The Best Crystals To Boost Confidence And Self-Esteem

Though self-confidence and self-esteem are often used interchangeably, they are slightly different. Confidence is what happens when we feel sure of our talents and skills. For example, self-confidence is walking into a job interview knowing you have what it takes to be the right candidate. On the other hand, self-esteem is recognizing your own self-worth. When you can look in the mirror and smile at yourself and give yourself a positive pep talk, you're honing in on that self-esteem. When you walk out the door with a confident spring in your step, knowing you can take on whatever the world throws at you, that's confidence at its core.


We all struggle with our self-esteem and confidence sometimes. We may feel as if our bodies or our minds aren't perfect, which can mess with our self-esteem. We may think we aren't skilled enough or worthy of our talents, which can make feeling confident difficult. Luckily, we can do many things to help boost both of these, from getting a makeover to showing off our skills. Crystals can help, too.

Crystals have a healing vibration that flows through us when we wear them and carry them and also when we hold them during meditation. You can keep them in a place where you need the most boost, whether at work, in the bedroom, or elsewhere. Here are a few crystals that will help you feel more confident.



There's a reason you'll find quite a few blue crystals on this list. Blue connects with our throat chakra, which is all about communication. When your throat chakra is open and balanced, you're able to speak up for yourself, be more assertive, get your point across more clearly, and understand others better as well. Kyanite is one gorgeous blue stone that will boost your communication skills, build your courage, and help you feel more confident.


Because it's a powerful crystal to use for confidence in communication, keep kyanite on your desk at work or wear it to get the most from its healing abilities. This is also a great stone to use during meditations meant to help boost your self-esteem and confidence. You may find it easier to say everything you need to with this crystal at your side, even if it feels like just a chunk of rock in your pocket.


As a stone commonly used not only for boosting communication skills but also for assistance with intuition (because of its deep blue, a.k.a. indigo, coloring), sodalite is a delightful crystal to add to your collection of confidence-boosting crystals. If you need a boost of courage, this is the crystal for you.


We suggest keeping sodalite in your pocket or wearing it as jewelry any time you have to make a speech or give a presentation. When it's time to head into the boss's office to ask for a raise or promotion, take sodalite with you. Use this stone to meditate, whether you're balancing your throat or third eye chakras, to open yourself up more to the people around you and your own inner wisdom. You'll see things clearer, and it'll help you see the positive side of situations and of life. If you're struggling with confidence at work, keep this crystal on your desk.

Black tourmaline

Black healing crystals are most often used when you need a little extra protection, but they have many other uses as well. Along with red, black has a connection to the root chakra, which helps us stay grounded and focused. When it comes to confidence, black tourmaline is just the crystal you need to bring balance between your fears and your need to put yourself out there. When you have any kind of doubt, carry or wear some black tourmaline for a boost in positivity and assuredness. 


Your self-doubt doesn't stand a chance with black tourmaline by your side pushing any negative vibes away and helping boost any small amount of positivity you already have. Plus, if you're struggling with anxiety that's keeping your confidence down, this crystal will help fight off those anxious feelings so you can get past the fears holding you back and find success.


Malachite could be considered one of the best crystals for use with your heart chakra. All of those beautiful shades of green make your heart burst with ultimate joy and happiness — it's like looking deep into a beautiful evergreen forest. As far as confidence and self-esteem, malachite makes a great choice because this lucky stone makes you feel as though you can take on the world. We often equate green with good luck, and malachite is also grounding and motivating. It helps you see your shortcomings and move through them.


Wear malachite when you need a higher sense of self-esteem. This transformational stone can make you go from feeling anxious to feeling as if you can do anything — one reason some people prefer to only wear it for shorter amounts of time. When plagued with self-doubt, hold onto one or two pieces of malachite while engaging in self-esteem-boosting meditations. 


Ruby is a gorgeous red or deep pink stone that is excellent for both the heart and root chakras. With it, you will find grounding — helpful for alleviating fears and anxiety — and self-love, which is sure to boost self-esteem and confidence. Opening up your heart more to yourself is a great way to find more self-awareness, and ruby can help you pinpoint those areas within yourself that need the most healing. Meditating with this crystal can do a lot to open you up to internal love, but this stone is also going to give you more confidence when you keep it with you.


