The 3 Types Of Gemini Sun And The Differences Between Them

Have you ever met someone who simply didn't fit the bill for their sun sign? For astrology enthusiasts, it may be a puzzle they just have to solve. While a seemingly ill-fitting sun sign can come down to multiple reasons, such as decans or a stellium, another answer could lie with an individual's Mercury placement.

Mercury is the planet of communication, and our Mercury sign represents the way in which we express ourselves, get our point across, and listen to others. "Mercury dictates how you think, how you write, and talk to yourself and others," Narayana Montúfar, a certified astrologer and the senior astrologer for and, told Women's Health. "It impacts every single aspect of your life."

The planet of Mercury is always within 28 degrees of the sun, so your Mercury will either be the same sign as your sun or in the sign on either side of your sun. So if you're a Gemini sun, your Mercury sign will be in either Taurus, Gemini, or Cancer. These three divisions can influence a Gemini's personality in a pretty noticeable way, to the point where a conversation with them may not seem like a typical conversation with a Gemini at all. Here's a closer look at the differences between these three types of Gemini based on their Mercury placements.

Gemini sun with a Taurus Mercury

This sun and Mercury combination may come off as a little more grounded than a stereotypical Gemini, and they may often feel as though they aren't being heard in the way they desire to be. This perpetual feeling of being misunderstood may lead them to reenact arguments over and over — not necessarily to prove themselves right, but to work through their feelings of being unseen.

Geminis are flexible and often just go with the flow of life — as the air signs typically do — but the Taurus influence makes them a bit more stubborn. Taurus is also the sign of luxury and indulgence, and it's possible that people with a Gemini sun and a Taurus Mercury may learn early on in their childhood environments to communicate through gift-giving, perhaps through how they handle their finances or cook meals for loved ones. It may help them feel more heard and seen, as words haven't seemed to do the trick.

Taurus Mercuries also tend to be extremely loyal and persistent. You can often predict just how they'll respond to a situation, and they aren't likely to budge from their stance.

Gemini sun with a Gemini Mercury

A conversation with this double Gemini combination will leave you with no doubt you're talking to someone with a lot of Gemini energy. They often struggle with making decisions; Geminis are by nature very much in their heads, chatting their way through life, and they can easily fall victim to overthinking. They may end up worrying that whichever choice they make will be the wrong one, but they also don't want anyone making the decision for them. They're also known as shapeshifters who constantly adapt to their environment. This changeability can be interpreted as untrustworthiness at times, but these individuals don't mean any harm; they are simply picking up on the energies of their surroundings.

Gemini suns are the zodiac sign most likely to gossip, and with a Gemini in Mercury — well, chances are high these folks will know all the tea. Geminis are kids at heart and don't mean to stir the pot; they're just excitable and love to know all the things at all times. They also like to have agency over themselves, and you most likely won't be able to talk them into anything they don't feel was their idea first.

Gemini sun with a Cancer Mercury

Though that chatty Gemini energy is still there, this placement lends itself more to the emotional waters of communication. Cancer in Mercury often translates to emotional reactions when conversing, and these individuals guide their relationships with their feelings rather than their thinking. They may be caretakers of others, and finding themselves in conflict with those they care about isn't easy for them. While they listen to and trust their intuition deeply, they are fearful of being perceived as wishy-washy or unstable when their gut feelings shift and their plans take on a different form.

They're aware that not everyone lives through their emotional intelligence, and they fear judgment from those who are more pragmatic and might not understand their almost psychic decision-making process. It's easy to open up to a Gemini sun with a Cancer Mercury, so they will often find themselves in the position of special confidant — and for good reason. Contrary to the Gemini reputation for being a gossip, these tender-hearted beings will honor your story and keep it safe.