Tuxedo Nails Are The Sleek & Chic Way To Pull Off A Black And White Mani

Tuxedos aren't just classic formalwear worn by men for special events. Tuxedos can also appear on your nails, thanks to the newest nail trend to rock the red carpets. Tuxedos are known for their black and white color scheme and connotate classiness and elegance so the theme can bring this same essence to your nails. Although you don't need to get a tuxedo suit designed on your nails (although that's an option), tuxedo nails can elevate your manicure for a modern, elegant look. Black and white are a perfect mix if you're looking for a sophisticated manicure.  

Depending on the person, tuxedos can contain an extra flair to match the personal style of the wearer. Small aspects can appear on these clothing pieces like flowers, brooches, embellishments, or more. Just like many opt for these unique tuxedos ensembles, you can also add a personal touch to your nails. This nail trend is more than just using two colors at once, it's all about putting your own spin on them to create a chic, personalized design.

Authentic tuxedo nails

Although you don't need a tuxedo design to get the tuxedo nails trend, it's definitely one way you can rock this trend. Add black nail polish with white dots on top for a sophisticated and chic nail design. This nail design can be as literal or customized as you want. Mix up the colors around for inverse pairings that will create another visual interest. Once you've got your nails suited up, they'll be ready to hit the next red carpet.

Subtle tuxedo nails

Like any trend, tuxedo nails can be as subtle as you want. Rock a low-key variation of this trend by opting for one base color. Add lines or blocks in the other color for a geometric interpretation of this nail trend. The purpose of tuxedo nails is to invoke the elegance and timelessness of a tuxedo. With a subtle interpretation, you'll be sure to get that silent luxury look that's currently making waves on social media. Don't overthink your tuxedo nails and instead reach for a simple and easy design.

Fun tuxedo nails

There's no reason why you can inject some of your personality into your nails. While there are plenty of wild and fun nail trends that are currently turning heads, the tuxedo nails are an easy way to mix style and excitement into one. Create a mismatched manicure pattern with various lines and prints in black and white to make a unique lineup of nails. Although having the same pattern across all your nails is more elegant, there's nothing that says fun can't be tasteful. Keep the color to only white and black to keep the ode to the tuxedo alive among your nails.

French-ish tuxedo nails

Although tuxedo nails are a classic trend, there's nothing more timeless than a French manicure. If there's one nail design that will never go out of style it is the French tip. Incorporate this iconic design into your tuxedo nails by playing with the placement of your designs. Start by creating the classic white French top, then follow through with a splash of black design. Whether it's a geometric shape or line art, this updated French manicure style is bound to turn heads. Mix old and new with a twist on the lasting French manicure

Geometric tuxedo nails

While there are plenty of ways to incorporate geometric figures into your nails, going for a contemporary interpretation of tuxedo nails will ensure your nails match any event. Curves, lines, and circles are some of the ways you can create a modern work of art with your black-and-white manicures. Play with these lines and shapes to get a creative but simple design that will be as timeless as art itself. You don't need to create anything bold, simplicity is what contemporary works of art are known for.

Statement tuxedo nails

If coming up with five unique black-and-white designs is too much, leave your tuxedo nails as your statement nails. Instead of incorporating this trend into all five nails, leave it to only one or two nails. Paint the rest of your nails in black or white to create a cohesive look. Having only one or two statement nails per hand will make for a quicker manicure time and less work. Focus all of your creativity on creating a stand-out tuxedo nail design that will pop against your black or white nails.

Glam tuxedo nails

Nothing says elegance and glam more than adding bling to your style. Incorporating items like diamonds and gems is some of the easiest ways to add a touch of regalness to your look, plus it adds a bit of shine to your nails. A few rhinestones are still subtle but fun enough to create a new variation of the latest nail trend. You can never go wrong with a few sparkles.

Matte tuxedo nails

For a long time, shiny and glossy nails have become the staple trend in the nail industry. Although they're still a go-to, matte nails also hold some extra elegance. Unlike shiny nails, matte nails can easily create a statement with the same colors. Black or white, matte nails are unexpected and are exceptionally bold as you can see the matte effect in more detail. Don't miss out on the opportunity to turn the tuxedo nails into the revival of the matte nail.