4 Signs That Will Never Work With A Sagittarius

Sagittarius is one of the most complex and well-rounded signs of the zodiac, and finding companions for them can be just as complex — because a Sag needs people around them who allow them to embrace their authentic attributes and bring out the best qualities they have to offer. A Sagittarius is versatile, often referred to as a warrior, poet, and navigator all in one, according to Co-Star Astrology. For the holistic Sagittarius with an adventurous spirit and a desire to explore the world with eyes wide open, finding a partner who is compatible can be difficult with several other signs, particularly those that are overly fluid or too grounded. 

Water signs and earth signs are the two contrasting groups that simply don't work well with a Sagittarius in most circumstances. Of course, never say never; if it's true love and there's a will, then you and your partner can find a way even if you're up against conflicting astrological signs. That said, it's always important to look at your full birth chart and not restrict your matchmaking to just your sun sign. If you're a Sagittarius looking for love, new friends, a business partner, or any other type of connection, here are the signs you're likely to have the most difficulty meshing with from the get-go.


At the beginning of a relationship between a Sagittarius and a Virgo, it might seem like things will work out. A Virgo can be drawn in by the brilliant, bright, and adventurous side of Sagittarius — but ultimately, the initial fiery draw burns out, and these two signs will find themselves at odds with one another. Once the honeymoon period comes to an end, the contrasting lifestyle values of a Sag and a Virgo will make themselves known, and a continued relationship won't be easy. These two signs are the very definition of the "it's complicated" status. The practical and grounded priorities of Virgo will quickly conflict with the Sag, who values seeking new horizons on a regular basis, so a Sag and Virgo should avoid moving in together until they've sorted out their differences — if they can.

Though they may not appear to be a good match on paper, if they can make things work, this pairing can become the truest testament to putting in intentional efforts, maintaining open communication, and trusting one another. Since a Sagittarius is prone to wanting to wander and explore, the grounded and more stable nature of a Virgo can easily clash when the two come together for a joint lifestyle. They might accomplish a successful balance in life together by taking planned adventures, akin to stepping stones, that allow the Virgo to be grounded while the Sagittarius is never truly stagnant — but only if they're both willing to compromise.


If a change-seeking Sagittarius being with a sign that is too grounded in stability and needs time to accept change seems like too much of a stretch, it might seem natural to gravitate toward the other end of the spectrum, aka the water signs. However, though Sag is a wandering sign, they still need a level of constancy to springboard them from adventure to adventure, and watery Cancer isn't the best place to find that. According to Woman's World, the one thing that a Sagittarius and Cancer pairing should keep at the forefront of their relationship — whether a romance or a friendship — is that they will both require time to get to know one another and learn how to communicate well with each other's unique styles. Moving too quickly (as Sags are sometimes prone to do) can cause an instant demise in any type of relationship between them.

Being a water sign, a Cancer can be emotionally fluid and very sentimental, while a Sagittarius may look toward venturing into new territories instead of sitting down for a good cry like their Cancer counterpart. Having to slow down to allow Cancer the necessary time to process emotions can cause restlessness within a Sagittarius, thus leading to potential conflict between the two. It's likely that Sag will become frustrated with Cancer's slower lifestyle, and in turn, the rapid change of scenery that Sagittarius often seeks may overwhelm sensitive Cancer.


Going back to contrasting earth signs, Taurus is another sign that isn't compatible with a Sagittarius at face value. According to AstroTalk, a couple made up of a Sagittarius and a Taurus are the epitome of a bold pairing. Strong, stubborn, luxury-loving Taurus can be seen as an exciting challenge for adventurous Sagittarius, thus drawing the two together, but that doesn't mean that they're set up for a sustainable relationship. The coupling of a Sag and a Taurus can be hot or cold, with the two having below-average compatibility scores for sexual compatibility and communication. No surprise there — communication is something a Sagittarius tends to struggle with when paired with any earth sign, and Taurus is certainly no exception.

The one thing that a Sagittarius can discern from their instinctive incompatibility with earth signs is the opportunity to learn how to intentionally and consciously communicate with people of contrasting personalities. Should a Taurus and a Sagittarius get together, they can indeed enjoy a relationship if they put in the proper work, which usually begins with addressing their natural tendencies to misread one another. If a Taurus and Sagittarius pairing can achieve this balance, they have the potential to live a life of laughter and excitement without a dull moment — but intense clashes are bound to occur, and both people should be prepared in advance. Be wary of the fiery, heated initial attraction fizzling out and ultimately falling flat with an attempted Taurus and Sag pairing.


In the spirit of opposites attracting, the concept couldn't be more fitting than for a Sagittarius and a Scorpio, whose demeanors are quite literally opposites most of the time. Sagittarius usually comes with a lively disposition and tends to be gentler in their approach to interpersonal connections, whereas Scorpio — once you get past their mysterious exterior — is assertive and says exactly what they're thinking.

These two signs will clash in the fiercest ways if they rush into a relationship too quickly. Even when building a friendship, a Scorpio and a Sag need to take time to get to know one another before becoming jumping into close confidence. But since both signs are excited to explore the world and are open to new adventures, taking their time to form a quality relationship is where the biggest incompatibility between Sag and Scorpio is found. For two signs that love to seek new horizons, going at the necessary slower pace to build a relationship may not be up to speed — quite literally — with either sign. 

Despite their opposing demeanors, the mutual curiosity these signs hold — particularly given their proximity in the astrological chronology — can make them more similar and perhaps even more compatible than they might initially believe. Learning effective communication skills like active listening and prioritizing empathy over snap judgments can help both signs build a lasting relationship, but it's an uphill battle; they must both be committed to facing the discomfort of taking things slow.