8 Color Combos That Will Bring An Extra Pop To Your Spring Wardrobe

If you've been considering experimenting with color, spring is the season to do it. Warmer weather welcomes brighter shades and an opportunity to have fun with your outfits. But wanting to wear color and trying to figure out stylish color palettes are two different battles. Many get overwhelmed or intimidated by color, especially when it comes to pairing hues.

Of course, this spring, pastels are on-trend. The lighter hues come back every year as people embrace some of the softer spring colors found in nature. However, pale shades aren't the only option because bolder and poppier colors are also having their moment to shine.

You don't need to delve deep into color theory to try out new color combinations. However, you can take some inspiration from the color wheel and experiment with different color schemes. Complementary, triadic, and analogous color schemes are a great place to start. Once you've got the basics, you can play around. After all, color is supposed to be fun.

Lavender and pale yellow

Purple and yellow are complementary colors, meaning they're across from each other on the color wheel. Because of their positions, they're practically made to be paired together. Lavender and pale yellow are perfect for spring days. The shades are light and airy but still bold enough to pop in an outfit. This purple jacket is the perfect light layer to throw on over any look. And these yellow pants provide a fun base that adds just a hint of color.

Lime green and off-white

Lime green is often a color that people shy away from. For many, it's too bold and too hard to style with other colors. But there's nothing wrong with being eye-catching, especially with a cute outfit. This bright lime green skirt is the centerpiece of the outfit, along with sleek sage green boots. The bold shades are tempered with an off-white blouse, jacket, and accessories. Pairing the bright colors with a neutral balances the outfit.

Pale pink and purple

Embracing femininity has been a major style trend in recent years, while the color pink has become an unapologetic favorite. Expect to see all shades of pink this spring, but especially pretty pink with a pop, like this metallic pink skirt and light pink cardigan. The light shade of these purple boots paired with the pink creates an analogous color scheme, and these shades will always pair well together. Plus, the lighter shades scream spring, and the addition of the flowers on the sweater is an adorable detail.

Royal blue, yellow, and pink

An outfit like this proves you don't always have to do pastels in the spring. These more vibrant shades of blue, yellow, and pink create the perfect colorful outfit. The saturation makes the look visually interesting because it's so eye-catching. Using primary colors blue and yellow with the unexpected pop of pink is way more fun. The white and floral pants add a spring element to the look and call back to the main shades of the outfit.

Light yellow and green

Like a refreshing lemon-lime drink on a warm spring day, a light yellow and green color combo is a pretty option for the season. Both are fun takes on the natural shades of the season, like leaves and blooming flowers. Green and yellow is another analogous color scheme, being neighbors on the color wheel. This flowy green skirt and yellow sweater make a flouncy pop for the spring. Both colors are bold without being overwhelming, and you can play with the saturation and hues because they pair so easily.

Mix of pastels

It's no secret that pastels rule spring. They've been the go-to colors for the season for years. Blend a bunch of pastels for a colorful springtime look. This cardigan features pastel green, yellow, and pink in different panels. Wearing a multi-colored layer is an easy way to add instant color to your outfit. Throw it over basics like these jean shorts and a T-shirt. Or add more color with floral dresses, bright trousers, and printed jumpsuits.

Seafoam and hot pink

Pink and green is a classic combination. Put a little twist on it by wearing seafoam green and hot pink together. The combo of a lighter pastel shade with a vibrant one creates a look that plays off each other and looks way more dynamic. Blocking the colors throughout the outfit, like with these shorts that match the duster jacket and the blouse that matches the boots, makes the ensemble look intentional.

Yellow, orange, and peach

Go with a color combination that's a bit softer with a little bold pop. This peach blouse, thrown over a yellow gingham top, is perfect for a breezy spring day. Adding that vibrant orange purse as an accent creates a colorful statement. Using three similar tones is a surefire way of having complementing pieces, even when you're playing around with colors. And using two toned-down shades with one bold color is a simple way to make a style statement.