The Best Crystals For Attracting Money And Wealth

Crystals are a wonderful way to manifest your desires. If you're looking to manifest more money into your life, working with crystals may prove to be a worthwhile endeavor. Although scientifically unproven, crystals are believed by some to possess high vibrational energies that interact positively with your body's energy field. The resulting healing properties associated with crystals can also remove energetic blockages limiting your financial potential. "If you have a block to abundance, if you have limiting beliefs, or whatever traumas you're holding that hold you back, then money will be one of those things that stays away from you," crystal expert Leah Garza shares with Girlboss. "If you're struggling with bringing in that abundant energy, money is just a form of energy that will stay away." With the help of specific crystals, you can remove these energetic blockages and shift to a more positive wealth mindset.


While crystals cannot transform your bank balance, erase credit card debt, or replace old-fashioned hard work and dedication at your job, they can be used to achieve your goals. As crystal expert and holistic lifestyle brand owner Heather Askinosie tells Well+Good, "Crystals are not these magical stones that are going to change your life. Crystals are tools to help you go to those deeper layers within yourself, but you still have to do the work." Read on to learn which crystals can help invite financial prosperity into your life and what intentions you can apply to them for optimal success.

Green aventurine

If you're on the hunt for a little luck in the wealth department, green aventurine is a beautiful stone that can introduce the prosperity you desire. Green aventurine holds a variety of healing properties, from energetically protecting your garden and home to encouraging compassion and spiritual growth. However, it is commonly used as a stone for increasing a person's individual wealth. It is particularly useful if you are going through major financial changes such as buying a house, paying off a large debt, or doing your taxes, but it can also offer support in times of financial hardship. Are you worried about your spending habits? Is credit card debt creeping higher and higher with each passing month? 


Green aventurine is ideal for releasing negative money habits you're holding onto. Its practical, grounding influence encourages higher levels of organization and mindfulness in regards to spending and saving and helps you identify problem areas in your finances you might otherwise ignore.

If you want to harness the power of this soothing green crystal, carrying a piece in your purse or wallet is a good way to open yourself up to financial opportunity. You can also pair it with affirmations to manifest more wealth. Holding the stone in your palm, repeat daily affirmations such as "I attract abundance" or "I am blessed with prosperity" to welcome more financial wealth into your life.

Green jade

Financial success can be helped along with green jade on your side. This luminous green gemstone has been revered for thousands of years in East Asia as a symbol of well-being, harmony, balance, and longevity. In China, green jade is a stone used in feng shui to energetically balance the home and strengthen a person's qi, or life force. Traditionally, jade carvings or stones are placed in the southeast corner of the home to bring about good fortune. You can also place your jade piece in the southeast corner of your home office or cubicle to stimulate positive financial energies in the workplace.


When used effectively, this stone can be an awesome tool for manifesting financial goals and adjusting your general approach to money. Crystal healer Carol Boote tells Healthline, "[Jade] is a stone that does not demand from you. But instead, it gives you all the love and courage you need to raise your own vibrations, tap into your dreams, and welcome all the wonderful things that want to come to you."


Money may be commonly associated with the color green, but wealth, prosperity, and abundance are heavily controlled by the orange solar plexus chakra. This energetic point, located on the body just beneath the belly button, is responsible for how you spend your money and how you visualize abundance. Carnelian, also known as the sunset stone for its translucent orange coloring, is aligned with the sacral chakra. Carnelian is the stone of courageous action, and using it in your meditations or wearing it on your body can amplify the desire you have to pursue that illusive business idea or leap headfirst into a more fulfilling profession.


Carnelian inspires creativity, energy, and vitality, which are perfect for fueling motivation and improving self-confidence in first-time entrepreneurs and new business owners. Carnelian is also an incredibly powerful tool for connecting to your inner power. It can awaken your drive to succeed and provide a gentle, empowering nudge towards making financially positive decisions. Furthermore, carnelian is ideal for banishing self-doubt that keeps you from pursuing your dream career or exploring different avenues for financial freedom.


All the money in the world means nothing if you aren't healthy or happy enough to enjoy it. Garnet, an ancient dark red stone with historical ties to Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt, can help support both your physical and mental well-being in addition to the health of your bank account. It focuses on providing needed balance to both areas of your life and brings about total fulfillment as well as a general feeling of security. 


