20 Breathtaking Makeup Looks To Wear To Your Next Bridal Shower

With how easy it is to find makeup tutorials and guides online, it's no wonder that makeup looks have gotten more and more impressive, even for just casual, everyday looks. So when it comes to important occasions — such as a bridal shower — it's especially important to put forth your best makeup looks. It's easy to go overboard and hard to hold back when the creative spirit grabs hold, but it's just as easy to find a good, in-between look to wow at any bridal shower without making yourself the center of attention. These makeup looks are easy to imitate at home or show to your makeup artist, so pick your favorite, or a couple, and try it out! 

2023 has brought us tons of makeup trends that you'll want to follow as you put your best face forward, so be sure to keep up with what's in and what's out in the rapidly changing beauty landscape. But above all, always go for what looks you love and feel comfortable in. You never know, you may just be the next trendsetter. The most important part of trying any new makeup look isn't what other people will think of it but how you feel wearing it. If you don't feel drop-dead gorgeous going out to your next bridal shower, try, try again until you find the look that fits you perfectly. 

Soft and rosy

The over-blush style is almost too cute to handle but brings a sense of other-worldly grace along with it. This makeup look goes great with pinks, reds, whites, and blacks especially. When applying this much blush to get that soft, rosy look, make sure you keep the color a little more on the bronze side, or else you may end up looking like you've got a serious sunburn. Play around with colors before your makeup debut, and then rock this ethereal glow. This look also works really well if you tone down the sparkle and highlighter, so don't be afraid to experiment with a matte style. Unless hair accessories are part of your bride's shower theme, though, maybe tone the accessories down; you don't want to upstage your friend.

Simply blush

Creating a pallet for all your makeup — lip, cheek, and eyes — can create a beautiful, glowing blush look that doesn't take too much color to pull off. This look uses a fair amount of highlighter to get that dewy look but otherwise relies on using very similar colors for each pop of pink. If pink isn't your thing, using this technique will work with just about any color, so try out your favorite shades or experiment with something new until you've got the look of your dreams. This look is fairly understated, so don't worry about being too over-the-top for a bridal shower, even while you look ready for the red carpet. 

Pretty in pink

Going super-pink is super in right now, and it shows with this makeup look! A glitter pink eyeshadow, pink highlighter, pink blush, and the perfect pink lip all go together to make this princess-like look that anyone would love to wear. If you look closely, you can see that there's even a tiny bit of pink eyeliner in this look. If it's a bit much for you, take out the sparkle, and you'll find that even with all the pink you'll have matured this look. Whether you want to feel like a princess, a fairy, or just beautiful for beauty's sake, this look will rock your next bridal shower.

The natural look

For a more natural look, stick to your nudes and avoid glitter and heavy gloss. The goal here isn't to look like you're not wearing makeup, but instead to simply highlight and accentuate your natural beauty. That means minimal eyeliner and probably no false lashes, but you can decide where to differ from this look to make it your own. No matter how you chose to do it, the natural look is a classic that can never go wrong. Want to look even more natural? Nix the eyeliner completely, and you'll find you have that faux no-makeup look that so many people strive for. This is a great look for a bridal shower, but be mindful of your wardrobe. Wearing white to a shower may not be the social faux pas that wearing it to a wedding is, but it's still not in great taste.

A touch of shimmer

Adding a touch of shimmer to an otherwise mostly natural look really changes the results. Elegant with a hint of magic, this makeup style brightens your face and eyes with a small application of glitter on the inner corners of your eyes. This makes for a more youthful makeup look, and it brings out the color tones in the rest of your makeup, so if you're looking for just a little bit of that extra something, try this out next time you have the chance. The more shimmer you add, the more fun this look becomes, so play around with it until you've found what suits you best. This is another great look that promises not to steal attention away from your bride, but to instead flatter her with how cute you look.

Double lined

For something just a little more outside the box, the double-lined cat liner trend has become popular. After applying your usual cat-eye, wrap back around with a second line following the crease of your eyelid. The best way to do this is to turn your eyeshadow into your eyeliner, especially when it comes to blending out this double line with your actual shadow color. It may take a few tries to get it right, but the results are absolutely show-stopping. If this is too much for your next bridal shower, try a lighter color for your liner to tone down this look, or remove the cat-eye from the inner corner. 

