The Perfect Hack For Wearing Heavy Earrings Without Dragging Down Your Lobes

Jewelry is the easiest way to add some glamour and movement to your look. Recently, most jewelry trends have been geared around having large and whimsical accessories. The larger the earring, the better. Although this adds another layer of boldness and statement to your look, it can be tough on your ears. While they look amazing, large and heavy earrings can pull down on your lobes. Over time, this can cause pain and an extended earlobe that doesn't sit well anymore. Pain in your earlobes can prevent you from not only wearing these large pieces but will make any type of earrings harmful. To avoid getting any more pain, or even ripping your ear, you can take advantage of various hacks.

Nowadays ear supports can easily be purchased at most retail stores. These tools are practical and can help take the load off your ears while you're wearing your favorite chandelier earrings. However, it's not necessary to go out and purchase more items. One easy hack to help bring relief to your ears can be found in your first-aid kit. Band-Aids are a foolproof way you can wear your favorite earrings with little to no pain. 

The cure to earring pain

Band-Aids aren't only the best way of protecting an open wound, but they can be the solution for heavy earrings, too. As simple as it may seem, all you need is to cut an inch off the Band-Aid and place it onto the back of your ear piercing, before putting on your earring (via Yahoo! Life). It's going to stay here, so make sure that your Band-Aid is inconspicuous. Then put on your earring and have it pierce through the Band-Aid. Clip on the back so the Band-Aid ends up sandwiched in the middle of your earring. It may seem odd to wear a Band-Aid in such a way, but it's the simplest and most cost-effective solution for heavy earrings.

Although some may find this trick odd, the Band-Aid simply keeps the earring in place to prevent it from moving. Since the earring can't move anywhere, it can't stretch out your ears and stays stuck in its position. No matter which type of earrings you have, you can always use this hack to help give your ears some extra support. If you want some extra peace of mind, ensure your Band-Aid is waterproof so it doesn't peel off throughout the day.

Healing stretched ears

The main reason why you want to avoid leaving your ears unprotected against heavy earrings is to avoid having them stretch out. While it may not be extremely painful right away, it can turn bothersome over time. Once your ears have torn or stretched out, there's no way to repair them without having to go through surgery. For that reason, it's important to take steps to take care of this area.

Farrior Facial Plastic Surgery recommends wearing heavier earrings for a short period only. Although Band-Aids can help, your ears can only withstand the weight for so long. If you'll be out for a while, consider taking your earrings off for a few minutes at a time. This will help relieve your ears for a bit and avoids them having to carry the weight continuously.

When looking at which earrings are best, always try to go for plastic materials over metal. While metal earrings give you a more polished look,they're much heavier than plastic. You also want to remember to take off your earrings before performing any type of physical activity or increased movement. Working out or sleeping with your earrings on will only increase the amount of weight of your earrings and increase the chance of injury.