20 Claw Clip Looks You'll Want To Copy For All Your Up-Dos

Claw clips are nothing new, but the newest generation of teens and young adults putting them to use have discovered a multitude of modern styles to implement them into. From gorgeous messy buns to easy no-hairspray-needed volumized ponytails, there are several ways that you can use a claw clip without getting your inspiration from the '90s (unless that's something you're into). Not only have the styles been updated, but the clips themselves look better too. Most trendy stores have an array of adorable claw clips in every size, color, and pattern imaginable.

The extremely popular updos created by claw clips are not only cute but also good for your tresses. Ponytails and other tight hairstyles can lead to strain and breakage of your strands, leading to traction alopecia or hair thinning. One of the unexpected benefits of claw clips is that they allow your hair to be pulled out of your face without any added tension so that you can feel comfortable all day. Check out our collection of the best claw clip looks to switch up the classic style the next time you are in the mood for a cute updo.

Classic twisted updo

If you're even a little familiar with claw clips, you've probably seen the classic twisted updo that many have mastered. This is considered one of the easiest ways to use a claw clip. The style is secure, fully up, and fashionable. To do it yourself, simply gather all of your hair at the middle-back of your head and twist it until the length of your hair is wound together. Then, hold the twist upward, fold any length down onto itself, open the claw, and clip it over the hair.

Claw clip pony

Claw clip ponytails are super cute and among the easiest styles to do with a claw clip. This style is also extremely popular with Gen Z and other stylish people who can create the look in seconds with how much practice they've gotten. Like with the classic twisted updo, you pull your hair to the back and twist, but instead of folding the hair down into the clip, leave the ends out to complete the ponytail.

Claw clip bun

The claw clip bun is a variation of the twisted updo that leaves a fluff of the middle section at the top to look like a bun. You make the same motions as you typically would while creating a classic claw clip style, but instead of folding the length completely onto itself, you hold the middle of the twist higher upward. As you clip the ends and the base of your twist into your claw clip, pull up on the middle section to create your bun.

Half-up half-down bun

A half-up half-down bun is a simple hairstyle, especially if you already know how to do the full-up bun. Half-up half-down styles are great for keeping your hair out of your eyes while still showing off the length of your strands. To do it, just section your hair off in the middle and use the top section to create the bun described above.

Pull-through updo

Some claw clip styles work better on longer hair, while others look great on shorter hair. For those with layers, there is a preferred style for you too. TikTok user @mariaaiellohair posted a TikTok video depicting the style. She starts by putting all her hair in a loose low ponytail and threads the middle of the pony through a loop she created at the nape of her neck. Without pulling her pony all the way through the loop, she grabs the folded middle and secures it to her scalp with a claw clip. The final result is an intricate-looking hairstyle that took less than 30 seconds to complete.

Half-up half-down loose pony

Unless your hair is very thick, you'll want to use a smaller claw clip for this style. The half-up half-down pony is an easy-to-accomplish look that is perfect for a day on the beach or a quick trip out of the house. To create it, just pull your front strands to the back and clip them in place, making a small ponytail that lays flat with the rest of your tresses.

Uniquely-shaped claw clip

If you don't have the patience to get creative with different claw clip hairstyles, a unique clip can give you all the pizazz you are looking for. Reach for a fun sunflower-shaped claw clip like the photo above or any other unique shape you can get your hands on. There are countless fun claw clips available online, such as the Emi Jay Midi Super Bloom Clip and the Velocity Large Plush Hair Claw Clips.

Twisted top bun with a claw clip

The classic claw clip bun isn't the only way to create a bun with a hair clip. In her TikTok video, social media influencer Kenna McClellan shows how she does a top bun with her claw clip by first putting her hair in a high ponytail. Then, she does a rope braid down the length of her hair, twists it into a bun, and secures it from the bottom with a claw clip.

Volumized split pony

The volumized split pony hairstyle using a claw clip has become extremely popular with the younger generation — and surprisingly, it's not hard to learn. TikToker @sophiebarkleyy posted a TikTok video showing how to achieve it. She starts by doing a regular ponytail at the back of her head. Then, she splits the pony in two horizontally. While holding the top section upward, she applies the claw clip over the top of the hair tie and fluffs the hair to cover it, resulting in a gorgeous volumized ponytail.

