The Trendiest Handbag Shape Of The Moment Is Upgrading Your Classic Saddle Bag

Handbag trends can sometimes fall by the wayside in favor of more high-profile clothing, shoe, jewelry, hair, nail, and even makeup developments. We assure you, however, that the trend cycle is always spinning in the world of handbags, just like it is throughout all of the fashion world. You'll always need somewhere fashionable to store all that trendy makeup and jewelry when you're at work or out on the town, after all.

The latest handbag trend to move in and make itself comfortable is a modern interpretation of a classic saddle bag. This new iteration is inspired by the shape of the moon and is therefore known as a moon, crescent, or luna bag. If you're someone who appreciates a true classic but also enjoys the feeling of being in on the newest wave of modern but respectable trends, this just may be the next new bag for your shopping list. 

Classic black leather

If you're the type who likes to ease into a new trend gradually, sticking to classic elements like black leather and gold fixtures can be exactly the approach you need. Consider taking a look at your favorite handbag and identifying its best features, then looking for a moon bag that offers them.


If you prefer a softer look, consider a crochet or macramé crescent handbag. The rounded shape of this bag combined with the sensory appeal of soft, squishy, cute crochet fashion is a win for those who choose their favorite pieces based more on whimsy than the appeal of classic essentials. 


Looking for a trendy bag that goes the extra mile? A shimmery, slouchy iridescent bag can easily carry you from a daytime look to a nighttime one. If you're just not a neutrals fan, you can find these bags in all sorts of colors to coordinate with all your favorite outfits. 


The fun curved shape of a crescent bag presents the perfect opportunity to get a little more creative with expressing yourself. Take a moment to think about your favorite patterns and color combinations within your home and wardrobe. Then, take a look online for similarly colored and patterned moon handbag aesthetics. 


For those who enjoy a trend but also tend to lean toward a slightly edgier overall look, you can't go wrong with crocodile. This texture, which mimics the scaly skin of the reptile, provides more visual interest than a smooth leather or even a snakeskin texture. Perfect for your next rock concert.

Bold red leather

Ready to turn more than a few heads? A moon handbag in show-stopping bright red leather with classic gold or silver hardware will draw the eyes of every single person you come across, whether you're grabbing lunch at a deli or attending an upscale gala. Wallflowers need not apply.

Spring pastels

Spring is in full swing, but it's not too late to incorporate the most delicate season of the year into your wardrobe with a pastel crescent handbag. Whether you decide to go with a solid pastel color or a pattern, this cute curvy bag will make you look as innocent and adorable as a bunny well into summer.