The Best Ways To Turn Pajamas Into Streetwear (Because That's Cool Now, Capeesh?)

We'll be the ones to say it: We're living in the golden age of fashion. Anything goes. You want to wear bell bottoms? Go right ahead. In the mood to rock a frock? No one's stopping you. Myriad looks are acceptable in this day and age, and we've even taken it so far as to let people wear pajamas in public. Now that is progress.

For years, pajamas were reserved for the bedroom. They were something we only wore for longer than eight hours at night if we were sick or lazing about on a Saturday morning. But thanks to the collective laxness of today's society, pajamas are acceptable in almost every setting.

To pull off this look, though, there are some guidelines by which to abide. But fear not — we're here to help you with that. We've amassed a list of 25 different ways to rock jammies in the street without looking chaotic. Let's get into it.

Layer it up

If you're new to the trend, or just a bit uncomfortable with it, building your outfit with layers is the best way to ease into wearing pajamas as streetwear. Not only are layers practical, especially if you live where the weather changes drastically throughout the day (we're looking at you, Midwest), but they offer a sort of comfort that other pieces can't, making them the perfect styling technique for the pajamas-as-streetwear look. The right pieces — think blazers, cardigans, and hoodies — instantly elevate the look. Even if you truly just rolled out of bed, you won't look like you did.

Pair an oversized top with biker shorts

Not all of us wear legitimate pajama sets to bed (does anyone, actually?). Instead, many of us opt for oversized tees and sweatshirts. But these pieces deserve some love during the daytime, too. Style your comfy oversized T-shirts by pairing them with tight bottoms, like biker shorts. It's easy, comfortable, and sporty chic. On colder days, ditch the biker shorts for leggings — cropped or full-length. You'll look just as put together and be even comfier. Who can argue with that?

Add statement outerwear

If you haven't yet gotten into the statement outerwear trend, what are you waiting for? Truthfully, this isn't a trend. It's a style staple that's appropriate no matter what's underneath, and that includes pajamas. Whether you're in the boldest of the bold satin pajama set or the subtlest of the subtle top and bottoms, statement outerwear will have you dressed and ready for even the strictest dress codes. (Okay, maybe not black tie, but you get what we mean.) Keep it in the color family with fuchsia, red, and purple for an ultra-chic look.

Rock something on your head

Headpieces are typically reserved for bad hair days, but we're here to tell you they're a style savior for far more than just messy tresses. If your pajamas need a little something extra before you leave the house, look to your hat rack. You can call upon a multitude of options for some head hype: stocking caps, ball caps, floppy hats, headbands, and scarves. If it makes a splash on your head, it'll make a splash on your outfit. Bonus points if your entire ensemble matches. No one will suspect you're wearing pajamas.

Go for a monochromatic look

Very few looks are as sophisticated as a monochromatic look. Whether you're headed to a work meeting or off to buy groceries, a monochromatic pajama look is an obvious go-to. The best part? Putting together the perfect monochromatic outfit is pretty easy. Mix and match with fabrics or incorporate a slightly different shade to add some intrigue. Even if your coworkers can tell you're wearing pajamas, the monochrome will signal that you're stylish and curated instead of suggesting you're trying to get away with an unscheduled casual Friday. Monochrome is royalty among fashionable looks. Let it be your crown and scepter.

Apply your favorite makeup look

One of the main issues with wearing pajamas as streetwear — what we're all trying desperately to avoid — is that it too often looks effortless (and not in a good way). But a simple way to combat that is by applying makeup. And you don't have to go full glam, although you totally can. Just a simple look will suffice if that's what you prefer or all you have time for. Wearing makeup shows you definitely put thought into your outfit. It might be a mind trick, but good makeup will undoubtedly take pajamas from sleepwear to streetwear.

Have a good hair day

Hair is powerful — it affects our look and mood. And, for better and worse, it affects others' perceptions of us. But let's use that to our advantage and convince others that it's totally acceptable and fashionable to wear pajamas outside of the house. Like with makeup, good hair signals effort. It shows that you purposely put on those pajamas. A set of perfect French braids, a slick bun, or mermaid waves will perfectly complement your 'jams and allow you to be comfortable as hell out in public. It's a simple hack that pays dividends.

