What's An Eye Gloss And How Do You Apply It?

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Summer 2023 is quickly approaching and so is all the hot, sticky, sweaty weather that accompanies it. For makeup wearers, this means that the time to perfect your trendy wet makeup or "no-makeup" makeup look has arrived. This year, we're seeing the reemergence of a subtle 2010s trend that perfectly aligns with the natural, glowing, dewy nature of summer. We're talking, of course, about the humble look of glossy eyelids.


Some people are blessed with eyelids that are naturally hydrated and glossy. For the rest of us, there's eye gloss. As you would expect, eye gloss is a very similar product to lip gloss, but designed for your eyelids. Eye gloss comes in liquid, cream, and stick formats. You can also opt for a clear formula or a tinted one. Here's how to apply an eye gloss and how it can contribute to a dewy, hot summer glazed donut makeup look. 

How to apply eye gloss

If you're dying to try the supple glossy lid look, you're in luck because it's one of the easiest trends to execute. First, choose the right gloss for you. For a more subtle sheen, try a stick or pot cream formula in a nude tinted shade. If you're looking for more impact, select a clear liquid gloss like 3ina Makeup's The Eye Gloss. Next, decide if you want to add your gloss on top of a shadow or on your bare lid.


When you're ready to apply your new look, prepare your skin as you normally would. If you're adding your gloss to an eyeshadow, opt for a simple matte or subtly shimmery shade. Then, use your stick, finger, or doe foot applicator to dab a small line of gloss down the center of your lid. Use your fingertip to gently thin and diffuse the gloss by patting it to blur the edges. Keep it controlled, so you won't have to worry about excess gloss migrating around your face throughout the day. 

The effects of eye gloss

Swapping out your typical matte powder eyeshadows with a liquid or cream eye gloss can provide a more youthful, healthy, hydrated, and glowing quality to your face's overall appearance. It is often said that the eyes are the windows to the soul, so changing their dressings can have a major effect on your aesthetic. Adding a shiny, light-reflecting gloss to the center of your upper lids can also create the illusion of a more sculpted, lifted face by automatically drawing the eyes of onlookers in an upward direction.


If you're ready to rock a more dewy, glowy, youthful goddess vibe this summer, give applying an eye gloss a try. Whether you're looking to elevate your favorite simply summer eyeshadow look or create a brand new "no-makeup" makeup look, you'll never know whether or not it's the right trend for you until you go ahead and give it a try for yourself.