Digital Lavender Nails Are The Manicure Trend That Proves Pastels Are Ultra-Wearable

From lilac eyeshadows to baby blue outfit pieces, pastel colors are everywhere. In this emergence of pastel colors is the soft and airy shade of lavender. While lavender might not be the most saturated hue to reach for at the store, it's the one catching the most momentum. From Taylor Swift songs to one of the colors widely used for spring/summer collections, there's no slowing down the lavender craze.

While the name differs, digital lavender is still part of the lavender family. Digital lavender is simply a cooler-toned lavender that has more tints of blue in it. Like other shades, there are light and darker hues of digital lavender that can perfectly fit into your color palette.

This variation gives us more opportunities to use lavender in various forms. Not only is digital lavender a fashion statement, but it's the current nail color of choice. While not everyone is fond of pastel nails, digital lavender is here to create a chic and fun manicure.

Barely there digital lavender

There's no denying that digital lavender is a must-have for the warmer months. This soft and airy color will highlight any of your summer linens, making it the perfect accent color. Opt for a barely there digital lavender hue that will give your nails just a hint of color. Not only will this make your nails appear fresh, but it will combine with almost all of your looks. These simple nails can be finished off with a glossy top coat to give you that extra sparkle.

Chrome digital lavender nails

Chrome is one of the biggest nail trends going on at the moment. While variations of chrome exist, there's no hiding the fact that everyone loves the metallic shine and finish of chrome nail polish. Add digital lavender to your chrome manicures to get a seamless transition through the seasons. Not only will this help keep your nails ready for any season, but it still gives you the unique chrome finish that everyone is loving.

Digital lavender French tips

You can't go wrong with a good French manicure. This timeless design comes back to the trends list year after year due to its simplicity and elegance. Not only is a French manicure flexible for the season, but it can adapt to any color or finish you want to add to it. This flexibility makes it the perfect nail design to match the digital lavender hue. This subtle and cool-toned shade will give your nails a small pop of color, but still remains classic.

Mismatched digital lavender nails

This year's nail trends have one thing in common, and that is that they are all based on creativity and fun. Bring some fun to this new shade by going with a set of mismatched nails. Instead of going with the same design on all 10 nails, give each its personality by choosing different designs. If more than one design is catching your eye, use this as a chance to show off all of your favorites. From chrome to French manicures, there are plenty of options that would look chic when paired together.

Ombré nails in digital lavender

While ombré nails aren't currently trending as much as they were some time ago, this is still a chic and fun way of showcasing some of your favorite colors. Since digital lavender can have lighter and darker hues, it's very easy to create your ombré effect with this one color. You can even opt to do a nude to a lighter digital lavender transition, considering that the lightest shade of this color is close to barely there.

Digital lavender marble nails

Marble nails are far and few nowadays, making it the perfect nail design to stand out against the crowd. While many are opting to play with glossy or high-shine nails, a chic marble design will give you something slightly out of the ordinary. Since digital lavender is soft, there's no need to worry about this design overwhelming your nails. Paired with white marks, this marble look will be the perfect way of creating something interesting but wearable.

Digital lavender nails with glitter

Glitter is everywhere at the moment. Not only is it a fun texture to play with, but it can give your look some extra glam and shimmer. Glitter nails are nothing new, but adding them with a unique color like digital lavender is the best way to make them customized. 

Digital lavender and line art

Line art is a nail feature that was recently one of the must-haves for manicures. The variations of lines and thickness made it an easy design to create and make your own. Matching this with a color like digital lavender makes it the perfect base for any design you want to create. Since with line art, there are no rules, this gives you the opportunity to create something no one else will have. Also, digital lavender styles well with most colors, making it perfect for some beautiful color combinations.

Digital lavender nails

Sometimes the best nail designs are those that focus on the color itself. Since digital lavender is such a creative and new color to the nail world, it can be something to try on its own. Dive deep into this trend by rocking digital lavender in its full glory.