Naked Disco Eye Makeup Will Give You A Sparkly Yet Subtle Look For Going Out

Disco is back, baby. A new take on disco-inspired makeup is on the rise, and it goes by the name "naked disco." This glowy yet subdued version of the good ol' hazy glitter days of disco will make all of your Dancing Queen dreams come true. You can take our word for it — nights out on the town with the girls will glimmer and sparkle as you light up any room with the silvery softness of this glam.

Naked Disco is inspired by the recent nail trend of the same name, which was popularized for its neutral tones overlayed by light coats of silver sparkles. The idea behind naked disco makeup remains the same — neutral hues and shades of silver and glimmer for that dreamy, dewy disco effect. Perfect for it all, from a hot night out dancing to a lowkey dinner date, this subtle take on disco glam is the ideal go-to for the upcoming warm season.

Naked Disco

Hailey Bieber continues her trendsetting streak by introducing us to the perfect makeup for a night out. Yes, the idea behind naked disco makeup comes from her latest get-ready-with-me Youtube video, where she films the process of getting ready for an event. The vlog shows the process of getting ready with her talented hair and beauty team, resulting in a disco diva look. The vibe she goes for? A muted sparkle for the eyes and a wine-stain lip. The end result is a simple yet stunningly glowy makeup look worthy of any disco queen.

You're a mirrorball

There are many ways to partake in the naked disco trend, but the simplest way is to stick to a one-shade palette. Silver over grey and a messy application is all you need for a beautiful mirrorball effect. And what's more disco than that? You'll be a mirrorball personified on your next night out. No hassle, all shine. 

Disco dream

A step up from the simple greys and silvers is to add some warm neutral tones to your look. For a truly dreamy naked disco look, you'll need to blend some soft oranges, pinks, or even blues for your base, and follow up with a silvery chrome for a reflective glow. This will give you the look of a glimmering sunset reflected on the horizon of the ocean. Isn't that just a dream?

Spin and sparkle

Now that we've established the base of a good naked disco look, we can play around with it. The naked disco eye is unique in that it's subtle enough for a subdued, classy look, but can be toned up easily for a fun and flirty look. If you truly want to sparkle, we suggest adding some gems over your glowy eyeshadow. Pick a base color or two, add some glitter, and finish the look by placing some fun gems for some extra sparkle. Festival-ready or girls-night-out, face gems never fail.

The Daisy Jones look

Hear us out. Yes, this deviates from the "naked" part of naked disco — but does it really? While naked disco often entails neutral tones and light silvers, the spirit of it all is in the simplicity of the look. As long as your smoky eye remains on the easy side of things, you may consider it naked disco. Start off with some grey along the inner corner of the eyelid, blend out into a deeper grey or black, and messily throw on some glitter to top it all off. Simple, messy, and fun. 

From dinner to the disco

Finally, we have the classier approach to naked disco. The versatility of a sparkly eyeshadow never ceases to amaze us. If you want a look that can easily take you from dinner-ready with your significant other's family, to an after-party to remember, this is it. Just pick a neutral base, add a thin and smoky liner, and top with the lightest layer of glitter. And if you're feeling like breaking up the simplicity, pearl details never fail.