How To Wear Red And Yellow Together Without Looking Like Winnie The Pooh

Thanks to ultra-specific yet upbeat aesthetics like TikTok's clowncore trend and fun-loving dopamine dressing, style enthusiasts can't wear enough bright colors. We've seen significantly more neon in 2023 than in prior years, as people have been less nervous about expressing themselves and wearing colors that make them feel happy and lively. Colorblocking is exciting, too, as the contrasty style trend provides another excuse for people to wear loud, vivid garments.

Daring red is the spring 2023 trend fashionistas can't wait to experiment with, as they're already pairing red clothes with various other pieces from their wardrobes. One seemingly random color combination that can look bold and super cute is red and yellow. These two hues look good together, as they're both in the warm color range, and you make orange when you mix them. Before you say, "Oh, bother," as you start thinking about Winnie the Pooh's red cropped short-sleeve top, we promise you can rock red and yellow without looking like that beloved character.

Wear a yellow top with a red jacket

If you aren't sure about wearing red and yellow from head to toe, you should start by wearing a yellow top under a red jacket. To draw attention to the top half of your body, wear neutral gray pants or jeans so the main focus will be on your top and outerwear. And for a more cohesive, balanced look, add some red or yellow accessories, such as a purse and heels.

Wear a red dress with a pop of yellow

Everyone loves bold red dresses for stylish ensembles. Make your red dress stand out with a splash of yellow for a trendy twist on a classic look. People often incorporate pops of red to add more pizazz to their monochromatic outfits, so try doing so with yellow for an unexpected, cheerful detail.

Rock a tie-dye look featuring red and yellow

Try easing into wearing yellow and red together by flaunting tie-dye pieces. Many tie-dye garments feature splashes of yellow and red, along with various other colors from the rainbow, presenting a free-spirited, bold look. Whether you wear one tie-dye accessory or a wild tie-dye dress, the tie-dye designs are fun to explore.

Wear a yellow top with red pants

Why not rock a reverse Winnie the Pooh look by pairing a yellow top with red trousers, jeans, or leggings? The bright yellow top will complement the vibrant red pants for a lively look, perfect for spring and summer weather. And since you'll be wearing such loud colors, you won't need to worry about additional accessories unless you want to add more dimension to the ensemble.

Go for maximalism

If you're into maximalist fashion, now's your chance to pull out all the stops for a wild, contrasty look. When you're going for maximalism, you don't have to stop at yellow and red; consider introducing more hues to the outfit, such as blue and green, for intense contrast. And don't be afraid to play with patterns, such as polka dots, stripes, and plaid!

Explore red and yellow makeup

The red and yellow combination isn't just for clothes — the hues work together beautifully for makeup. For instance, no one can resist a classic red lip. Once you have your red lip, use yellow eyeshadow to brighten your look, or add red and yellow eyeshadow for a beautiful blended design.

Try a red and yellow manicure

A red and yellow manicure will never be boring, so go out and buy some red and yellow nail polish if you want an exciting, eye-catching mani. There are many options regarding this colorful manicure idea, so experiment with various looks. Painting your nails red on one hand and yellow on the other will provide fun contrast, and taking it further with fruit-inspired designs will make your nails look good enough to eat.