Oyster Nails: The Pearlescent Manicure Trend That Gives A Perfect Pop Of Shine

Just when you think you've seen all the possible nail trends, another one rises from the sea to inspire you. Gone are the days of glazed and hourglass nails because now is the time to give some credit to ocean life for our new nails. While there's no doubt that some of the previous nail trends have been more creative than logistical, the new nail trend is all about merging both. Oyster nails are the latest nail trend that's looking to add a pop of wonder to your nails but in a chic and modern way. Born out of the 3D and pearlescent nail trend, the oyster manicure is the best way to combine creativity with elegance. While oysters might not be your first thought when thinking of sophistication, these nails are anything but slimy. If you've always wanted to inject some 3D fun into your nails but never wanted to go too wild, oyster nails are the perfect trend for you.

While these nails are all about embracing the shine and pearlescent shade found on oysters, it's also about the texture. Typically texture and nail designs aren't combined for stylish nails. However, as we've seen recently, there's nothing typical about these nail trends. Embrace oysters as your new nail inspiration, and get ready to book your next nail appointment.

What are oyster nails?

Oyster nails are an elevated version of the pearlescent nail trend that previously took over social media. Instead of sticking with only the shiny color, add some 3D warped detail to your nail for an extra accent. Add another droplet of nail polish on top of your nail to create a warped detailing. Move it around with your nail polish to create a more alluring detail. Once it has dried as a 3D detail, cover it up with a top coat layer to ensure it stays in place and doesn't chip as easily. After it's dry, you'll have a shiny and texturized oyster-inspired manicure everyone will enjoy this season.

Soft oyster pop

Not every oyster nail needs to be this pearlescent shade. Since there are various tones in an oyster shell, you can also incorporate this variation into your nails. If you're looking for a softer shade, reach for a baby pink shade with some shimmer that will give you an elegant and sophisticated look. These lighter shades are perfect for those who want to maintain a leveled-up manicure but still want something modern and bold. Go through similar steps to achieve your oyster detail, and you'll be ready for any daytime event.

Statement oyster jellies

Just as you can create a softer version of the oyster nails, you can create an even bolder design. Instead of adding a shimmery base color, reach for your 3D details to add flair and glam to your look. Reach for metallic and gray circular or warped accents to add on top of your nails to get a similar oyster feeling. Although this nail design is bold, it's still a chic look that utilizes various trends. Metallics and 3D textures are other nail trends currently rising at salons everywhere. Combine these trends to create a unique and personalized look.

Shiny oyster nails

It's not all about the 3D details. While these popping additions are perfect if you want something out of the box, there's still a way to achieve this look that fits your routine. Since we know these 3D details require extra care, add a few shiny foils onto your base color for a simple oyster look that doesn't require further maintenance. The best part of oyster nails is that there are various parts to take inspiration from. Capture the shine and glam of an oyster shell with a beautiful pearl and shimmering nail design that'll exude soft elegance.

Subtle oyster manicure

An oyster shell is known for its shine and softness, which has to be on display. To get a subtle oyster manicure, be aware of the colors you are combining. Shades of light pink and white will always be a softer way of achieving this trend. However, grays are also a perfect hue to rock an oyster-inspired design. If you want a subtle design, match the 3D detail with your base color for a cohesive nail design. By blending in the colors, you'll be able to hide enough of the 3D accent for it to appear subtle, but it will still stand out to those who look closely.

Colorful oyster nails

Sometimes a trend needs an extra splash of color to shine. Give your oyster nails a pop of blues and greens to capture the feeling of an oyster in the sea. Mix these colors with metallic and white accents to get your warped oyster detailing on top. Don't forget to add shine to your nails to get the shimmer that embodies an oyster. Incorporate as many shades as possible in your oyster nails to get the most authentic take on this trend.