Audrey Hepburn's Iconic Bangs Are Making A Truly 2023 Resurgence

Choppy, wispy bangs have been the effortless bang style most on-trend so far in 2023. While the movement was loosely inspired by Audrey Hepburn's iconic fringe when it started, this trend has now morphed into a full nod to the glamourous Hollywood starlet coined Hepburn bangs. The updated look is modeled after Hepburn's "Roman Holiday" era when she sported short bangs that were often slightly swept to one side or the other.

If your hair is of medium thickness or thinner and mostly straight, this is the look for you. Hepburn bangs can bring some edginess and visual interest to hair types that can otherwise lean toward limpness or flatness. Those with very thick, cowlicked, or especially oily hair, however, may wish to pass on this one for fairly obvious reasons. If you're looking for ways to add a modern twist to a classic Hepburn-inspired bang, we've got you covered. 

Classic Hepburn

A classic Audrey Hepburn bang should feature short-cut bangs that fall at or just slightly about the middle of the forehead and then sweep gently to one side. Modernized versions may focus on adding a bit of extra choppiness or more layers to create a slightly edgier look and feel. 

Center part

One trendy take on the Audrey Hepburn bang is to skip the side sweeping of the short bangs and add a tiny center part instead. If you just can't get over the idea that side parts are only for elder millennial moms, this may be the version for you. 

High contrast

If you're looking for a hairstyle that employs a high level of contrast, try pairing your short Audrey Hepburn bangs with long hair that is otherwise all one length. The lack of blending through layers creates a very obvious difference between the two lengths that really draws in the eye.

Micro bangs

For those who like to take a trend to its most extreme version, consider turning your Audrey Hepburn bangs into ultra-short micro bangs. Depending on the aesthetic you're going for, ask your stylist for a choppy, feathered finish, or keep the cut blunt for maximum impact. (Friendly tip: if you have a forehead insecurity, this may not be the cut for you.)

Short bangs, long layers

Short, slightly side-swept Audrey Hepburn bangs can be blended beautifully into a long layered shag haircut to create a modern style that maximizes the effects of both short and long hair aesthetics. A layered look also makes it much easier to incorporate your bangs as they grow out, once you decide to move on to your next chapter.