Balletcore Has Officially Come For Your Manicures

Have you noticed more and more people expressing interest in ballet? We see it, too. From friends texting us to ask if we want to buy tickets to a ballet performance instead of a concert to countless people posting pictures of themselves at the ballet, society is becoming increasingly intrigued by this graceful dance. This spark in interest in everything ballerina-related isn't as random as you'd think. Ballet-inspired looks are everywhere in fashion and beauty trends in 2023. So what's the balletcore aesthetic?

"Think a silk slip skirt paired with a bodysuit, a bustier-cut tulle dress over a thin, knit sweater, or a lace wrap-top worn with your favorite trousers. Play with heavily feminine fabrications and soft colors, mixed with must-have ballerina black, and add in classic details like simple flats, thin headbands, and sheer tights," Jordan Stolch, a personal styling advisor for MiKADO Personal Styling, tells InStyle. Not only are people working these ballet-inspired details into their daily outfits, but trend enthusiasts have also been embracing sleek ballerina buns. You didn't think this ultra-girly trend wouldn't affect how people paint their nails, too, did you?

Take inspiration from ballet slippers

Ballet slippers are famous for their lace-up style design. A fun way to incorporate a ballet-inspired detail into your manicure is to add some dainty criss-cross and lace-up designs, like what you see on beautiful ballet slippers. Just make sure to use a thin brush when painting the design if you decide to do it yourself.

You can't go wrong with pink

When in doubt, go pink. While pink isn't mandatory for balletcore looks, the girly hue is perfect for capturing and presenting the hyper-feminine vibe balletcore typically aims to exude. Thus, 2023 is the ideal time to stock up on various pink nail polishes.

Flaunt a French manicure

What do classic French manicures and ballet performances have in common? They're both classy, elegant, and graceful. While there are countless updated variations of French manicures in 2023, consider opting for a more traditional French mani, as the subtle yet precise elegance of the classic design matches that of a ballerina.

It's okay to keep it simple

Again, balletcore looks should be graceful and classy — not tacky or over-the-top. There's nothing wrong with keeping it chic and simple, as going too above and beyond can lose the graceful charm that ballet is about. A timeless white manicure will give off classy energy, but too many colors and designs at once appear overwhelming and chaotic.

Break out the nail decals and stickers

While you shouldn't go overboard, some embellishments can elevate a manicure from basic to a beautiful ballet-inspired dream. Nail stickers and decals can add lovely art to your manicure, allowing you to create cute looks without having to go to a salon. For instance, adding some dainty white nail decals to a pink manicure can capture the girly, delicate balletcore energy to perfection.

Explore a darker spin on balletcore

Although pink and white are probably the first colors that pop into your head when you think of balletcore, you don't have to go the light route if you prefer darker manicures. A darker spin on balletcore can be intriguing, unique, and stunning. After all, the ballerina life isn't always light and sweet. Just think of the infamous "Black Swan" movie. To explore darker balletcore nail art, decorate your nails with delicate designs in black or other dark nail polish colors.

Go super glossy

Last but not least, glossy looks are perfect for balletcore manicures. Glassy nails are elegant, cute, and ultra-feminine all at once, making them perfectly in line with the ballerina aesthetic. Whether you only wear clear nail polish for a minimalistic yet captivating look or add a coat of gloss to a design, glossy nails are beautiful.