The Viral TikTok Hair Hack That Will Give You Perfect Face-Framing Pieces Every Time

Layers have always been a go-to style for women's hair. But in recent years, many iterations of layered cuts have grown in popularity. Whether you're looking for a choppy mullet, a wolf cut, or curtain bangs, layers on layers with face-framing pieces are the current go-to. Adding those face-framing pieces at the front of your hair draws attention to your face, slim and contours your cheeks, and softens your features. But as anyone with bangs can tell you, getting them to behave the way they initially did in the salon can be a battle.

Hairdressers and bang wearers alike have provided plenty of tips to get those bangs to hang right. But even with all the work you put in, sometimes the face-framing pieces sit too far back or forward or don't curl the way you want them to. But content creator Nicki Entenmann recently shared how she gets her face-framing layers to sit in the perfect location and blend well into her hair. She posted the hack on TikTok, and it's a simple trick from cosmetology school anyone can do at home.

Use over-direction when curling

Those finicky face-framing pieces don't stand a chance against this hack from TikTok. If you can't get those pieces to sit in the right place, you might be using the wrong technique. When curling those front pieces, over-direct your hair to the opposite side of your face. Nicki Entenmann shares her tip on a TikTok video that currently has over 3.9 million views. She curls the rest of her head and allows it to cool before tackling the face-framing bangs.

First, she uses a paddle brush to tease the roots slightly before grabbing her curling iron. But instead of pulling the hair back to curl it, you should pull it forward and towards the opposite eye. Then wrap it around the barrel so the curl twists away from the face. Allow the curls to cool, then spray them with hairspray for extra hold. They may look strange at first, hanging right over your eyes, but brushing them out is where the magic happens. Lean forward and brush the curls out, then brush them back. Then they'll hang perfectly at the corner of your eyes and frame your face.

The three wrap method

If there's one thing TikTok seems to agree on when it comes to your face-framing pieces, when done right, they can open up and contour your face. UK-based hair stylist, Faith Dorritt, explains that well-placed face-framing curls can open up the eyes, contour the cheeks, and frame your smile rather than sitting lifeless against your face. In a tutorial she posted on TikTok, Dorritt explains how she gets those perfect curls right in front.

She starts with the small section of hair right in front and at the top of the head and combs it out to ensure there are no knots. She sprays a little hairspray to coat the hair and help the curls hold before grabbing her curling wand. To get the hair to curl out and away from the face initially, she holds the section in front of her, then places the wand on top of the hair and applies gentle pressure downward. She then wraps the hair around three times, explaining, "away from the eyes, scooping it back in around the cheeks, then back in, wrapped out away, and round, for around the jaw." Hold the hair for a couple of seconds and repeat the process on the other side. Let it cool before using a paddle brush to brush them out.