Add jewelry

Nothing says chic like good jewelry. If you're a jewelry person, keep your favorite pieces on when wearing pajamas as streetwear. In fact, load them up, and don't be afraid to step a little outside your comfort zone. Incorporate that chunky jewelry you've been too afraid to try and mix those metals. If your base is a set of pajamas, you're already horribly comfortable. Get a little adventurous with killer jewelry. Be bold. Make a statement. And don't let your pajamas fool you into thinking you can't be at least a little dressy.

Wear some fun sunnies

While we'll continue advising you to look at least a little put together while wearing pajamas as streetwear, we understand that's not always an option. And we're guilty of it, too. Luckily there are dozens of ways to fake looking put together when in reality, you haven't been awake for more than 20 minutes. One of those ways is by tossing on a fun pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses are like instant makeup. Put them on, and you suddenly feel presentable. Use this secret whenever your pajamas-as-streetwear is out of necessity rather than a fashion statement.

Toss on a good bag

A good bag fundamentally changes you. It sounds ridiculous, but it's true. Don't let that deter you. Lean into it, and use it to transform your pajamas into streetwear. If you're a little uncertain about your look, a great bag will provide the reassurance you're after. And it doesn't have to be expensive or imported from Italy. As long as it fits the aesthetic, it'll do the job.

Find a fun pair of sneakers

Nothing says casual chic like a good pair of sneakers. Few footwear has had staying power in the fashion zeitgeist like the classic white sneaker, and they've long been used to transform a tired look into something on-trend. That principle applies here: Your favorite pair of sneakers will immediately complete your pajamas-as-streetwear outfit. And to make this styling technique even better, not much thought is required. Slip on your old sneaks or carefully lace up a pair you just bought. Either way, you're going to nail the casual chic vibe.

Don't be afraid to rock some heels

If sneakers aren't your thing, or if you're headed somewhere a little dressier, remove your socks and slip into a pair of heels. Heels cover a multitude of fashion sins, and if you can't be bothered to put on real clothes, heels will be your saving grace. The trick here is choosing the right pair of heels. Keep them light and avoid anything too flashy — they should complement the outfit, not be the outfit. But trust us, heels and pajamas are a total look. Wearing satin pajamas with strappy heels? That's model behavior.

Mix and match pieces

Sometimes we wear pajamas as streetwear because we're feeling lazy. Other times we wear it because our pajama pieces are too beautiful to be worn to bed. If you have a pajama piece that deserves to be seen by someone other than your pet, incorporate it into your daily wardrobe. Mixing and matching is what fashion is about, and your pajamas don't need to be excluded from the fun. Pair a satin pajama top with a darling pair of bottoms, and complete the look with open-toed shoes and all the right accessories.

Utilize silk

A pivotal element to nailing the pajamas-as-streetwear look is choosing the right pajamas. Though adorable, the pair of matching footie Christmas pajamas you share with your siblings probably isn't the right choice for this trend. Instead of your comfy cotton PJs, opt for more sophisticated fabric, like silk or satin. It doesn't have to be authentic silk, but a pair of pajamas with a sheen will look much more stylish than a pilling polycotton blend. There's no shame in owning those — we all have them. Let's just reserve them for actual sleeping and sport our chicer pairs in public.

Show off your undergarments

Undergarments are pajamas, too, and they deserve their place in this trend. Don't be afraid to show off your undergarments when sporting pajamas as streetwear — just be sure to do so in a tasteful, appropriate way. The secret to showing off undergarments is choice and control. Choose pieces that add to the outfit. They should be chic, not garish. And control how much of each piece is shown. Be deliberate. Showing off an undergarment is an easy, flirtatious way to rock pajamas as streetwear.

Go for bold patterns

The bolder, the better, right? In this case, yes, absolutely. If you're anti-layers, anti-jewelry, anti-bag, or anti-undergarments, but still want to wear pajamas during the day, opt for a pair with a bold pattern. Even if you're not anti-anything aforementioned, opt for a pair with a bold pattern. It's an elegant look and perfect if you don't want anyone to know you're in pajamas. Don't be afraid to mix and match, either. Patterns can be paired with other patterns, just make sure you have a like element acting as a thread, like a common color or fabric.

