50 Stunning Collarbone Tattoos To Spark Creativity For Your Next Ink

Whether you're a tattoo veteran or just thinking about getting your first bit of ink, you've probably considered a collarbone tattoo at one point or another. Collarbone tattoos are a popular choice for both delicate and bold designs, and anyone can pull one off, but there are a few things you'll want to know before getting one of your own. 

Before getting a tattoo, it's common to worry about how much pain it'll be to get. Collarbone tattoos do hurt — after all, there's not much tissue between your skin and the bone. If you want to minimize the pain, get a collarbone tattoo just under or over the bone. You'll also want to take some serious time to think about the placement of your tattoo in relation to what clothes you normally wear. Consider whether you want to be able to cover it up all the way, or if you're okay with it peeking out; this could affect how close you let it come to your neck or shoulder. 

If you're ready to go all-in with a collarbone tattoo, great! You could go with one of today's many popular tattoo trends, but don't fret if you need some design inspo. We're going to showcase 50 of our favorite tattoos to serve as inspiration before you head into the studio.

Do dainty leaves

For a simple yet stunning tattoo that'll have all your friends talking, opt for a fine-line tattoo of dainty leaves on a barely-there stem. This is a look easy to make as small or big as you'd like, depending on whether you'll want it covered on a regular basis.

Make it symmetrical

Tattoo veterans who are looking to get some collarbone ink are probably ready to go big or go home. If that sounds like you, why not opt for a big, bold, symmetrical tattoo on both collarbones? Or if you don't want to go all out, you could still do the symmetrical look with smaller tattoos.

Get the planets

Showcase your love for astrology and the solar system when you get some planetary art for your next collarbone tattoo. Go all out by memorializing all the planets in ink (yes, Pluto too), or pick your favorite planet and pay homage to it when you go to your tattoo appointment.

Draw some hearts

If you're looking for a simple yet still stunning little collarbone tattoo, little fine-line hearts are a perfectly dainty option. To make this tattoo extra meaningful, have a loved one or two draw the hearts for you, and get their drawings tattooed on your collarbone to keep them close to your heart.

Get an ornate key

Key symbology can mean many different things to different people, but if keys are meaningful to you in any way, why not get one tattooed on your collarbone? You could have your tattoo artist tattoo the shape of an actual key that's meant a lot to you, or go for an intricate ornate key design like the one above.

Try grayscale flowers and butterflies

If spring is your favorite season and you want to constantly be reminded of it, get a collarbone tattoo that reminds you of blooms and buzzing life. Blossoming flowers, butterflies, and bees are great to incorporate into a spring-themed collarbone tattoo, and this is one you could make as big or small as you'd like.

Or phases of the moon ... with peppers

The phases of the moon would make for a gorgeous collarbone tattoo no matter how you do them, but for a unique version you won't see anywhere else, why not make them with your favorite fruit or vegetable? You could use peppers like in the above photo, but apples or bananas would also work just as well.

Get your fave French phrase

Do you have a French phrase you find yourself turning to again and again? Go ahead and get it tattooed on your collarbone! You could accompany it with different accent designs or let the phrase stand on its own depending on how much ink you want to get.

Choose a colorful flower branch

Want to get some color on your collarbones? Go for it! A stunning colorful floral branch is a great option for a tattoo that will stand out while also being delicate. You can incorporate as many or as few colors as you want — go big, bright, and bold by using several, or keep it simple with green and one or two other colors for the buds.

Or just draw some buds

If you want a collarbone tattoo that's easy to cover up, gorgeous to look at, and reminds you of the blooms that come after the end of a winter season, get a small budding floral branch. You could add color to it if you want, but a simple fine-line art drawing would be equally as stunning.

Get some cherry blossoms

You don't have to live near the famous cherry blossoms to get a collarbone tattoo of them! If these blooms that people will travel hours to see are meaningful to you, go ahead and get them tattooed on your collarbone. You could do it in just black ink, but we think these pop with a touch of the characteristic cherry blossom pink.

