White Shoes Are The Spring Trend Showing Up Everywhere - Here's How To Style Them

White shoes are too controversial. There are arbitrary fashion rules about when to stop wearing the color. And even if you're not one to follow the rules set for style, white shoes still probably aren't your go-to. Most people are afraid of getting them dirty, ruining the pristine look of the shoe. Others feel like the color isn't as fashion-forward as others. But if you've been going back and forth on whether or not you should jump on the trend, consider this your sign. White shoes are going to be a hot trend this upcoming season.

And it makes sense because white makes the ideal spring shoe. White brightens up every outfit, adds a crisp and clean detail, and they go with just about everything. From flats to sneakers to heels, white shoes provide a versatile option in your closet that you can wear to work or play. Play around with a variety of color combinations and throw in white shoes as a bold fashion statement.

Monochrome, of course

While white may not be considered a powerful color, it can make quite the statement when done correctly. Dressing in white from head to toe is bold and a surefire way to  stand out. Keep your outfit from looking too bridal by playing with silhouette and texture, and stay away from traditional bridal fabrics like lace and chiffon. With outfits like this, the color speaks the loudest, so go with more simple shoes like the pumps in this outfit. But if you're one for embellishments, feel free to make your shoes the centerpiece of the look.

Warm weather boots

Boots have been the go-to shoe for the fall and winter, but current trends are seeing these shoes carry over into warmer months. Actually, boots in the warmer months have been a favorite for celebs for years. White boots help brighten up the shoe for the spring, which allows you to easily pair it with your season staples. Boots are ideal for transition weather days where it's a little cooler. But they also add a little edge to an outfit. Pair with your favorite skirts and dresses for an eye-catching spring look.

Paired with pastels

Spring is the season of pastels. The light and airy shades are the perfect way to embrace warmer weather and a wardrobe of color. Plus, white pairs well with pastels since they're both lighter shades. This combination is for anyone who wants to embrace their softer side this spring. But that doesn't mean you can't have powerful outfits. These strappy white sandals and pale yellow miniskirt show off plenty of legs for a soft-girl look with a sultry side.

Casual chic

There's nothing more laid back and effortless than the classic jeans and a T-shirt outfit. It's timeless and always looks put together, which is why it's a spring go-to. But you can elevate your casual chic outfit with a pair of white loafers. It's a simple swap that won't go unnoticed. You'll look trend-forward yet like you just threw together an outfit. Loafer details that are currently trending include square toes and lug soles. But classic penny loafers, like the ones shown, will always be in-style.

Maxi denim skirt

The maxi denim skirt is another trending piece for spring and summer, so it makes absolute sense to put these two trends together. These versatile pieces are ideal for building a variety of outfits around. To show off your trendy white shoes, opt for a skirt with a slit to give your shoes more of an opportunity to shine. This outfit pairs them with knee-high boots, but you can play around with different styles like heeled sandals or sporty sneakers.

Pretty with pink

More people are embracing their love of pink and spring is the perfect season to go all-out with the shade. Choose from one of the many shades of the color, from softer pale pinks to bold hot pinks. Adding white creates a lovely romantic outfit that's ideal for both day and night. Embrace femininity with flowy pink dresses or play around with silhouettes by trying a boldly colored power blazer. White heels finish the outfit and keep the look soft for the spring.

Soften vibrant colors

Use the warmer weather of the upcoming seasons to play around with bright colors. Try bold, neons, and other vibrant shades for playful looks, then ground them with a bright neutral like white. A pair of white slip-on sandals make this orange set a perfect casual day look. But pair the same set with a pair of white block heels and it works for date night as well. If you want to dabble with brighter colors but don't want it to overtake your look, use white as a way to pare down the look.


Colorblocking is a great way to mix and match colors and play with different color combinations. Use two or three colors through multiple pieces in an outfit. The trick is to keep the color tones consistent, especially if you're using clothes that aren't originally from a set. This lavender and white colorblock look creates a light and airy outfit for summer. The white shoes and lavender pants complement each other, allowing both to be a statement of the springtime outfit.