TikTok's Viral Wearable Sleeping Bag Is The Most Unexpected (& Sustainable) Fashion Trend

Comfortable clothes can also be chic if you know how to style them. Just consider the ways to turn pajamas into streetwear or the fact that fashionable sandals can feel like you're walking on a cloud. Even if cozy couture isn't your top choice for everyday outfits, there are still plenty of situations when it's the ideal option. That includes traveling. For instance, when it comes to what to wear while flying, American Airlines flight attendant Andrea Fischbach told Who What Wear, "I would advise against anything really constricting. You want to get the most comfortable you can be to avoid cramping, swelling, and anything that can affect you later. ... It's very important to be able to move around a bit in your seat — very difficult, I know — and keep your blood flowing."

"A lot of people dress for the place that they're going, not considering that the plane is also going to be a place they'll be. Planes are cold, so I recommend layering up," Elena Eberwein, another American Airlines flight attendant, explained to Well+Good. Of course, instead of wearing an excessive amount of layers which can be cumbersome, you have another option. Whether you're traveling or simply want to keep warm in your backyard, you may want to pick up and slip on a wearable sleeping bag. Although that's a recommendation that might be a little unexpected, it's actually a viral item that's both trendy and sustainable.

Wearable sleeping bags aren't snowsuits

If you don't follow Tessa Violet on TikTok, then you might have missed her video trying on an item of clothing she had recently purchased, which just happened to be a wearable sleeping bag.

"I went to REI today to buy a sleeping pad and I saw this sleeping bag you can wear, and I just need you to know that this is my entire personality now," Violet explains. While you might have assumed that her claim was an exaggeration, you can indeed spot her wearing the piece in videos again and again, despite some confused comments.

"This is literally an adult version of my toddlers [snowsuit]," one person commented. Although you might have been thinking the same thing, that's not true. Wirecutter noted this while also pointing out that it's not like a wearable blanket either. Frankly, it's exactly what the name implies. It will keep you warm and cozy like a sleeping bag but it's not waterproof so it won't keep you dry like a snowsuit would. It might also be rather uncomfortable and become chilly if it gets saturated. Beyond that, you're meant to kick back, sit around, or maybe even sleep in this item but not much else. Since they're relatively puffy and cover you up quite a bit, you likely won't want to go skiing or hike up a snowy mountain in a wearable sleeping bag. Granted, there is another aspect of this product that you might appreciate.

A popular wearable sleeping bag is 100% recycled

There may be a few different companies out there selling their own versions of wearable sleeping bags, however, the Selk'bag brand is definitely among the most popular. This is because they seem to provide exactly what people are looking for in their product from a comfy hood to mitts for your hands, as well as a warm lining just to name a few things. But there's something else that sets this choice apart from the others.

What's known as the Original Recycled Green Ice Selk'bag is made of 100% recycled material. In fact, each item is made from material that came from 230 former plastic bottles. That includes the fabric, insulation, and even the zippers. To be more specific, both the shell and the lining are made of 100% post-consumer recycled polyester. That's on top of the two layers of synthetic 100% post-consumer recycled hollow-fiber insulation. Although these materials sound quite snazzy, the most important thing to know is that these wearable sleeping bags are a sustainable option.

Indeed, this item likely makes consumers feel good in more ways than one. Along with being an eco-friendly choice, it's also trendy and comfy. What more could you ask for?