Bold liner

Bold liner on both your lip and eye can completely transform your everyday look into something amazing. A sharp, colored eyeliner does wonders when it comes to both elevating your look and bringing out the hue of your eyeshadow, and a dark lip-liner can give the illusion of larger, plumper lips. Coupled together, they're a daring, beautiful look. If the look is a little too much, try one liner or the other, or tone it down further by taking out a bit of the highlighter for a more subtle look. Try out other colors, too, even the ones you may not think work. You may just surprise yourself by finding not only your next bridal shower look, but your new favorite go-to for makeup in general. 

Gemed out

Admittedly, this look may be a bit over the top for your average bridal shower, but there must be a bride out there who wants her party to be glamorous and exciting enough to sport this look. Face gems have been in and out over the years, but they're coming back with surprising force this year, and there are plenty of makeup looks that shine extra bright with their application. A simple dusting of small gems around the eyes and brows is a great way to bring the wow factor. If your bride isn't super max with her makeup, think about checking with her to make sure this look isn't too much so that you don't steal her limelight. Want something similar, but a little more toned down? Try gems on your eyeliner instead of all around your eyes. 

Gold glam

For that subtle glam look that doesn't take over the rest of your makeup, try a bit of gold on the inner corner of your eye and just beneath your lower lash line. Even with matte makeup and a neutral pallet, the gold will completely transform your look into one of elegant glamour. Even without a highlighter, the gold will brighten your face and add dimension to the look, all while drawing attention to your eyes. With this look, less is more, but never be afraid to try out more glitter, more gold, and more shine. Don't want a full face of makeup for your friend's bridal shower? No worries, the eyes alone carry the look completely, so don't be afraid to make it the only makeup you go with. 

Hint of color

Minimal blush, a neutral lip, and yet, this look doesn't seem colorless in the least. That's all thanks to a bit of colored under-eye shadow and a bit of colored eyeshadow near the eye's crease, which gives the illusion of an overall colorful look without being too intense. Adding a pop of color under your lower lash line can add dimension, fun, and style to your makeup look without overpowering the more natural elements over the rest of your face. This is another great way to bring attention to your eyes and draw out hidden tones in your irises, so give it a try next time you want to add that hint of color without going all out. 

Sharp wings

While makeup looks pop in and out of popularity, a sharp eyeliner wing seems to be evergreen. Adding a sharp, clean wing to your makeup look can make your makeup seem more professionally applied, seductive, and overall, well, sharper. The sharp wing exaggerates your features and, if done correctly, can make your eyes look bigger while your face looks slimmer. Perfect winged eyeliner can be a bit tricky to nail, so practice and try out a makeup artist's easy hack to nail wings, if you can. If this look is a little too over-the-top for you, taking in the length of your wing can soften this style without taking away its cutting effects. 

Smudged liner

You may have ached and groaned over trying to keep your eyeliner from smudging throughout the day in the past, but with this look, that's exactly what we're going for. Smudging your eyeliner and blending it into your eyeshadow can create an exaggerated, mysterious smokey-eye look that anyone would love. You can control exactly how daring this look is by how long and thick you make your eyeliner wing. If this is your first time trying this sort of look out, start with a smaller, thinner eyeliner wing, and work your way up from there. This one takes a bit of practice, especially when it comes to blending, but don't give up; the results are well worth the practice. This look is best for late-night or indoor bridal showers, as opposed to brightly lit outdoor ones. 


In stark contrast to the eyeliner-based makeup looks, the linerless look completely removes eyeliner from the equation for a softer, more subtle look. Toning down the eyeliner has become a bit more of a trend lately, right alongside the foolproof negative-space eyeliner trend that even beginners can nail, and it's easy to see why. Without eyeliner, you have more space and freedom to play with a beautiful eyeshadow look, which feels a bit more whimsical and artistic next to the sharpness of an eyeliner look, which also stops you from being too glitzy for a bridal shower. The trick to this look is to blend out the edges of your eyeshadow so that it doesn't look blocky, so you may have to practice it a few times if you're not used to the technique. Don't worry about finding an exact 'edge' to stop at — make this look yours.

