How To Bring The Chrome Trend To Your Warm-Weather Makeup Looks

Warm weather is all about having fun with different makeup looks, and this season's chrome trend is one you're going to want to try. Shiny metallic colors give major festival vibes and when the light hits your face just so, you'll be brighter than any disco ball. If the idea of wearing chrome makeup gives you pause, don't fret. Wearing metallic shades on your face doesn't mean you have to look like the Tin Man. You can choose one or two features to highlight while keeping the rest of your skin matte.

With chrome makeup, you don't have to worry about precise application. It's meant to look scattered like it was applied freehand. You also have the option of choosing a soft, shimmery pearl on your cheekbones or an electric neon blue on your eyelids. Or, how about a dusting of iridescent powder on your collarbone and shoulders? The sky's the limit with the chrome trend so use your imagination — or these inspiration pics — to hop on this fairy makeup look.

Look cool with a silvery metallic eyeshadow

While you may associate silver with Christmas, you can still rock the metallic color in warmer months if you keep it sheer. Look for a pressed powder eyeshadow in a soft, shimmery white or silver shade, and apply a light coat across your lids with a medium-sized brush. Keep the look airy and soft by leaving your creases uncontoured and accentuate your eyes with a bold liner instead. To bring some shimmer to your face, dust some of the shadow on the high points of your cheekbones over your blush.

Warm gold hues look great on bronzed skin

What better way to accentuate your sun-kissed skin than with gold chrome makeup? Metallic browns come in a wide range of shades, so you can pick one — or a few — that complement your skin tone. If your skin color is deep, a bright yellow gold will really pop. For those on the medium to lighter side, try a shimmery bronze. To keep it from being too monochromatic, you can add a bit of silver to the inner corners of your eyes.

Pucker up with chrome lipstick

Your eyes and cheeks aren't the only features chrome makeup is good for. Give your lips some love with a bright metallic shade for a futuristic look. Green happens to be one of Spring 2023's trending colors, so step out with a bold, emerald color on your lips. It may be hard to find fun lipstick shades, so you might have to call upon your lab skills and create your own custom gloss using an eyeshadow.

Get graphic with a metallic eyeliner

If you want to dip your toes in the chrome makeup trend, start out with a metallic liner to accentuate your eyes. These days, you can find a wide variety of colors that come in pencil or gel form. Keep it simple with a clean line on your lashline or go bold with geometric shapes. Pencils make it easy to create different patterns or hypnotic swirls around on your face. Just be certain they're waterproof so the lines stay clean, even under the hot sun.

Show off your inner mermaid with blue and green chrome makeup

Be a showstopper with peacock blue and green metallic lids. To achieve this, dip a damp flat brush into chrome blue eyeshadow and sweep it on your inner corners to about halfway on your eyelid. Follow the brush along your lower lashline as well. Taking the green shadow, swipe the color on the other half of your lids, extending it to a cat eye and going along the rest of your lower lash line. Add more dimension by adding a bit of green on your inner corners as a highlight.

Highlight your whole face with iridescent makeup

Why choose only one area of your face to rock the chrome makeup trend? To prevent this look from being too busy, pick a color, such as a bright pink or fuchsia, and incorporate it into your eyes, cheeks, and lips. For an added shimmer, dust some sheer silvery powder onto the high points of your cheekbones, bridge of your nose, inner corners of your eyes, and Cupid's bow.

Rainbow chrome makeup will have you looking like a fairy

If you can wear all the colors of the rainbow on your face, why not go for it? Sweep a mix of soft, pastel colors across your lids for an ethereal look. Shimmery powder eyeshadows work best to blend one shade seamlessly into the next. To deposit the most pigment onto your skin, use a flat eyeshadow brush, press the powder onto your lids, and then give it a light swipe to get rid of excess makeup. To look even more fairy-like, place your blush high on your cheekbones, almost meeting the shadows on your lower lids.

Glow all over with chrome body makeupama

Chrome makeup doesn't have to stop at the face. Keep your summer glow going with some shimmer on your chest, shoulders, or even your legs. There are tons of brands that sell shimmery body oil or you can whip up your own concoction by mixing some loose shimmer powder into your preferred moisturizer. Try bronze colors to bring out your tan or a rainbow powder to really sparkle.