The Significance Of King Charles' Coronation Falling On An Eclipse (Hint: He Should Buckle Up)

His Majesty King Charles III and Queen Camilla are being crowned on the weekend of May 6, but it might not be the best timing for the first new monarch the United Kingdom and Commonwealth Realms has welcomed in over seven decades. In fact, it might be one of the worst times for the coronation to take place, according to astrology throughout the ages and the personal history that the British royal family has with eclipses. King Charles hasn't had the easiest time during his adult years, and many have long wondered how his reign might play out. Well, the answer might just be written in the stars, with the coronation taking place during a lunar eclipse in Scorpio! 

The historical relationship between monarchs, especially kings, and both astrological and astronomical events have been long documented and have never been believed to work in the monarch's favor. According to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, there were times during both lunar and social eclipses when kings would be taken away from their posts, hidden far from the public's view, and a copycat or doppelganger of the king would be temporarily used in his place. Then, to the luck of the draw of the replacement, the king's temporary stand-in would be sacrificed. While we don't think that King Charles will be making any sacrifices of historic nature during his coronation or reign, the current lunar eclipse could cast a shadow over his time as the monarch and signal bad news.

There's a long-standing relationship between the king and eclipses

For many, lunar eclipses are seen as a bad omen — and if we're asking the modern British royals, they may agree. In fact, eclipses haven't been signs of great fortune for the family, with Princess Diana's passing occurring during an eclipse. Diana had a personal astrologer during the time of her marriage to Charles, so it can be assumed that King Charles is at least vaguely aware of the bad omens astrology can forewarn. 

And according to astrologer Rose Smith, scheduling the coronation during a lunar eclipse was not the best move. "Eclipses can result in unforeseen events, surprise revelations, and can traditionally be a bad omen,' she told Daily Mail. "King Charles is going to be torn between what he wants to do versus what he has to do for the country ... This will cause strong emotional conflict, especially at home and with his family," she told Daily Mail.

Moreover, the specific chart of King Charles strengthens the possibility for concern given the current astrological retrogrades of Pluto and Mercury. It's likely that the chaotic disturbances and shake-ups from the planetary and astrological events hovering over this weekend may start everything off on the wrong foot. On a positive note, however, many of the current working royals were born during eclipses. Both the Prince and Princess of Wales, as well as the king himself, all began their lives beneath respective eclipses. Hopefully, this marks a turning point between modern monarchs and eclipses!