Easy braided updo

In another tutorial by Kenna McClellan on TikTok, she shows off a new take on the classic updo by first braiding the length of her hair before putting it up in a claw clip. Once her hair is in a simple braid, she fluffs it by pulling at each of the overlaps. Then, with the clip in hand, she wraps the tail of the braid around her claw clip and secures it so the braid is even more visible.

Half-up double buns

This claw clip hairstyle is likely one of the most creative on this list. At first glance, it doesn't even look like claw clips are involved! You'll need two medium-sized clips similar to your hair's color to do it. Lale Temori shows in a TikTok video how she creates the buns by pulling back one section on the side of her part line and wrapping her hair around the front of the claw clip before securing it. She fans out the bun and keeps it in place with a bobby pin. Then she repeats it on the other side to complete the Minnie Mouse-inspired look.

Low braided bun with a claw clip

Unlike the previous braided claw clip style, this one turns the style on its head by using the ends for added oomph. Influencer Kennedy Powers shares the creation of this style in a TikTok video by putting her hair into a ponytail on the back of her head and braiding the length. After this, she wraps her bun in a circular motion and keeps the ends of the braid above her bun. Finally, she secures it to her head with a claw clip and pulls on the ends to position them as she likes.

Claw clip updo with mini twists

If you love to rock chic braided hairstyles every day, you may find securing all of the hair in a claw clip difficult. Often, the clips aren't big enough to handle the volume. However, with the help of sturdy jumbo clips, creating a classic twisted bun is easy. For a pretty touch, leave out some front pieces to frame your face. The existing mini twists add a new look to the common hairstyle. 

Slicked-back style

On the opposite side of the spectrum from face-framing updos, slicked-back hairstyles also work well with claw clips. This sort of hairstyle is very fashionable while also being appropriate for certain work settings where the hair has to be put back for safety reasons. You can slick back your hair in your preferred method. Hairspray, mousse, gel, and even water can help tame flyaways. Then, you can choose almost any of the previous or upcoming styles to keep your hair secured at the back of your head.

Wrapped twist

A wrapped twist is essentially the love child between the classic twisted updo and the easy braided updo. Nearly all of the steps are the same, except you skip braiding your hair. The wrapping motion necessary to create the wrapped twist can be a bit challenging, but the movement is much like the braided updo that we've already mastered. Wrap the hair around the front of the claw clip and secure the ends by tucking them into it as well.

Face-framing updo

If it's not second nature to you already, pulling face-framing pieces out of your claw clip updos can really elevate your look. Most of us have shorter pieces around our faces, normally from a haircut (but sometimes from heat damage). By pulling out the shorter pieces, you can soften your appearance with some face-framing strands. The goal is to make it look natural. While holding your hair back with one hand, you can usually shake the front pieces out to get the right amount of hair.

Messy bun with a claw clip

A messy bun with a claw clip is one of those lazy girl hairstyles that take virtually zero effort. Plus, it's about as easy as doing a regular messy bun. You're either great at it, or you're not. Though there are a few techniques, one that seems to work well begins with putting your hair in a high ponytail. Hold your claw clip in front of the pony and wrap the length around the clip. With the hair still inside, flip it teeth-side-down and clip it to your scalp. Make sure to pull out some pieces to complete the "messy" look. 

Sleek low pony

If you aren't a fan of the volumized ponytails we've described before, consider trying an understated low pony with a claw clip. Unlike a normal low ponytail that's tied off with a hair tie, this one uses the clip to add volume and accessorizes your strands. Choose an area between the middle of your head and the nape of your neck to position the clip, then control how much volume you want. Depending on the look of the clip you choose, you can also decide if you want some sparkly glam or a neutral hairstyle.

Detail braids with claw clip

If there is anything we've learned about hair over the years, it's that any hairdo can be elevated with one or more simple braids. Claw clip hairstyles are not an exception to the rule. With a couple of added braids pulled back from your temples, a normal claw clip hairstyle can be turned into something special. They add great texture and allow it to look like you put a lot more work into this basic style.

Flip the clip

Nearly all of the claw clip looks we've seen so far use the clip to hold the hair vertically. It's normally done this way to add volume near the top of your head and keep the weight of your hair somewhat tight against your head. Still, don't be afraid to try all kinds of angles with your clip. Many of the styles on this list were found by playing around with the same hair tool. Simply flipping the claw clip can create a new and flattering hairstyle.