FYI: Important Convos Over Text Are Never A Good Idea

There is something so nerve-racking about having important conversations. When we anticipate the uncomfortable reality of the situation, it can lead to anxiety and stress on our end. This could also be an issue if you're in a relationship with an opposing communication style then you. For some, this could be avoiding the conversation or just putting it off together. Others look for other forms of communication, like text messaging, to avoid seeing the other person face to face.


Texting, at first glance, sounds like the perfect solution. After all, when texting, it can be easy to believe you communicated the issue, sent it out, and now it is done. However, texting has its own set of issues. If you decide to take your problems to text messaging the results might be worse than when you started. While it seems old-fashioned, it's best to have important conversations face-to-face for your own benefit.

What is the problem with texting?

In certain circumstances, texting can be very convenient. It allows you to connect with people you care about quickly and easily. However, when explaining important information, it becomes unreliable. This is because the response time is not always the best. If the other person does not see the text right away, they can miss out on time-sensitive information. On the other hand, you could not know that and assume they are upset with the text when in reality,  they just haven't seen it yet. This can cause an array of anxieties that are not necessary.


It is also important to note that text messages are easy to misinterpret. We often use fewer words when texting than we do when we speak in person, which can cause several issues. Plus, when messaging, we may often misconstrue what the other person is saying, which can make things worse. In addition, the tone and delivery of how we say things are often lost through text. In other words, if you're only communicating through text, you can come off as cold and lacking sensitivity.

Knowing when to text

Texting has a time and a place, like most forms of communication. Therefore, it's crucial to know when to text by examining other factors. This can include if it is time sensitive, necessary to say in person, or hard to hear. If any of these apply, save it for an in-person conversation for the best result. On the other hand, if speaking in person gives you anxiety, opt for a call instead. When we call people, we can still convey our tone and how we feel much better than when we text.


The experts at Urban Wellness Counseling recommend consulting your partner on how they would like to communicate. Plus, having this understanding can improve communication in your relationship and lead to a better understanding of both ends. After all,  healthy communication and boundaries with each other can ultimately improve anxieties and help you go into the situation a little bit clearer.