The Serious Reason You May Want To Dye Your Hair Dark This Summer

For as long as we can remember, most people typically lighten their hair for the summer. We understand why many hair enthusiasts do so, as something about blond locks in the summer sun makes sense. Whether you go blond in the summertime because you're still inspired by the iconic Pamela Anderson in "Baywatch," or you just feel more upbeat with light locks that match the season's bright sunshine, blond hair screams "summertime." Some people who don't want to commit to all blond hair opt for highlights instead, and Sun-In is gripping a new generation looking for sun-kissed highlights. So, in theory, light hair is perfect for summer. But unfortunately, going lighter isn't healthy for people who spend a lot of time in the sun.


During any season, bleaching your hair can be damaging. But light tresses can be most dangerous under the summer sun, so you might want to think twice before booking a hair appointment to dye your hair blond or buying some Sun-In.

Darker hair can protect you from the summer sun

Of course, blond and highlighted hair looks great in the summer, but dark hair can be beautiful during any season, too. And, looks aside, brown or black hair can provide more protection from the potentially dangerous sun. Yes, sunscreen will help, but your hair color can also prevent the sun from doing too much damage. "Hair does protect the scalp substantially, especially if you have dark, thick hair ... People with very light blond hair have less protection. They tend to have fewer and thinner hair strands, and that allows more of the sun to get through. In general, thick, dark hair is going to be more protective," Dr. William Jackson Epperson, a family medicine physician specializing in skin lesions and skin cancer, told MyCarolinaLife. Therefore, dying your hair darker rather than lighter this summer might keep you safer when you spend time under the sun at the beach or pool.


Moreover, we know it's exciting to explore shorter hair lengths during the summer. The heat and humidity will likely tempt you to chop your long tresses into a chic pixie cut or a sleek bob, but it's safer to stick with longer lengths for the sake of letting your hair protect your skin from the sun. We're not saying that everyone with short blond hair will be in danger in the summer, but they won't have as much protection from the sun as people with long, dark locks.

Dark hair is trendy

Another reason to go darker this summer is that darker hair hues are trendy in 2023. In the past, blond hair was what everyone wanted, and not just because of Pamela Anderson in "Baywatch." It was a long-lived stereotype that women with blond hair get more attention than women with dark hair, as demonstrated, for example, by Serena and Blair in "Gossip Girl." However, the tables are turning in 2023, even in the summer. "Everybody was pretty bleached out and ashy blond last year after Kim Kardashian went platinum, and now they're trying to calm that down a little bit ... This summer, we will see rich tones, even if they're blonde," Cody Renegar, a celebrity hairstylist, told Bustle. Thus, the summer of 2023 is more about embracing darker, richer hues than light blond shades.


Warm brown tones are set to be a major summer 2023 hair trend, so by darkening your light hair, you'll be trendy and safe from the sun. Or, if you already have brown hair, consider going darker by exploring the trendy dark leather hair color. Or, why not dye your tresses black for a dauntlessly sleek appearance that also will protect you from the sun?