Blue Agate Nails: The Stunning Look That Should Be Your Next Manicure

It's hard not to notice the sudden enthusiasm that has surrounded all things spirituality. Nowadays, it's easy to find gems and crystals that serve almost all purposes. Crystals, like rose quartz and citrine, have found themselves as the inspiration behind bringing spirituality into our daily lives. Blue agate, with all of its richness and saturation, is the latest gemstone to make waves for its beautiful flow and texture. According to Beadnova, blue agate is known for its healing and calming properties. With these characteristics, it's no wonder why many are looking to bring it with them wherever they go.

Like many other crystals and stones, blue agate can vary in color and design. Some stones may be a soft blue color, while others appear to be closer to a cobalt blue. What doesn't differ is the mixture of brown that is included but can vary in quantity from stone to stone. With many versions of blue agate depicted in the past through jewelry, it was only a matter of time before it crossed over to our nails. No matter your level of nail or crystal expertise, blue agate is the newest nail trend that will have you feeling inspired at all times.

Statement blue agate nails

Sometimes, less is indeed more, and nails are a very good example of this. When it comes to creating dramatic nail designs, it can be overwhelming to have them on all of your fingers. With that in mind, saving your intricate details for statement nails is the best way to give your manicure some balance. Blue agate can be a detailed nail design that can simply be too much when replicated on all 10 fingers. Instead, opt for a neutral base color and a few blue agate nails to make them even more special.

Blue agate tips

French manicures will always be a reliable nail go-to, no matter the style. You can create a new look by mixing in your blue agate nails with this timeless design. Blue agate tips are the perfect way to create something unique and creative that doesn't take much planning. Add flakes of gold with your blue for the ultimate trendy nail design. No need to worry about creating complete nail art, since you'll only need to cover your tips.

Baby blue agate nails

As we've established, blue agate can come in a variety of blue shades. The lighter hue is typically in this baby blue shade that is soft and delicate. This tone is the ideal nail polish color for those who might want a more subtle variation of this trend. Blue agate doesn't always need to be bold; adding baby blue along with a faint touch of gold or brown is a perfect way to keep your crystal-inspired nails muted but stylish.

Saturated blue agate nails

For those looking for a punch of color, the saturated shade of blue might be the best for creating your agate nails. Various shades of blue like electric and cobalt can easily add a bold and striking hue to your nails, without the need for much detail. Simply add gold and white lines and details to this powerful shade for the perfect blue agate nails. Although the stone is known for its calming properties, these nails are more on the daring side.