Go shoulder to shoulder

Can't decide which side to get your collarbone tattoo on? Get it on both! Go shoulder-to-shoulder with your collarbone tattoo for a look that's stunning and unique. You could make it fine line and dainty, like the one above; or if you're not concerned about showing off a big, bold tattoo, add some color and more line work into the mix.

Pick pointy thorns

When you've overcome countless hurdles life has thrown at you, thorns can be a good symbol of your strength in the face of adversity. Your thorny collarbone tattoo could sport big, sharp thorns, but if you want to make it more delicate, you could achieve the same effect with a simpler fine-line tattoo.

Outline a leafy flower branch

For a tattoo you'll get endless compliments on and won't be able to stop showing off, a delicate leafy flower branch might be the way to go. You can shade in the leaves and flower as much or as little as you like. For bonus points, make the leaves overlap the flower to add some mystery.

Choose a rose with its thorns

We all know by now that life is both beautiful and hard. If you've dealt with your fair share of hardship but never let that get in the way of seeing the beauty life has to offer, capture that sentiment by getting a rose with all its thorns tattooed on your collarbone. 

Get a cartoon moon

Maybe you're thinking about getting an astrological collarbone tattoo, but the more delicate or traditional designs just don't match your bright and bold personality. If this sounds like you, why not get your favorite sky symbology in cartoon form? A cartoon moon, sun, clouds, or stars don't have to look cheesy, either — personify a crescent moon for an ethereal moon tattoo, like the one above. 

Embrace whimsy with a cute mouse

Collarbone tattoos are also a great way to keep a sacred piece of your childhood close to your heart. If you can't decide what collarbone tattoo to get, why not pick a favorite children's book or movie character like the mouse above? It'll bring some comfort and pleasant feelings of nostalgia to you every time you look in the mirror.

Wear your bleeding heart on your collarbone

The symbology is deep with this one, and we're kind of obsessed. When you've suffered plenty of heartaches and want a tattoo as a symbol of what you've been through, but you don't want to make it too obvious, get some bleeding hearts tattooed on your collarbone. The plant is delicate and beautiful to look at, but only you will know the deeper meaning behind it. 

Save the bees

Are you passionate about bees? Do you have a pollinator garden in your backyard? If so, a bee tattoo makes for a cute and playful collarbone tattoo! Get a couple of bees on their own, or give them a flower or two to pollinate — we're sure they'll appreciate it. 

Get your angel numbers

If you're a believer in the magical, mystical, and mysterious, you're probably no stranger to angel numbers. These are specific numbers you may find yourself noticing at certain times in your life — generally, you'll see the same number in sequence or you'll notice the same number popping up everywhere. If you have meaningful angel numbers, why not get them tattooed on your collarbone? 

Keep your pet close forever

Miss your favorite childhood pet? Or maybe you're so in love with your current fur babe that you can't imagine ever parting with them. To keep your furry friend close to your heart forever, go ahead and get them tattooed on your collarbone. You could make the art as simple or intricate as you want. For bonus points, ask your tattoo artist to make a fine-line drawing out of your favorite picture of your pet. 

Get a single flower branch

This single, asymmetrical flower branch would make a stunning collarbone tattoo on anyone. The one pictured above is big and bold, but if you don't want to show it off, make it simpler by incorporating less shading and going for more of a fine-line tattoo feel. 

Go galactic

For all you mystic babes who love sky symbology, a night sky galaxy collarbone tattoo may be the way to go the next time you head to your favorite artist. Make the sun and moon stand out, get your favorite constellation, or choose just a smattering of small starbursts. 

Get your favorite mythical creature

What's your favorite mythical creature? Maybe you're a fan of phoenixes, dragons, or unicorns — whatever it may be, why not show off your love for it with a collarbone tattoo? It doesn't have to be as colorful as the one above (though it certainly can be), and you can make it as delicate, abstract, or bold as you'd like. 