Red is known as a power color, which is why some people wear a red accessory to meetings and interviews — the color makes you feel more authoritative. If you need a boost when it's time to stand up and speak your mind, whether at work or at home, wear a piece of ruby jewelry.


With combinations of blue, green, and black within, Chrysocolla is a powerful ally for communication, self-love, and balance. Your throat chakra gets the benefit of knowing when less is more when speaking. Sometimes keeping your words to yourself is the best way to get your point across, and having the confidence to know when to stay silent and when to speak up can get you more places. Your heart chakra gives you the benefit of loving yourself more — the ultimate boost to self-esteem — and the connection to the root chakra will make sure you are balanced.


If you have an important conversation coming up, whether with a friend, romantic partner, or boss, keeping chrysocolla on you will give you the confidence you need to speak your mind and let you know when it's time to listen. Whether you wear it or carry it in your pocket, know this crystal is working to help you stay balanced in your opinions.


Celestite is most commonly found in shades of white and blue. While blue is a wonderful crystal for communication, white is also terrific for your crown chakra. Your crown chakra is where universal energy flows in and out of you, keeping you connected to the divine and your own spirituality. We think you will want this crystal in your confidence-boosting collection because it helps clear your mind so you can focus on what is important to you. This comes from the white colorations in the stone.


From celestite's blue tones, you can be assured you have the confidence to speak up when you need to, whether you're standing up for yourself or presenting a speech you're nervous about. This aura healing stone is good for all of your chakras, really, and is a powerful manifestation stone to have on hand. Manifest your wishes, whether it be the confidence to ask for a raise or ask a love interest out on a date.


While this shiny crystal may be referred to as Fool's Gold, you'd be no fool if you decided to keep a chunk in your rock collection, especially for times when you need a confidence boost. As a yellow-leaning stone, pyrite is often used in conjunction with the solar plexus chakra, which is where our confidence comes from. If you're worried about something, fearing the outcome of a plan set in motion, or feeling insecure in general, carry pyrite in your pocket.


Pyrite is also a stone of abundance, so it can abundantly bring you the self-esteem you need to feel like the powerful being you are deep inside. Meditate with pyrite when you want to get in touch with the you who still waits to come alive — it will surely help you awaken your inner truth and hidden talents. With the aid of this gold stone, you can be as powerful as you want to be — it's truly all about how you see yourself.


Lusciously green emeralds are lucky stones that have many other fabulous benefits as well. A communication stone, a love stone, and a confidence booster — green is made by combining blue and yellow, so it's no wonder emerald is a great choice for making you feel like a million bucks and helping you speak more eloquently. 


Whether you're shy or introverted, you can awaken the great communicator up in you with emerald — a wonderful gem to wear as jewelry, as the cut stones are shiny and eye-catching. You'll feel confident just wearing this precious stone, but it will also help open up your heart chakra so your self-esteem can flourish. Even if you're not big on accessories and jewelry, you can carry emerald in your pocket or keep it on display in an area of your home or office where you most often need a boost in confidence.


If you ever struggle to make up your mind, whether it's determining which outfit will give you the confidence to do what scares you most — ask someone out, seek a raise, speak in front of a group — fluorite is a crystal that can help you be more focused. And, while it's helping with your mind, it can also help boost your self-esteem. 


Fluorite is a colorful stone, sometimes called rainbow fluorite because of this feature. It's a crystal you can use to clear and balance all of your chakras, which can open you up to better communication and a better ability to express yourself in other ways. Have no fear when you carry some fluorite with you any time you feel your confidence waning. This crystal will help you be more logical and more creative, so your focus will be less on your worries and more on getting things done.


This beautiful red crystal will make you feel like a powerful force where no one can stand in your way. When you feel balanced (that root chakra again) and powerful, you feel confident in your skin, from head to toe. This healing stone will help you face the battles before you, no matter how tough they seem.


Even if you've been brought down by people in your life, whether you've lived through abuse or you've worked a career where you never felt you were paid what you deserve, ruby offers what you need to build up your self-esteem and see your own worth. Once you see what you truly deserve, you'll be strong enough not to accept anything less. Carry a ruby in your pocket, wear it as jewelry, or even use it in your home decor — the more you can see it, the more powerful you'll feel. 