Bright eyeshadow

Brighter eyeshadow looks have taken a callback from the '60s to become a popular '23 look, and it's no secret why. The trend is fun, personable, and beautiful, and it's not too hard to pull off, either. This canary look is a ray of sunshine in a world of neutral-tone makeup looks, and if your bridal shower has some sort of color theme, this is the perfect way to pay homage to it. If the look is a little too much for you, reign it in by taking the under-eye shadow out, and if you want a bit more, try adding some glitter shadow to the mix. Need it to be a bit more modern? Add winged eyeliner to the mix; you'll be wowed by the results. If your bride has a theme for her shower, this is the perfect look to match it with, especially if you don't have clothes in the right color. 

Feathered brows

Another in the train of upcoming trends to elevate your makeup look is the feathered brow, also called laminated brows when you apply a little gloss to the style. This look adds a wild, natural beauty to your makeup look, and it also makes your eyes look a little bigger and brighter while giving you even more room for your eyeshadow and highlighter. Those with bigger brows may be hesitant to try this trend out at first, but don't be afraid to give it a chance. A full brow is effortlessly beautiful, and adding the feathered look to it only emphasizes that natural beauty. This look also goes great with false lashes, so if that's one of your staples, definitely try this one out. Either way, you're going to look amazing as a guest, but not at all like you're trying to steal the show.

Glitter liner

Another way to bring a breath of new life into your go-to makeup look is to switch out your usual eyeliner with glitter eyeliner. This look is perfect for a bridal shower, especially if your liner is a glittering champagne color that adds to the celebratory mood of the occasion. This look goes great with nude and neutral-tone eyeshadow as a way of bringing a pop of color to your look, or, as seen here, a way to liven up darker makeup shades. Want just a bit more shine? Throw some shimmering highlighter into your look to be just that bit brighter. This look is another one that works best for afternoon or indoor showers. 

Matte and gloss

While opposites can sometimes clash when mixed together, matte and shine certainly don't. These dual looks complement each other perfectly, especially in the case of a matte, unassuming eyeshadow, and a slick, glossy lip. Too much shine can really overpower a look, as can sometimes be the case when it's all matte, so combining the two works wonders. This look is the perfect balance between glam and every day that most will find works perfectly for a bridal shower, so if you're stuck on what to choose, definitely give this look a try. As eye-gloss becomes more and more popular, you can also try out the inverse, going with a matte lip and shiny eye. 


When a smokey eye is too much for the occasion, but you want a similar vibe, under-eye shadow is exactly where you should turn. This sexy, smokey look takes a step out of the shadows to make a perfect daytime look, and for that matter, a great makeup scheme for any bridal shower. Grunge underlining was especially popular in the early aughts but is now back. Try it out and you'll see for yourself that it's the perfect in-between look for sexy and simple. For a similar, but brighter look, give lighter colors a try, or even attempt the popular red under-eye shadow look that's becoming more and more popular this year. This look is especially good for bridal showers that aim to be a little more high-class. 

Ombré lip

Another element you can add to any makeup look to spice things up with the ombré lip, or the reverse ombré lip. The classic ombré lip makes your lips look fuller and shiny, especially with a gloss on top. While the look takes a bit of practice to perfect, the results are stunning. You don't just have to use nudes or neutral colors to nail this look, either; spice it up with just about any color and it still works beautifully, so you can tailor it to the vibe of whatever bridal shower you have coming up in your future. 

Max glam

When all else fails, max glam is always a staple for bridal showers. Stunning eyeshadow with daring crease-cuts and blending, cat eyeliner and underliner, a matte pink lip, false lashes, contouring, a dash of highlight, and the perfect blush all come together for one solid look. It can be easy to overdo the maximum glam look, so if you're less practiced, take this makeup one piece at a time, and consider following a tutorial. Makeup artists tend to specialize in max glam looks, and most will have their own unique take on it, so if you decide to have your makeup done, this may just be the look for you. 

No matter what makeup look you chose, own it as yours, and know you look absolutely stunning. This look is for those who know their bride well, and know that she'll either be sporting makeup even fancier than this or won't mind you having a perfectly done full face. Always remember to keep the bride in mind when you're getting ready for your bridal shower so that you don't step on her toes, but have fun with it, too!