20 Bright And Bold Showstopping Red Eyeliner Looks

Many of us tend to reach for the classic black wing when it comes to eyeliner. However, in recent years, other colors like blue and brown have grown in popularity. But since 2023 is all about ultra-bold looks, we're showing you just how stunning red eyeliner can look. While some may worry that red around the eyes could appear unflattering or give off a Halloween vibe, when done right, it can look sultry and edgy. And one of the best things about red eyeliner is that it complements any eye color.

To ensure red eyeliner works perfectly for you, select a shade that complements your skin tone. If you have fair skin, a brighter red tends to look best, while those with deeper skin tones should opt for a deeper and richer tone of red. When it comes to application, the key is to avoid blending too much and let the red stand out on its own.

With the right technique and a bit of trial and error, adding red eyeliner to your makeup routine will result in a fun new look for spring and summer.

Super bright red eyeliner

A classic bright red shade used for a sharp wing will take a simple makeup look to the next level. While you might be tempted to use an eyeliner brush and your favorite lipstick, we definitely wouldn't recommend that. Since the skin around your eyes tends to be a sensitive area, it's always best to stick to products that are specifically formulated for it.

Black and red eyeliner

If rocking red eyeliner seems like too big of a step for you, an easy way to incorporate it into your makeup look is by adding it above your usual black winged eyeliner. You can do this by adding a sharp line of liquid red eyeliner, or you can create a slightly softer look by adding a line of red eyeshadow and then blending it out gently.

Subtle red eyeliner

Another way to add a hint of red eyeliner into your makeup routine is to simply use a more muted shade and combine it with an eyeshadow of a similar color. First, apply the eyeshadow to the outer third of your eye, making sure you're blending it well. After that, go in with the eyeliner and create a subtle, small wing.

Ultra-thick red eyeliner

A bold way to rock red eyeliner is to create an ultra-thick look that covers plenty of your eyelid space and extends into a dramatic wing. This is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to achieve a striking look without using any eyeshadow. However, since your eyelid is a space prone to creasing, ensure you use a primer as well as a long-lasting eyeliner.

Red cut crease eyeliner

Cut crease eye makeup is a popular choice for any eye shape, but it is particularly great for those with hooded eyes as it creates the illusion of a more open eye. If you've never done a cut crease look before, let us ensure that it definitely looks more complicated than it actually is.

Graphic burnt sienna eyeliner

The reason a red eyeliner look is intimidating for many is probably that the first shade that comes to mind is ultra-bright red — the shade you would most commonly associate with lipstick. But there are numerous shades of red, plenty of which are muted and lean either into cooler or warmer tones. If you want to experiment with red eyeliner, consider trying a burnt sienna, as its copper tone wont be as bold as a classic bright red.

Sharp red wing

The fun thing about brightly colored eyeliner is that everything you've been taught about classic black eyeliner can be thrown out of the window. This means that you can totally just start your eyeliner look at the end of your eye and create a striking and long red wing — no need to extend it all along your upper eyelid.

Double red eyeliner

Listen, you're either going to want your red eyeliner to be super subtle, or you're going to go all in and make it as bold as possible. If you fall into the latter category, creating a graphic look with two parallel eyeliner lines will definitely make your eyes unforgettable!

Bold red inner corner eyeliner

A super edgy way to rock red eyeliner is to go for a very defined and exaggerated inner corner. This look works perfectly with the previously mentioned double eyeliner. All you have to do is extend the inner parts and drag them down toward your nose.

Red underliner and a wing

A fun makeup trend that made its comeback this year is underlining. Since it is all about a slightly messier and grungier look, it's also perfect for those who want to dabble into red eyeliner for the first time. In fact, using red eyeshadow to achieve the eyeliner look is much better. Smudge a line of red underneath your lower lashline, then dip a thin brush into micellar water to turn the eyeshadow into eyeliner and drag some of the red up to create a sharp wing. 

Red inner corner and outer wing

If you already did your makeup and you want to add a bit of red eyeliner drama to it, a cute way to incorporate it is to add a thin line at both the outer corner and the inner corner. There is no need to connect the eyeliner all the way, but if you want to add a hint of glamour, you can also add a dab of red glitter right in the center of your eyelid.

Red fox eye with dots

Fox eye makeup has been popular for a while now, and red eyeliner offers the perfect way to spice it up. Create your usual fox eye look with a red liquid liner or red pencil. And to make it even more modern and unexpected, add a couple of dots at the ends of the lines.

Red eyeliner hearts

Red is obviously the perfect color to experiment with heart-inspired makeup. And even though Valentine's Day is behind us, that certainly doesn't mean you can't rock hearts this spring and summer. To create a cute little heart on your eyelid, you will need a steady hand, so we recommend resting your elbow on a stable surface.

Red eyeliner and red lips

A lot of us have grown up with the makeup rule of not combining a bold eye makeup look with bold lips. Luckily, modern makeup artists have broken that rule enough times to show us that it really holds no water. You can totally rock red eyeliner with bright red lips. Our only recommendation would be to either use the exact same shade or two shades of red that are completely different for the most cohesive look.

Dramatic red wing and pearls

You might think that a bold red eyeliner is too dramatic to be paired with other edgy makeup techniques, but you'd be surprised by how well a colored eyeliner looks when you add even more drama to it. In particular, half-pearls or classic face jewels are a great way to easily spice up the eye look even more.

Black fox eye and red smudged underliner

By now, it's clear just how stunning red eyeliner looks, but it's also evident that it cannot achieve that depth and smokiness that black eyeliner is all about. However, that doesn't mean you can't combine the two. A hint of smudged red eyeliner under the lower lashline will only intensify the black, making it even deeper and grungier.

Glittery smokey eyes with red eyeliner and lashes

A sparkly eyeshadow look with red eyeliner and red false lashes is definitely not an everyday look, but hear us out: a makeup look like this is a great choice for a fun concert or festival. After all, a music event is a perfect opportunity to experiment with your makeup and rock looks that you wouldn't dare to wear on regular days.

Oval red eyeliner

Since red eyeliner is everything but basic, why not also go for a unique eyeliner shape? Instead of choosing the classic sharp wing, go the complete opposite and create an oval-shaped eyeliner look. The best part is that no matter how you execute it, it's going to work since there are no rules for this one.

Fire red eyeliner

Apart from hearts, red is a color that immediately makes us think of fire. If you have the time to play around with your makeup a bit more and you're up for the challenge, consider adding flame elements to your eye makeup look. This means that your eyeliner should mimic flames, and adding glitter or red face jewels will only make it stand out even more.

David Bowie-esque red eyeliner

This eye makeup look may not be everyone's cup of tea, but we definitely had to include a David Bowie-inspired look. The iconic artist was known for the striking red lightning bolt that graced his eye on the cover of his album "Aladdin Sane." Of course, you can draw inspiration from David Bowie's classic without copying it entirely. Simply go with a design that feels right for your eye and face shape.