Blue Sky Dating Is The Bright & Positive Approach To Your Love Life You Need This Spring

Dating can be a complicated experience and often lead to a lot of frustration. From first-date jitters to communication issues, there are a lot of factors that can leave people feeling pessimistic about the dating scene. For many, these problems often lead to individuals shutting down dating apps and giving up altogether. However, there is something that can change people's mindsets for the better.


Badoo, a dating app headquartered in the United Kingdom (via LinkedIn), recently had a team of experts study the latest dating trends for 2023. While talking to My Imperfect Life, they revealed spring is the perfect time to reinvent your dating life. During the winter months, we are dealing with harsh weather and less sun, which can create a less-than-ideal dating life. Blue sky dating is a great way to bring a new mindset to dating so you can embrace the fun just in time for spring.

What is blue sky dating?

Blue sky dating is the positive approach we need to find the one. After all, dating when you're working on your mental health can feel like a task, which makes this method perfect. "As the nights get shorter and the days longer, nature is quite literally bringing more light into our lives — which is hugely beneficial when it comes to romance, given that exposure to sunlight increases the brain's release of the happy hormone, serotonin," Persia Lawson, a dating and relationship coach, shared via a Badoo press release, according to My Imperfect Life.


In addition, Badoo found that during spring, most people felt a lot more positive about their dating life, and as a result, they had better conversations with new people. Plus, the beautiful weather led to more options to choose from in terms of dates, making the whole experience a lot more memorable. Overall, this is a great way to embrace a new mindset for the warmer months.

How to incorporate blue sky dating

Believe it or not, it is really simple to incorporate blue sky dating into your everyday life. The first step is to correct the previous relationship dynamics you've been using, Persia Lawson tells My Imperfect Life. After all, getting rid of bad dynamics is the perfect way to start dating so you can get yourself emotionally ready for a relationship. From there, assess what you want to attract.


If you constantly find yourself settling for less than you deserve, create standards that you are able to stick to. Lastly, Lawson explains the best option is to remain positive. "Remember that, if someone behaves badly, they've actually done you a favor because they have essentially disqualified themselves as a worthy (potential) partner and saved you time and energy," Lawson tells the publication. All in all, dating with a new mindset is the best way to help start blue sky dating.