Is The Skintermittent Fasting Trend Worth The Hype?

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You've likely heard of intermittent fasting as the trend has made its rounds through wellness communities in recent years, just as many cleanses and diets before it. And while experts may disagree on its effectiveness, intermittent fasting sure did gain quite a following. The act of limiting the hours in which food is consumed is the idea behind the fad and apart from weight loss, some also report higher energy levels and improved mental clarity (via Healthline).


So, what exactly does it mean to do a skintermittent fast? Essentially, you refrain from using potentially irritating skin products for a given amount of time to give your face a breather. This means leaving the deep pore cleansers and retinoids on the counter for the time being. The fast is meant to give your skin room to simply exist, heal, and recover from harsh products — even the ones you may enjoy the results of typically. Let's take a closer look at skintermittent fasting to see if the trend is really worth all the hype.

The perks of a skintermittent fast

While exfoliants and serums can tackle skin issues we're concerned with, the constant use of these hard-working products can also do quite a number on the skin. When you skintermittent fast, you aren't forgoing skincare products completely though — you're just simplifying your process with pure, clean products instead — for the time being. This bare minimum skincare routine allows your skin ample time to heal and balance out.


You may notice a softer texture, less puffiness and redness, and an overall brightened tone. While you may or may not want to skip out on makeup while you skintermittent fast, allowing your skin time to be free of foundation will only amp up the benefits you see. "Similar to intermittent fasting for overall and gut health, intermittent fasting for the skin may support a decrease in inflammation and irritation by way of avoiding pro-inflammatory ingredients," Kunal Malik, MD, board-certified general and cosmetic dermatologist, told PopSugar. "If done consistently, I believe skintermittent fasting has the potential to lead to hydrated, clear, and glowing skin."

How to skintermittent fast

The process of skintermittent fasting is all about simplicity. While you're leaving your more powerful and complex products alone for a while, you will still need a couple of whole, clean skincare items: a cleanser, a moisturizer, and a sunscreen. While you may have already found a cleanser that's perfect for your skin, during your fast, you'll want to use one that's nourishing, rather than exfoliating. One with simple and pure ingredients, such as ​​Eminence's Calm Skin Chamomile Cleanser, may be a good choice.


It might feel odd to skip some of the steps in your skincare routine you're so used to following, like anti-aging serums and spot treatments, but for now that's what this fast is all about. When it comes time to moisturize, stick to something pure and simple. Even an oil could work, like Now Solutions Sweet Almond Oil

While most people are candidates for skintermittent fasting, if you're on prescription skincare, it's best to chat with your dermatologist before giving the trend a try. And of course, be cautious of any allergies you might have as you change up some of your regimen.