Matte Makeup Is Making A Comeback - But It's Not How You Remember It

If you're in the habit of scrolling through the makeup sphere of social media, you've surely noticed a shift in the type of looks you're seeing. That's right, matte makeup is back. And while not all of us will be thrilled about it, those of us prone to producing enough oil throughout the day to turn us into disco balls (without the helping hand of glowy makeup) will certainly benefit from this comeback.

But don't worry, the new matte is not exactly what you remember. Also referred to as cloud skin, the new matte is the antithesis of the contoured, chiseled, and harsh-lined techniques we used to favor. Now softer, smoother, and much more minimal with a real skin-like finish, matte makeup is meant to look effortless and airbrushed. It involves soft blushes, light shadows, and slight use of setting powders, making the matte look more angelic than ever. It's time to elevate our makeup routines and reach cloud skin.

Return of the matte

It's back and better than ever. Matte makeup might've been dormant for years after being effectively dethroned by glowy makeup, but it's coming back with a vengeance. Makeup influencers are creating beautiful matte looks left and right —inspiration isn't lacking. You can do a lot with a simple matte base —enhance the look with some creative eye makeup, add a pop of color on the lips, or go all out with the face gems.

Soft and air brushed

There is a reason people are calling the new matte makeup "cloud skin." With softer lines that smoothly blend into each other and light-handed use of blush, matte makeup looks more delicate and airbrushed than ever before. The results will have you looking as fresh-faced and dreamy as Renaissance cherubs resting on pillowy clouds. Heavenly is exactly the word for this look.

Mattifying the clean girl aesthetic

If any of this is ringing a bell, it's because a lot of the techniques used for the matte looks of today align with the "clean girl" aesthetic. While the aesthetic can be achieved with a glossy base, a matte base elevates and cleans up the look much more. Finish off your makeup with a light layer of setting powder for an effortlessly smooth, clean look that lasts all day. If the clean girl aesthetic appeals to you, matte makeup is the right choice.

The secret to the perfect matte look

To achieve the perfect matte makeup look, blending and balance are key. Powders are easy to blend with the right brushes, so as soon as you add a layer of powder, blend away. Bronzer, blend, blush, blend, shadow, blend. And for balance, add a glossy lip!

Products you'll need

Wondering what you can use to achieve a flawless matte look? The tried and tested Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder is a must for that airbrushed effect that works perfectly for photos. The Milani Baked blushes are also a must for that two-in-one matte blush that adds an angelic sheen. To keep the matte going, throw on a sheer lip —the Glossier Generation G lipstick comes in nine heavenly shades. And for a twist, add some shine to the lips with the beloved Fenty Gloss Bomb.