White Swimsuits Will Be The Trend Of The Summer & Here's Why You Shouldn't Shy Away

You may have a trusted go-to when it comes to swimsuit cuts and styles or stick to your color palette without question, but this summer may be the ideal time to dive into swimsuit shopping with an open perspective. We've all heard that black is slimming and to avoid horizontal stripes, but as always, fashion yeas and nays are ever-evolving.

It's also worth noting that swimsuit shopping seems to have become a more enjoyable experience for many since the body positivity movement gained traction. So when you see white swimsuits on your favorite brand's site this summer, they may elicit a bit of a scare — which we totally get — but try pausing for a moment before jumping to conclusions about why white isn't for you. We know white cloth can become too revealing when wet, but is it possible that the white swimsuit was unfairly written off? This year's swimsuit trends say yes. The elegant white swimsuit is making a comeback, and here are the reasons you shouldn't shy away from donning one.

Most white swimsuits are made from thick material

A white swimsuit is constructed differently than a white T-shirt, for instance, so you really won't have to worry about it becoming see-through when splashing in the water at the beach. Opt for a suit that's thick, structured, and textured to bring you additional peace of mind. Material makes a world of difference.

Choose your coverage

If you're still struggling to feel covered up in a white suit, choose one that's a bit more modest and covers up more of you. This, of course, doesn't have to translate to boring. There are many unique, fun cuts out there that still provide full coverage for your comfort.

Pair with colors

Try pairing your simple white swimsuit with a bright, colorful coverup or sarong this summer to ease into the style. The options are just about infinite for styling your swimsuit coverup, and since your white suit is solid and neutral, you'll be able to get creative with the patterns.

Accessorize to the max

One of the great things about a white suit is that it can act as a canvas for your beach day. Jewelry, hats, sunglasses, or red lips — the elegance of the white suit can serve you well when it comes to accessorizing poolside. Take this trend to the next level with another hot summer style — the belly chain.

Beauty in the details

A white suit can still have a lot of personality and can easily be individualized to fit your unique style. We love this romantic look with dainty, delicate ruffles and a darling bow. A little bit of black trim is the perfect touch on this classic embodiment of summertime elegance.

Cute cutouts

We love the cutout trend, and it's the perfect avenue for giving your white suit a little something extra. Tan lines may be something to look out for, but the fun peek-a-boo shapes of a cutout one-piece like this one give a white suit just the right amount of flare.

A flattering fit

Finding a flattering fit for your body type is still the mission with a white suit. Keep an eye out for fabric that's too loose or too tight when trying on suits and remember that ruching, layering, and fabric ties can all help conceal areas you'd prefer not to draw much attention to.

Complementing the complexion

You may have heard that white doesn't complement certain complexions, but typically, white will bring out your sun-kissed beauty perfectly. You may also be hesitant to buy white anything due to the risk of stains — especially if you have kids — but higher-quality fabrics should be tough enough to withstand the elements.