Garnet and its smoldering scarlet sparkle embody the passionate, transformative powers of fire. This crystal's healing powers lie in its ability to support your decision to change and grow into the person you want to be, both of which are vital components to leading a prosperous lifestyle. It helps ignite an inner fire while simultaneously attracting good health, happiness, and prosperity to its wearer. It also encourages you to live your life free from fear and financial restraint. Saving your pennies and making wise investments are important, but so is the joy of an occasional splurge. Garnet's warm, positive energy helps people who struggle to spend money on themselves take that dream vacation or purchase an expensive piece of art for their home just because they can. Garnet ensures you enjoy your hard-earned money in whatever way you value most.



To obtain a clearer vision of your financial goals, employ iolite in your crystal rotation. A stunning violet-indigo color, iolite has a cool, calm, and collected energy that leaves no room for ambiguity or dishonesty. As such, the stone was historically used by ancient Viking civilizations as a navigation tool. Nowadays, iolite is used in a modern metaphysical capacity to amplify one's intuition. It activates the Third Eye chakra and helps clarify what you want to achieve in your life by identifying the paths you need to take to make your dreams a reality. This necessary direction is important for making smart decisions that will directly impact your financial and emotional goals. It also empowers you to find creative solutions to financial problems you may encounter, while encouraging a sense of mental calm that makes it easier to make important decisions that benefit your financial freedom.


Iolite also supports one's sense of responsibility, particularly when it comes to eliminating debt. The soothing vibrations of this stone make it easier to mindfully explore the ways in which you save or spend money. Alongside proper intention, affirmation, and dedicated action, iolite can guide you toward understanding why you make the financial decisions you do and how to course correct if needed.


Pyrite's brassy sheen make it known as "fool's gold," but its optimistic and empowering energetic properties are anything but foolish. Pyrite is the perfect crystal to help boost your confidence with money. Its sparkling geometric form and metallic coloring foster a sense of determination to go after the job or business venture you're dreaming of, while simultaneously shifting your mindset about money into something more positive and productive.


Pyrite also protects against negative energies and thought patterns that may block you from fulfilling your monetary potential. "Pyrite has the ability to show you which of your behaviors are holding you back," Heather Askinosie explains to Well+Good. "This elevates your consciousness to be more aware of what you need to change in order to vibrate with intention of abundance."

There is a strong undercurrent of luck to pyrite as well. This wise and lucky stone helps amplify your manifestations for good fortune and turns them into abundant windfalls. Are you hoping for a promotion at work? Do you have a sales goal you'd like to meet before the end of the quarter? Keep pyrite close by to help turn these goals into a reality. From a feng shui perspective, placing pyrite near the door of your office or on the far left corner of your desk can invite abundance, expand your creativity, and open the door to impressive financial opportunities.



Although its aggressive-sounding name might give you pause, bloodstone is an excellent manifestation tool for attracting abundance and prosperity. Specifically, bloodstone is a useful tool for holding onto your money and easy saving. Traditionally, bloodstone can be placed on registers, safes, or cash boxes to help attract financial gain. It can also be carried in a pocket or worn as jewelry if you want to attract that wealth directly to your person.


Bloodstone is typically a dark green stone with colorful streaks or speckles of vibrant red. The dark green coloring is representative of rebirth, luck, and prosperity, while the energetic flows of red throughout showcase energy, passion, and confidence. This powerhouse combo is the reason ancient cultures and religious sects would wear the gemstone, harnessing its strength and grounding forces to achieve personal balance. Bloodstone contains powerful protective energies that force balance and a sense of stability in your life, meaning if you are prone to financial upheaval or fear cash flow problems, introducing bloodstone into your regular manifestation routine can help rectify those situations.


Clear quartz

In general, clear quartz is a versatile crystal with immense healing properties. It has a soft, kind energy that is easily amplified by intentions or affirmations. It also effectively removes toxic or negative energy and replaces it with radiating positivity. Clear quartz is helpful for eradicating nightmares and soothing emotional distress, while meditating with clear quartz is thought to relax the mind and body and allow for enlightenment.


These balanced and restorative powers clear quartz possesses are ideal properties for fostering feelings of self-confidence needed when interviewing for a new position. Clear quartz is similarly useful for individuals who want to ask for a promotion because it helps you understand your worth and the value you bring to your workplace. If you own a business, placing a piece of charged clear quartz on a stack of bills is thought to direct the crystal's positive energy into your existing money and ensure it will continue to come your way.

