boho aesthetic for your festival 'fit, you might be inclined to rock a maxi dress. While it's a stunning choice, we do have a couple of tips for you. Consider opting for a dress that's not fully floor-length since that can easily become a tripping hazard, with fellow festival-goers stepping on it. Apart from that, picking a dress with a thigh-high slit will make moving around and dancing that much easier.

A cute matching set + cowboy boots

The coastal cowgirl aesthetic is having a major moment right now, and nothing encapsulates its essence like a pair of cowboy boots — which you'll see a lot of in our recommendations. A fun way to style them is to pair them with a summery matching set that has lots of tassels to give your look much movement.

An intricate floor-length kimono

Even if you make sure to coordinate your outfit with the weather forecast, we do recommend you dress in layers so you can easily warm up or cool down if necessary. One piece of clothing that's perfect for a festival is a statement kimono. If you want to go for even more drama, pick one that's floor-length with a super intricate design.

A patterned midi skirt

We already established that maxi skirts and dresses can be a bit annoying at festivals, but you can achieve a similar bohemian look by simply rocking a midi length. In fact, a floral midi skirt paired with chunky black boots and a bold top is the perfect way to mix feminine florals and edgy materials.

Pink jeans and a fun top

You've read it here first: Hot pink is going to be the color of the summer. With Y2K fashion still having its moment, Pantone proclaiming Viva Magenta the color of the year, and Greta Gerwig's "Barbie" coming out in July, the classic eye-catching shade of pink will be everywhere. For a striking festival look, combine two different shades of bright pink.

A bodysuit with a sheer dress or coverup on top

When it comes to what you can get away with at a festival, there's not much you can't rock. If you're looking for a way to show a bit more skin, rock a comfy bodysuit or one-piece bathing suit under an intricate sheer dress or coverup. If this look is a bit too cheeky for you, just add a pair of tight shorts underneath the sheer piece.

Comfy cargo pants + a bikini top

Since cargo pants are generally wide and lightweight, they are a perfect choice for a music event. Rocking them in a pastel color and pairing them with a dainty bikini top is an easy way to look great while still being super comfortable. To accessorize a look like this, go heavy with the jewelry — a body chain is a must!

All black, everything

A festival is a great opportunity to explore bright colors, but if you already know that colors aren't for you, going for a monochromatic black look is totally fine. You can spice things up by incorporating lots of layers and mesh for an edgy and daring vibe.

Crochet on top of crochet

If cowboy boots aren't enough coastal cowgirl for you, combine them with a white crochet outfit. In fact, instead of rocking just one crochet piece and building the outfit around it, consider combining two slightly different crochet pieces into a look. This might not work for an everyday outfit — but it totally works for Coachella!

A midi skirt and matching top

A matching set quickly solves any outfit dilemma you might have, and since it's two pieces, it looks more interesting than just a dress on its own. If a tiny set comprised of a bralette and ultra-short shorts isn't for you, pick one that consists of a midi skirt and a long-sleeved top. With an outfit like this, you don't need to accessorize much, as it looks dramatic enough on its own.

A comfy mini dress and knee-high boots

A lot of people buy a new outfit for a festival they're excited about, but, in reality, getting something extravagant that you'll end up wearing only once is a waste of money and bad for the environment. If this is something you want to avoid, just shop in your own closet. A classic comfy mini dress and your favorite pair of knee-high winter boots make for an easy and edgy look — and you can always take it up a notch with bold accessories.

Biker shorts + an oversized graphic tee

Even though a lot of people would consider a matching set or midi dress a comfy outfit, for some, that's still a bit too dressed up. If that's the case, biker shorts are perfect for you. They are ultra comfortable and pair well with an oversized graphic tee for an effortless but stylish look. Finish it off with a classic denim jacket and a pair of edgy boots, and you're ready to dance your heart out.

Statement pants

Skirts and dresses look fabulous, but if pants are more your thing, may we suggest picking a very dramatic and bold pair? You know, those pants at the back of your closet that you bought because you wanted to be the center of attention, but you somehow never found the courage to actually rock them? Well, a festival is the perfect opportunity to do so!