Find unique pieces

Is there anything worse than arriving somewhere in the same outfit as someone else? Barring the obvious (poverty, hunger, sexism, etc.), no, there is not. If this happenstance absolutely infuriates you, you're likely used to searching high and low for pieces that no one else in your orbit owns. Utilize that same tactic with pajamas as streetwear. It'll require some hunting, but find unique pieces that speak to your quirks and personal tastes. Whether it's a set with feather-lined hems or a top with a bold graphic print on the back, wear pajamas that no one else has.

Show some skin

Showing a little skin is another way to elevate your pajamas-as-streetwear look. It's easy, and if you're comfortable doing it, it makes a statement. Like showing off undergarments, the trick here is to be tasteful. And the same rule of thumb used when showing skin in real clothes applies to showing skin in pajamas: Pick one body part. Due to the nature of pajama sets, that body part is often the décolletage, but it doesn't have to be. Show whatever you're most comfortable with to give your pajamas a more mature feel.

Have an entirely oversized look

Oversized is everything. Earlier, we suggested pairing an oversized top with fitted bottoms, but you can also pair an oversized top with oversized bottoms for a completely oversized look. (Is the word 'oversized' starting to sound weird to anyone else?) An oversized pajama look is the height of comfort, but it can easily turn from chic to messy, so tread lightly to avoid looking disheveled. Keep it classy by tucking in your top to accentuate your waistline or rocking a monochromatic look. It'll look especially stylish if you choose a bright color, like hot pink or lavender.

Or go totally fitted

While oversized can look great, fitted looks are just as stylish. Isn't fashion fun? We all have preferences when it comes to fit, and if oversized just isn't your jam, keep your jams fitted. There are lots of ways to make fitted pajamas look good outside of the house. Select one piece from a set and pair it with your regular street clothes, or layer a leather jacket and throw on a pair of heels. It's hard to miss with this styling technique.

Utilize structure

Wearing pajamas doesn't mean you have to look unkempt. In fact, you shouldn't. And an easy way to avoid looking like your entire life is in disarray is by wearing something with structure. Structure in fashion — like structure in life — organizes. It calms. It provides order. If you're worried you'll lose all organization, calmness, and order by wearing pajamas as streetwear, choose a structured set. Look for a detailed collar and defined shoulders. Wear a pant that outlines your legs. A structured set of pajamas will save you from feeling unpolished.

Turn a teddy into a slip dress

We've spent a lot of time talking about top and bottom pajama sets and have completely neglected nightgowns, and it's time to right that wrong. While we don't suggest wearing pajamas à la Ebenezer Scrooge, a delicate teddy can easily be taken from night to day with the proper styling. Put away the floppy hat and trade your slippers for a slip-on heel. Get a slip dress, wear some dainty jewelry, and find a sleek coat to match. It's stylish, pretty, and perfect if you're not in the mood to wear pants.

Pair it with swimwear

If pajamas can be streetwear, why can't swimwear? There's no reason you can't rock your favorite ocean-appropriate pieces with those meant for slumber. Marry the two by rocking your favorite bikini top with your favorite pair of satin pajama bottoms, and toss on a straw fedora for the ultimate beachy vibe. If the establishment you're trying to patronize prohibits you from entering sans shirt, throw on a matching top. If you can get away with it, leave it unbuttoned for a breezy feel.

Don't abandon classic styling techniques

If you're still unsure how to style your pajamas for a street-appropriate look, you might need to change your perspective on the pieces. Don't treat your pajamas as pajamas; treat them as any other piece in your wardrobe — one that you're comfortable wearing in any setting. And when you're styling them, don't lose all sense of styling that you have when you're putting together a regular outfit. Utilize those classic styling techniques, like accentuating your waist and rolling up your sleeves. They'll serve you well even when you're in pajamas.

Avoid looking like you just rolled out of bed

The beauty of pajamas as streetwear is that you can just roll out of bed and go wherever you need to go. However, that doesn't mean that you should look like you just rolled out of bed to go wherever you needed to go. When wearing pajamas as streetwear, you want to avoid looking like you slept in your clothes. You can totally sleep in them if you'd like; just employ a styling technique or two in the morning to make it look like you didn't.