'Naked Jewelry' Is The Understated Accessory Trend Taking The Summer By Storm

Summer is not the time for chunky jewels. While we still are looking to accessorize our warm-weather outfits, it is simply too hot to wear any heavy jewelry. You wouldn't cover your entire up with layers of clothing on a hot summer day, so why would you cover up in layers of jewelry? Luckily, there is a trendy alternative to thick chains and stacks in the form of 'naked jewelry'. While the style may sound daunting, it is known as the 'naked jewelry' trend due to its barely-there nature. The minimalist look is noticeable enough to make an impact, but still lightweight, leaving your skin room to breathe. You may even forget that you are wearing it.

If you are looking to up your jewelry game while still staying cool, the 'naked' look may be best for you. We have curated six of the trendiest ways to get the understated 'naked jewelry' effect this summer.

Small chain necklaces

During the summer it can be easy to forget about necklaces altogether. Yet, during warmer weather, we are often exposing more skin around our necks and chests than usual. Add balance to your overall look with a minimal chain necklace. This will give more texture to your overall outfit without adding a heavy layer (that will only lead to more sweat).

Floating pearls

Floating pearls are one of the more visible 'naked jewelry' looks — yet they are still extremely understated and often look like they are not even on a strand at all. We often see floating pearls worn in choker form on a barely-there chain or invisible elastic thread. Check out this look on this popular floating pearl necklace from Carolina Santo Domingo.

Delicate stacks

Who said stacks can't be simple? Delicate stacks made with multiple chains are a great way to take on the 'naked jewelry' trend. These stacks can have bracelets with varying types of chain links and some with a variety of charms. Ensure that you do not overdo it with the number of bracelets though, as it is easy to go from minimalist chic to maximalist extravaganza.

Permanent bracelets

Permanent jewelry has quickly become a fan-favorite in the accessory world. Often coming in the form of thin bracelets, it doesn't include a traditional clasp. Instead, it is welded together on your wrist and unable to slide over the hand, so it can't be removed. While it is truly meant to be a forever piece, it can often be removed with a pair of scissors.

Simple band rings

Simple thin band rings are a great way to add detail and elegance to your 'naked jewelry' look. Often available in traditional silver and gold, the bands are far from bulky and pair back well with any outfit. In fact, these bands are so minimal that you could get away with wearing several of them.

Barely-there anklets

The anklet is a summer jewelry staple. But if you are looking for an understated alternative to the beaded anklets of your youth, you aren't alone. Luckily, the 'naked jewelry' accessory trend has led to many brands creating barely-there anklets in the form of small, thin chains. These are a great way to spice things up — whether you are heading to the beach or out to dinner.