Or your favorite sea creature

We all wanted to be marine biologists when we were kids, right? Whether you realized that childhood dream or not, you can always capture that love of deep sea creatures by tattooing one on your collarbone. We're obsessed with the octopus tattoo above, but you could go smaller with your favorite fish or even a mythical sea creature.

Incorporate script into a flower stem

Can't make up your mind on what tattoo to get? Combine multiple ideas into one! For example, if you want to get a flower tattoo and some script, turn the stem of your flower tattoo into the script you want to get. The phrase doesn't need to be related to your flower tattoo, but bonus points if it is. 

Keep your favorite reminder close

We all have little mantras or phrases that we say to ourselves in times of hardship or when we just need a little boost. If you have a phrase that you've been keeping close for a while, go ahead and get it tattooed on your collarbone. Not only will you always be reminded of your favorite phrase, but you might inspire others who read your collarbone tattoo, as well.

Take it down your arm

We get it, a collarbone tattoo is just too basic for you. You're the go big or go home type, and simplicity simply isn't in your vocabulary. If this sounds like you, you can still go ahead and book that collarbone tattoo appointment, but why not take it down your arm while you're at it? This is a statement piece that will have people talking, and it's a perfect match for your big, bold personality.

Get tiny script

If collarbone tattoos sound like a big, scary commitment, we totally get it. After all, the collarbone is a pretty visible place; we don't blame you for thinking twice before going for that tat. If you're not sure you're ready to commit to a big collarbone tattoo, go ahead and start small with some dainty script. It's barely noticeable, but when you do notice it, we bet you'll fall in love with it all over again. 

Use your favorite color

Is there a color in your life that means a lot to you? Maybe you've just always been drawn to certain hues — you're a green-loving nature person or obsessed with royal purple. Whatever your favorite color is, go ahead and incorporate that into the collarbone tattoo you want to get. This is probably easiest to do with a floral collarbone tattoo, but you could also do a watercolor background on some script or other black line tattoos. 

Ask for something abstract

Lovers of the abstract, of interpretation, and of art for art's sake, this one is for you. If you know you want a collarbone tattoo but can't decide on a design, ask your artist to come up with an abstract design for you. It doesn't have to be quite as Rorschach as the above, though it definitely can be — go with whatever speaks to you. 

Make a bouquet

Do you love collecting wildflowers when springtime comes around? Make it spring all year round by getting a little collarbone tattoo of a floral bouquet the next time you want some ink. The bouquet doesn't have to be of wildflowers, though that's probably your most delicate option; you could also get a big bouquet of roses, sunflowers, or mixed flowers. 

Get a wraparound snake

If you're ultra-committed to the idea of a collarbone tattoo, go ahead and incorporate your actual collarbone into it by getting a snake tattoo that looks like it's wrapping around the bone. And if snakes are a bit too edgy for you, get a ribbon or flower wraparound design instead. 

Go for just the bud of a flower

For a simple floral tattoo with no stems attached, just get the blossom of your favorite flower, or even just the bud. This delicate tattoo can be small enough to not feel like too much of a commitment, but is sure to be a stunner anyway. 

Have fun with a cute chameleon

Lovers of Rapunzel, this one is for you. Get a cute little cartoon Pascal tattooed on your collarbone for some instant Disney nostalgia, or get a more intricate chameleon tattoo if you've had a pet chameleon in the past. If you do get a chameleon collarbone tattoo, make its tongue stick out to really go the extra mile. 

Go bold with a blooming lotus flower

As you've probably guessed, we love floral collarbone tattoos. Go dainty with a floral collarbone tattoo if you want, but you could also get a big, bold, blooming lotus flower on your collarbone. The bloom would stand out perfectly on its own, or you can decorate it with some leafy branches if you want. 

