Our Best Tips For Finding Glasses That Fit With Your Eyebrow Shape

Your glasses might sit beneath your eyebrows but they should work together to create harmony on your face. Glasses come in all shapes and sizes and so do eyebrows, so making the two complement each other can be tricky but it's certainly not impossible. We're here to break it down for you.


With so many options available, from cat-eye glasses and aviators to browline glasses and round, square, and oval-shaped, choosing the right pair for you can be overwhelming. And if you wonder why trendy cat-eye glasses just aren't doing it for you or why a pair of aviator glasses à la Tom Cruise in "Top Gun" isn't really making you look cool, it might just be because of the shape of your eyebrows.

The simple identification of the shape of your eyebrows, knowing whether they fall under the 'thin' or 'thick' category, and finally learning how to wear your glasses the proper way, can make all the difference.

Know the shape of your eyebrows

When it comes to the important task of selecting the frame shape for your glasses, the shape of your eyebrows is the first thing to look at. The top rim of your glasses should generally match the shape of your eyebrows. For example, those with flat, straight eyebrows should choose more rectangular or narrow shapes, and cat-eye frames will be better suited for those with raised or arched brows. If your brows are well-balanced on your face and slightly rounded, you're in luck because your eyebrows are compatible with a range of different frames. Try round and oval shapes first and then experiment with other options.


When your eyebrows and glasses are in perfect or almost-perfect alignment, your glasses look the most natural on your face. This will allow your features to be showcased in the best light possible and avoid the glasses from overpowering your look.

Thick or thin? Take your eyebrows' fullness into consideration

The best eyebrow shape for your face shape may be thick and luscious or thin and sleek, and believe it or not, determining that is something you must do before selecting the perfect eyeglasses frame shape. 


Full, thick, and bushy eyebrows are all the rage right now, so if you love your prominent and abundant brows, don't let a thick-framed pair of glasses overshadow them. Go for thin-framed eyeglasses that enhance the plentiful quality of your eyebrows. Plus, avoiding thick glasses will give your face a more balanced look that doesn't look overdone and exaggerated.

Thin eyebrows look sleek and clean, and they offer a sharper look for your expressions, but if you add thin-framed glasses to the mix, the sharp-clean look will be lost. So, to balance out the thin-thick ratio, choose a pair of thick-framed glasses to complement your thin brows.

The best way to wear eyeglasses and still show off your eyebrows

Your eyebrows don't have to be compromised if you are someone who wears glasses; you can have great brows and a great pair of glasses if you know the right pair to buy and how to wear them.

The placement of your glasses on your face is important for both your eyebrows and your overall look. Since we spend a lot of time and money shaping and perfecting our eyebrows, making sure they are in view and ready for admiration is an unwritten rule of vanity. So, to make sure your eyeglasses are not blocking the view of your eyebrows, keep in mind that at least half of your brows should sit above the glasses' top rim.


We all have that itch to be trendy, so if you find yourself bending the "do not cover your eyebrows" rule for the sake of a stylish pair of cat-eye or butterfly frames, you're still good to go. Those frames that slightly curve upwards only cover the ends of your brows, but as long as they don't cover the entirety of your eyebrows, you're golden.