TikTok's Moldavite Devotees Are Warning The Crystal Girlies Of Potential Chaos

If you were anywhere near crystal TikTok around 2020 or 2021 chances are high you heard a thing or two about the intense power of moldavite and how it can seriously shake things up. Crystals have long been used as a metaphysical healing tool and have gained even more popularity recently in the mainstream thanks to TikTok. From rose quartz and amethyst to carnelian and smoky quartz, wearing or carrying certain crystals for love, protection, manifesting the life you want, and spiritual clarity may not have much scientific basis, but the crystal girlies swear by their powerful frequencies.


Moldavite is believed to be a remnant of a meteorite that crashed into the earth over 15 million years ago. It has a mossy green hue and almost resembles glass more than a typical crystal. Because it is known as an incredibly transformational stone, holders of moldavite have given warnings about only bringing the stone into your life if you're ready for a huge rebirth. The stone is thought to clear out your life of any stagnant energy — and this can be quite chaotic. Essentially, when using moldavite, you can expect things to get worse before they get better and eventually the stone puts you on your highest path. Here's a closer look at the potential chaos moldavite can activate.

Painful endings may be on the horizon, but ultimately for the better

Moldavite devotees have been sharing their experiences with the stone on TikTok and there seems to be a common theme amongst just about every report: upheaval. Break-ups, job loss, moving, and health issues are all thought to have been brought on by the stone's intense power. "I believe in crystals now," shared TikTok user @barrett.maddie, after describing the ways in which her life was turned upside down.


While it may feel like a punishment in the moment, the changes moldavite brings are ultimately for the better — or so the believers say. And with a reemergence of knowledge around the stone's power showing up in the metaphysical communities, the crystal girlies of TikTok are swooping in with their guidance. "When moldavite is trending again and there's a new wave of spiritual awakenings on the horizon, I'm here to help you move through your awakening with more ease," said TikTok user @m0dizzl3.

The long-term benefits of moldavite

As some TikTok users are just making the discovery of moldavite and weighing the options of purchasing the life-altering stone, others were part of the first wave a couple of years back and are here to report their stories of success — after a fair period of turmoil, of course. Once the painful purging had ended, TikTok user @barrett.maddie shares, "I moved into my first house ever, applied to the college I've always wanted to go to, got into the college I've always wanted to go to. Out of nowhere, met a guy, and now we're dating. It's the best relationship I've ever been in."


Others share landing their dream job, getting married, and finding wonderful new friends. So, if you're considering finding yourself a moldavite crystal, just be sure you're in a stable enough position to take what comes and withstand the short-term upheaval for long-term gain. Again, we can't be sure that these successes following the chaotic turmoil can all be attributed to the green crystal, but it sure is fascinating to entertain the idea.