The Viral Perfume Hack That Will Keep Your Signature Scent Lasting All Day Long

Reports indicate that around 41% of American women apply perfume every day of the week, and according to FashionDiscounts, some individuals even apply it multiple times a day. If you're an avid perfume wearer yourself, you may regularly apply perfume throughout the day to top up your signature scent. But what if you could make your favorite scent last even longer without spending a fortune on higher-end perfumes? While it may seem like a fantasy, it could actually be a reality if you deploy the right techniques.


As it turns out, a new viral TikTok trend promises to achieve just that. Using your hairbrush and favorite perfume, your scent can go the extra mile with this magical trick. Below, we'll break down the trend and how to achieve it yourself. Not only is it super easy, but you likely already have everything you need right in your own home. Let's take a look at what it's all about.

Use your hairbrush and some perfume oil

TikTok user @theperfumegeek perfected a perfume hack that is incredibly easy and can help your perfume to last all day long. All you need is your hairbrush and your favorite perfume oil, and you're ready to go.


For this hack, simply take your hairbrush and apply your desired perfume oil onto the brush. You can use as much as you like, but you should aim for it to cover as much surface area as possible on your brush. Next, run your hairbrush through your locks. This will help to spread the scent evenly throughout each strand of hair and, as a result, may help your perfume last longer. You can re-apply the perfume as you feel necessary. As well as your hairbrush, applying unscented moisturizer onto your skin before spritzing your perfume may also help it to last longer. You could even combine the two tricks to keep yourself smelling luscious all day long.

Use perfume oils instead of perfume

While it's easy to forget, you should always opt for perfume oils over spray perfumes for this specific hack, as the alcohol found in spray perfumes can negatively impact the health of your hair. If you have to use a traditional spray, then you should try using it sparingly, and instead try to use products that are specially formulated with your hair in mind. This will help to minimize the risk of any damage to your hair. Of course, you can use any product you purchase on your hairbrush, as shown via the TikTok hack. If you use it in your hairbrush, you should be able to add a subtle hint of your favorite scent every time you brush your hair.


If you have curly hair but still want to reap the benefits of your scent lasting longer, you can try applying your perfume directly onto your hair. This will help you to avoid the much-dreaded frizz that often comes with brushing your mane. However, you should avoid spraying perfumes that contain alcohol if you want to do this. Now that you know this nifty TikTok trick, your favorite scents should last considerably longer.