Choose symmetry with neat leaf branches

Nothing in nature is perfect, but that doesn't have to apply to your nature-inspired tattoo. For everyone who loves all things nice and neat, make your favorite nature symbology look perfect by getting a symmetrical leaf or floral collarbone tattoo. Get it on both collarbones or just one. 

Or go almost symmetrical with snakes

For those of you who don't care as much about perfect symmetry, go ahead and get almost identical tattoos on each collarbone. These symmetrical snakes look the same at first glance, but a closer look reveals they aren't as they seem. You could do this design with snakes, flowers, or even more abstract designs. 

Get a map of the world

Do you love to travel? Are you constantly jet-setting off to new locations and planning your next trip? If this sounds like you, go ahead and get a map of the world as your next collarbone tattoo! We love the fine-line design of the one above. Bonus points if you include a plane to make your wanderlust extra clear. 

Make it Daenerys-inspired

"Game of Thrones" fans, this one is for you. Did you have a spiritual awakening when Daenerys emerged from the fire with three freshly-hatched dragons in her wake? Encapsulate your love for Dany, or just the mythical creatures in general, by getting small dragons tattooed on your collarbone. The ones above are small and dainty, but you could get a big one as well. 

Get your favorite quote

If there's a quote from a book or movie that's been life-changing for you, you've probably already thought of getting it tattooed on you somewhere. Get the quote as a collarbone tattoo to keep it close to your heart. The style of the script is up to you, but for an extra special touch, why not get it in your own handwriting?

Go for barely-there fine lines

When you want a collarbone tattoo that's small, elegant, and ultra-easy to cover up with some makeup, a fine-line collarbone tattoo is the way to go. Your fine-line tattoo could be any design or script you want; the important thing here is that the lines are fine enough to be easily covered. 

Make it geometric

Do you want a collarbone tattoo that's a bit off-beat and not necessarily delicate, but not too obtrusive to look at? Opt for a geometric tattoo. The sharp angles give them a bit of edge when compared to more delicate tattoos, but they're not bold enough to be off-putting if you want something small. 

Get a colorful feather

Feathers are a great option for a delicate collarbone tattoo as they're super versatile and easy to customize to whatever style you're looking for. You could get a small, wispy feather tattoo in just black ink, or you can give it a bit of extra whimsy by adding some watercolor into the mix. 

Try meaningful Roman numerals

Do you want to memorialize a specific date? You could get regular decimals tattooed on your collarbone, but why not go a bit more abstract with a Roman numerals tattoo? This is a great option for sentimental memorial tattoos in particular, but you could use it to make a reminder for any date you'd like. 

Pick your Zodiac constellation

Are you a big fan of the zodiac who's looking to get a collarbone tattoo? Go ahead and get your zodiac constellation tattooed on your collarbone for a delicate nod to your specific sign. You could also get your sign's symbol tattooed on your collarbone if a constellation seems too intricate.

Try cute stenciled butterflies

Are you worried about your collarbone tattoo being too intricate? Whatever your desired design is, it doesn't have to be intricate at all — for a simpler option, get a stenciled design of whatever tattoo you want to get. The stenciled butterflies above are a great example of a simple, delicate collarbone tattoo. 

Or a cute little bat

Maybe you're a fan of everything nocturnal, and the dark and spooky speak to you on a deep level. Go ahead and embody your love for all things nighttime by getting a cute little bat tattooed on your collarbone. Surround it with the night sky or leave it on its own. 

Experiment with stick figures

For a small and simple yet meaningful collarbone tattoo, the above stick figures offer a great option. Get a design that represents you and a loved one, or multiple loved ones, if you want. You could symbolize your love with a heart or pick a symbol meaningful to the two of you to include. 

Draw the night sky

If nighttime is the most peaceful time for you, why not take it wherever you go by getting the night sky tattooed on your collarbone? To get the full effect, include stars, a moon, and some clouds. If you want something a bit more delicate, omit the clouds to emphasize the crescent moon.