Are you ready to put your blood, sweat, and tears into finding confidence and self-esteem? Well, rather than shedding any actual blood, grab a bloodstone. Named for its blood-splattered look, this green and red stone helps boost your heart and root chakras, bringing more self-love and balance into your life. In addition, because of the connection with blood, which is something that gives us humans life, you can expect more energy when you carry bloodstone with you.


Bloodstone may even be able to help you both inside and out, from increasing your immunity and stabilizing your hormones to boosting your self-confidence. It can help increase your happy mood while fighting off anxieties that may be holding you back from success. Carry bloodstone in your pocket to stimulate your every move and motivate you to be the queen of your own emotions and life — you don't need anyone else!


Are you holding yourself back? Sometimes our lack of self-esteem makes us hide from the things we would like to accomplish. If your fears are keeping you from having the confidence to do what you wish, rhodochrosite may be the stone for you. This powerful pink stone can help you find inner balance, especially within your heart chakra. It's a stone of self-love, and, with more love for yourself, you'll more easily find your confidence and a boosted sense of self-esteem.


If you find your emotions getting in the way of feeling good about yourself, rhodochrosite will encourage you to push through that jumble of thoughts and emotions to find your path to confidence and enlightenment. If you love the color pink, don your rhodochrosite with a piece of jewelry. If pink isn't your jam, you can always carry one of these crystals in your pocket to gain its fabulous vibrations.


Iolite falls into the color schemes of blue, purple, gray, and white — this connects it to the upper three chakras, which are the throat, third eye, and crown. Because of this big connection to our voices and minds, iolite is a powerful stone for helping you get out of your head. Bringing balance to these chakras is a great way to help you open up more and assist you in finding calm in stressful situations.


The boost in confidence this stone can give you comes from increasing your inner strength — when your mind is clear and balanced, anxieties and fears are less likely to get in the way of feeling good about yourself. This stone is healing to your nervous system as well, which helps keep you calm in negative situations. Also, did you know that in color psychology, blue is a calming color? Keep this blue crystal by you whenever you need to relax and feel confident.

Red jasper

If you need more energy in your life, red jasper is one power outlet you should plug into (these are some other crystals to bring energy and positivity into your life). This is also a powerful root chakra crystal, as not only is it red, but it's often lined with black (another color linked to this particular chakra). You already know that red crystals are balancing, but this one can push you beyond your usual limits without the added stress that life can throw at us when we try to take on too much.


The amazing energy you get from this red crystal will surely boost your self-esteem, keeping you feeling confident for whatever struggles come your way. To get the most from this crystal, keep one in your bedroom, which will help boost your energy from the moment you wake up in the morning. You can also meditate with red jasper to heal that root chakra.


Hematite has all the energy of red jasper, with the addition of helping you learn to put mind over matter when things get in your way. Your willpower will be strong, and when you have power over your own will, your confidence can soar. When you feel good about yourself, it's easier to move through the bad moments — you don't have to wallow in negative moments anymore.


It's important not to confuse hematite with magnetite, which are two different stones. Magnetite, or loadstone, is magnetic, which can be a good trait — drawing positivity to you — but it's not the same thing. Keep hematite with you to help you survive embarrassing moments without losing a beat when it comes to your confidence. Because of its dark color, it also acts as a stone of protection, so it can help you feel safe while you're learning to show your newfound self-esteem.


Looking at the holographic shimmer of a good piece of labradorite, that flash screams transformation, which is what this stone is all about. If you want to be someone different or enhance whatever it is you feel limited in, labradorite is a wonderful crystal to add to your collection. if you tend to look at yourself in a negative light, this stone will help you turn that thought process around — a great start to building a healthy self-esteem.


For the strength to be more confident in whatever you need to do, labradorite should be a stone you keep with you at all times. This beautiful crystal makes an excellent jewelry piece. Pick one with lots of flash to bring a confident smile to your face each time you look at it. You don't have to stay stuck feeling bad about yourself, as this healing stone will help you find a more positive journey in life.