How To Bring Trendy Overalls Into All Of Your Summer 2023 Looks

The older we get, the more frequently we think we can't wear certain clothing pieces that younger people wear. While some trends appeal more to certain age groups, they can all be fun to try regardless of how old you are. If you see an outfit you'd love to try but think you won't be able to pull it off, try it out anyway. Clothing is meant to be exciting, and you can get creative with your wardrobe when going outside of your comfort zone. 

We've seen many '90s styles come back, like the minimalism look that everyone has been loving and styling in their own way. Denim overalls, for one, have always been around, but now they're designed more stylishly. Skip the skinny-leg versions and opt for the baggier fit you remember from your childhood. 

Wide-leg and bootcut overalls will be all over your social media feeds this summer, and if you live somewhere with hot weather, there are short overalls (shortalls) available that will keep you looking and feeling cool. Here's how you can style denim overalls for the perfect summer outfit.

Go for a boho style

Overalls don't always have to be casual. You can dress them up, too. Layer your overalls over a flowy long-sleeve blouse and brown boots for a boho-inspired outfit. Even though summer weather tends to be hotter, a light blouse won't cause you to overheat. The boots might make you sweat a little, depending on how hot it is where you live, but you can wear them out at night when the weather is cooler. Style the look with some beaded bracelets and funky geometric-style earrings.

Use overalls as a bikini cover-up

If you plan to have many beach days during the summer, use your overalls as a bikini cover. You'll be able to show off your bikini top by clipping one side of the straps or leaving the top hanging along your sides. Style the look with a trendy woven tote and strappy sandals. As another plus, your overalls will keep you warm after the sun sets and it starts to get cold. You won't have to use your towel for warmth and you'll be able to enjoy the beach into the night.

Opt for striped denim overalls

Denim overalls are available in different washes ranging from light to dark, but if you want something more interesting, opt for a striped pair of overalls. This chic blue and white style pairs perfectly with the white and blue sweaters, creating a cozy outfit. While you can add a pair of matching white sneakers, orange Nike shoes contrast well with the overall look. When it's warmer out, you can switch out the sweaters for a basic white tee.

Pair shortalls with cowboy boots

You might enjoy this cowboy boot combo if you're a country music fan, a rodeo fanatic, or just love hitting up summer carnivals. We've seen a lot of cowboy boot looks that take the yee out of the haw, so know that this style can be a hit or miss for some people. However, it's an ideal outfit during hot summer weather when you don't want to wear jeans. The shortalls keep the look casual but cute, and the black balloon-sleeved blouse is lightweight and chic, so you won't sweat too much while you're walking around.

Relax in a big tee and baggy overalls

When you don't feel like dressing up too much, there's nothing better than wearing an oversized tee and your favorite denim overalls. The outfit is timeless, and you can pair it with your go-to sneakers and tote bag. It's the perfect look for a coffee shop run with friends or going to buy books at your local bookstore. You'll be comfy all day while looking stylish.

Go monochromatic with off-white denim shortalls

If you love wearing neutral clothing, this outfit might be your new favorite for summer. The off-white shortalls and a basic white tee are snazzy, and you can elevate the look with accessories like sunglasses, a hairclip, and a shoulder bag. It's the ultimate outfit for a walk around the park or the beach.

Pick denim shortalls and one-shoulder tops

While overalls or shortalls plus tees are the holy grail combo, when you want to spice up the look, you can swap out the tee for a one-shoulder top. This blue pair of denim shortalls complement the knitted shoulder top beautifully. Pair them with combat boots for an edgy look, or wear them with wedge sandals to be more casual.