Rose quartz

Clear quartz's rosy pink counterpart emits high vibrations of love and emotional healing. Rose quartz is often used to attract new love, improve self-love, heal damaged relationships, or introduce peace into a person's life. "Predominantly, rose quartz is a crystal of unconditional love that brings deep healing to the heart by opening the heart chakra," reiki master and crystal healer Keith Birch explains to Healthline. "Once achieved, a deeper state of calmness, serenity, and peace is reached, which ultimately results in complete relaxation, encouraging the feelings of happiness and contentment."


What many people don't realize is that these same properties make rose quartz an effective tool for attracting wealth. The inner peace and feelings of joy rose quartz inspires can be directly applied to your approach to your personal finances. When paired with stones like citrine, rose quartz amplifies confidence needed to achieve success at work or in business. Its natural warmth also makes energy blockages disappear, making it much easier to reach your goals.

Lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a semi-precious gemstone with a rich blue color and a storied history as a prominent tool for religious leaders and ancient cultures across the globe. Ancient Babylonians, Sumerians, and Buddhists all used the stone as protective talismans or meditative tools, but its link to wealth dates back to the Ancient Egyptians. Ancient Egyptian royalty would dye their clothing using the blue mineral to showcase their status and align themselves with the gods.


Nowadays, this stone can be used to inspire creative thought and eliminate stale energies keeping you from reaching your full monetary potential. It unleashes authentic personal expression needed to take complete control of the direction of your life and your finances. Furthermore, Lapis lazuli is thought to enhance your memory and promote honesty, two promising traits of successful entrepreneurs and employees. It is also ideal for helping you stand out from the pack, which means you can harness its energy to land your dream job or successfully negotiate an incredible raise.


Amazonite is a pale, semi-opaque blue-green stone associated with money and luck. Commonly referred to as the "gambler's stone" or the "stone of success and abundance," Amazonite attracts money and encourages good fortune. The soothing blue tones are ideal for calming your mind and guiding you on a path to achieving your goals, while the stone's green colors represent the growth and balance needed for true financial success.


The stone's energies activate the throat chakra and, therefore, correspond to communication and imagination. This makes it especially powerful for writers, graphic designers, and artists who want to make a living from their work. Its connection to clear, effective communication makes it a great tool for people who make sales pitches or lead teams of people. Amazonite works wonders on individuals who struggle with feelings of envy or possessiveness when it comes to money as well by encouraging them to find balance between what they have and what they don't need to be happy. It can help you easily navigate financial challenges, find creative solutions to money problems, and open you up to financial freedom if that is your desire.



Technically, amber isn't a crystal, but it is a stone that possesses beautiful metaphysical properties ideal for attracting money and, more importantly, preserving wealth. Amber is an organic substance formed from the hardened resin from ancient pine trees that ranges in transparency and coppery colors of brown, yellow, and orange. Particularly impressive amber specimens contain inclusions of preserved insects or leaves. This natural preservation is what makes amber metaphysically useful for restoring lost money and holding onto current wealth. It also possesses a strong motivational energy that can give you a gentle push if you're feeling stuck in a particular job or role.


Amber's golden honey shades align it with luck, the sun, and fire as well as the solar plexus chakra. As a result, this stone is a major confidence booster ideal for anyone looking to strike out on their own in the business world or tackle a new leadership role that can bring in extra money. "Amber is a wonderful ally for the solar plexus, helping fuel the fire and warmth within," herbalist and Reiki master Mariah K. Lyons tells Well + Good.


Carry a pocketful of sunstone with you wherever you go, and watch as your creativity, determination, and passion skyrocket. Although found in many different colors, sunstone is typically a peach-colored stone with red and orange inclusions that resemble sunspots. This crystal is closely aligned with the transformative powers of both fire and the sun, as well as the sacral and solar plexus chakras. As a result, it is often used to support individuals who want to make a major financial or career change in their lives but seek to do so from an intentional, balanced place.


Sunstone's energy is ideal for clarifying which aspects of your life are worth investing time, money, and energy into. It can shine a light on which paths will make you the happiest and most prosperous, while simultaneously sharpening your own intuition and decision-making skills. It supports your independence and encourages you to empower yourself by doing what makes sense for your life and your personal goals.