Micro Hearts Are The Easy Tattoo Trend That's Showing Up Everywhere

Whether you've been thinking about getting the kind of tattoo that indulges your romantic side or are intrigued by the idea of getting a piece that's uplifting and adorable, a micro heart may be the right choice for you. Syd Smith, a tattoo artist and the founder of Blxck Rose Ink, spoke to PopSugar about the popularity of lovey-dovey tattoo trends, saying, "I've personally been doing so many of them lately and I have seen so many other artists beginning to do the same."

If this has piqued your interest, then you should keep in mind that there is a wide range of spots on your body that can suit this particular kind of art. For instance, anyone who needs to keep the permanent ink hidden from potential employers or disapproving (yet surely well-meaning) grandparents can pop the tattoo on a shoulder which can be covered with a sleeve. You could also opt for the design in the form of a neck tattoo, which won't be seen if you have long hair and wear it down. On the flip side, both your hands and your arms are ideal locations if you want something eye-catching that can easily be shown off.

Of course, those are just a few ideas. On top of that, although a teeny tiny heart may sound rather simple, there are actually plenty of placements and designs that can make your new ink truly special and fabulously stylish.

Minimalistic line micro heart tattoo

Line art is undeniably popular. The same can be said for minimalistic tattoos. That's why you might want to embrace the two trends with the help of a micro heart tattoo that uses both to achieve a sweet design. A lovely choice for a delicate spot like the wrist, you could opt for the inside of your arm, the top, or even the side. If you're new to body art, then this might be a great option thanks to the fact that it will only take a minute or two to complete.

Super-mini micro heart tattoo

Another reasonable choice for a newbie is a super-mini micro heart tattoo. Taking as little time to finish as a line design, this will end up looking like a cute freckle if you have it done somewhere like your finger. Although it's traditional to get a heart tattoo between your knuckles, you should certainly consider an itty-bitty bit of ink right by your fingernail. If you want something more noticeable and are bold enough for a face tattoo, then this size of heart tattoo could end up looking like a dramatic Marilyn Monroe-like beauty mark.

Matching micro heart tattoos

When you think of matching tattoos, you might imagine one that you get with someone special who has the same design. While that's a sweet gesture, you can also get matching tattoos all on your own. Take a peek at these micro heart tattoos that have been inked on the same spot on each finger and are also around the same size. Beyond that, the pair share a pretty shade of purple. Of course, there are plenty of other colors in the rainbow that are just as worthy of your next tattoo.

Red micro heart tattoo

Place your micro tattoo near your actual heart by having it inked on your collarbone. While placing it on your chest might be even closer to the internal organ, it will be easier for others to spot the body art by having it a little higher. Add another minor yet visually striking touch by opting for red ink. To make this option even more enticing, the tiny heart is the same color as the tattoo on the ribcage that says "amor" which translates to "love" in Spanish and Portuguese.

Contrasting micro heart tattoos

If you agree that it's twice as nice to have two of something you adore or you have a duo of special people in your life to commemorate, then you may want a pair of micro heart tattoos. Beyond that, you can choose to opt for contrasting ink. Simple have one shape that's fully filled in and another that's been left empty to rely on the lines. Pretty much any placement would work for this body art, yet having them done diagonally somewhere like your shoulder is simply stunning.

3D micro heart tattoo

Just because a tattoo is small doesn't mean it can't boast a seriously impactful and stylish design. For instance, you might find yourself mesmerized by this 3D micro heart tattoo. Or rather, one that looks three-dimensional. Using just the right shading to create the shape as well as the illusion of depth, you may find your friends wanting to rub their fingers over this seemingly raised body art. Although you might find this to be an irresistible choice, you need to be sure that the artist you work with has experience with this kind of effect.